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Fate/Gamer Night – SE 010

[LV 25 – 1300/25000]
[HP: 2500][MP: 35][MC: 27][ST: 810 ][SP: 10]
[STR: 41][DEX: 42][INT: 22][WIS: 33][CHR: 77]

Shirou followed Yoruichi’s indications to reach the place where her organization had a base of operations.

Because of the Japanese streets-naming conventions, going anywhere was fairly complicated, even if one had a GPS. It was why Shirou had done so many Quests related to giving people directions.

It was the reason why he had to ask directions himself this time. However, now that the positions were inverted he was having a very difficult time. For some reason, people just weren’t willing to help him.

It wasn’t that they didn’t know the way, simply they didn’t want to tell him. Because he had such a high Wisdom, he could pick the cues in body language and wording to figure out as much.

What was the meaning of this? Some kind of compulsion cast on unassuming citizens to keep the location a secret?

That’s what he suspected at first, though it made little sense. What kind of arbitrary security would make ordinary people unable to speak rather than just wiping their memories?

It became even more confusing, as the afternoon turned into the evening. As the type of crowd changed, so did their reactions at his inquiry. Some looked amused and some other simply shook their head and left.

Eventually, he managed to ferret out enough information to find the block where it was situated and then he understood why he had a hard time telling him, a kid, how to get in this place.

Fuyuki’s small albeit lively red light district.

To be completely honest, Shirou knew little about such areas, other than they catered to the baser desires of men and women alike. He didn’t fully grasp how far that went, though.

Even with high INT and WIS, relative to his age, Shirou didn’t know what he didn’t know. He only had vague impressions about what certain establishments did for a living. The only thing the he knew for certain was that someone his age shouldn’t be anywhere near them.

No wonder then that upstanding citizens wouldn’t want to help him get there.

No wonder then that Yoruichi was so damn amused at the prospect of sending him there. He was ready to bet anything that she was following him, having a giggle at how flustered he was as he firmly stared at his feet in order not to look around too much.

It didn’t help when a few gorgeous girls approached to ask him if he was lost and needed help to find his way. Even his charisma got in the way as they find him just too cute to let him go. Their words, not his.

Eventually, one of those women decided to accompany him to his destination, apparently believing that he was looking for his mother who worked in the red light district.

Since that made everything much simpler he did not bother denying her assumption.

Finally they stood before a building with bright neon lights. The name on the signboard was the same as on the card that Yoruichi had given him. It read “Velvet Room.”

“Here we are,” the woman told him. “Do you need me to go in and look for your mom?”

“Ah, no. That won’t be necessary. You have been plenty helpful already. I’m in your debt, Mizuki-san,” he said bowing deeply, which made the woman giggle pleasantly.

“You’re such a dear, Shirou-chan,” she replied lightheartedly. “If you ever need help again around these parts, make sure to look for this oneesan again, okay?”

“I will do that. Thank you,” he said still bowing. She waved him goodbye and he waved back until she disappeared through the ever growing crowd. Then, he took a steadying breath and pushed open the doors, stepping into the Velvet Room.

“I’m sorry, we’re not open yet,” the male receptionist said. He blinked in surprise as he didn’t see anyone standing in front of the desk, then he lowered his gaze and saw the strangest sight to date.

A kid was standing right there, carrying a backpack on his shoulders with a long stick wrapped in white cloth strapped to its side.

“Huh. You got lost or something kid?” he asked. “You shouldn’t be here.”

“Probably not,” he agreed with aplomb, “but this is the place I’m supposed to be. I was told to ask for a Matsumoto Rangiku-san? Is she here?”

“Hm, she’s here alright,” the receptionist nodded, still somewhat taken aback. “She’s your relative or something?”

“I don’t believe we are related, no.”

“Huh. Well, she’s not receiving clients yet and you wouldn’t qualify as one either way. I’m sorry, but I must ask you to leave.”

“I’m here on behalf of Yoruichi-san.”

The receptionist, who was about to come out from behind the desk stopped in his tracks.

“Yoruichi-san?” he asked warily. “About this tall? Dark skinned? A body to die for?”

“If I say yes to all three, promise you won’t ever tell her that I did. She doesn’t need any more ego boosts.”

The receptionist smiled wryly. “Yeah, that’s Yoruichi-san, alright. You’re in the right place then. Wait a minute, I’ll call Matsumoto right away.”

He promptly picked up the phone and punched in a three digits number.

“Yo, Rangiku,” he spoke casually, “I’ve got Yoruichi-san’s latest acquisition right here. Come get him and don’t be surprised by his size.”

“She’ll be down in a minute. Step inside and wait for her shorty,” he jerked his thumb toward the door to the next room.

“Thank you, mister,” the boy nodded in gratitude and moved right past him. He watched him go and shook his head in resignation. Yoruichi sure was cruel to send someone so young to die.

What a shame.

When he stepped into the main hall of the Velvet Room, a single area with several stages with poles on them (the purpose of which Shirou ignored) everything looked perfectly normal. He could see where the establishment took its name. Other than the hardwood floor and furniture, everything was covered by garish, purple velvet.

There were people moving about, setting things up for the proper opening later. Beautiful girls in succinct clothing where chatting with each other, sparing him only a curious glance when they passed him by. It was a weird experience for him, but everything was still normal.

Then she came.

[Matsumoto Rangiku]
[Lv. ??]

She wore a black dress with cuts on both sides so deep that when she took a step he could see her leg from the tip of her high-heels shoes all the way up to her wide hips. Only a thin line of cloth suggested that she wore something under it, but if the size of it was any indication, that too probably covered the bare minimum. The dress continued further up to her shoulders, but it could have not bothered from how much of her cleavage it left exposed.

And what cleavage it was.

Saeko and Yoruichi were both endowed in a way that put the average Japanese girl out of the competition altogether, but Matsumoto Rangiku put them downright to shame.

Then, as if her impossible curves weren’t already enough to make the mind of most men pack up and leave for shores unknown, she had to have the most piercing blue eyes encased on a refined face, framed by long blonde hair. A white scarf around her neck gave just enough color contrast to make it impossible for anyone not to notice her.

Fortunately, Shirou had yet to hit the brunt of his hormonal stage or he would have ended up making a fool out of himself. Thankfully, being aware that this was yet again a woman whose level dwarfed his own made him divert his thoughts from the way she looked to the reason why he was there in the first place.

Her pretty face crinkled into a frown when her eyes settled on him. An expression that quickly melted into a small smile.

“And you are?” she asked.

“I’m Emiya Shirou,” he replied bowing lightly. “Would you happen Matsumoto-san, perhaps?”

“The one and only,” she confirmed. “So, you are Yoruichi’s latest victim. I must say, I would have expected someone a bit more… fearsome from someone she recommended.”

“Things are often not as they look,” Shirou replied, smiling amusedly. This was a woman whose beauty belied her power. She should know all about it. “Isn’t it?”

She put a hand on her hip, cocking it to the side. The gesture made the length of her leg show from the cut in her dress. Through superhuman willpower, Shirou did not look.

“That’s certainly the case,” she promptly agreed. “Well, no point in talking about it. She sent you here for a reason. Follow me, Shirou-kun. Can I call you that, by the way?”

“Of course, Matsumoto-san,” he nodded.

“So polite. You might even become my favorite,” she said. “If you survive long enough.”

Well, wasn’t that ominous?

She turned around and started walking. Shirou followed after her, once again looking down at his feet. Some people could feel when they were being started at and Shirou didn’t want to ogle her. Not if she knew, at least.

She led him in the back of the building, where a big elevator was located. They stepped inside and Matsumoto pushed the only two buttons in a certain combination. The door shut close and the elevator started going down, even though according to the panel there was no floor beneath this.

They descended for a long time and by the feeling of acceleration he got, they were going relatively fast as well. Wherever it was that this elevator went, it was very deep down.

“So, how did you and Yoruichi met exactly?” she asked jovially. In spite of her stunning beauty, Matsumoto seemed to be fairly laid-back as a person.

“I’m not sure I’m at liberty to discuss the circumstances,” he replied as politely as he could.

“You must be a very nice young man,” Matsumoto said, shaking her head. “Very patient too.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Anyone who has known Yoruichi for longer than a few hours and survived to tell the tale would be sufficiently annoyed with her to not bother with keeping her privacy.”

Shirou made a complicated expression. It wasn’t like he could refute Matsumoto’s words, after all.

“She’s peculiar, I can agree with that. Still, she’s not a bad person.”

Matsumoto snorted amusedly.

“How old are you exactly, Shirou-kun?”

“I’m going to turn eleven in a few months,” he tilted his head. “Why?”

“Nothing. I can see why she thought you were interesting, though,” she replied looking down at him.

“I’m not sure what you mean by that,” he told her sincerely.

Matsumoto smiled warmly and leaned forward to ruffle his hair, nearly touching her forehead to his from how close their faces were. It took him a lot of effort not to look down her dress. Her mesmerizing eyes made it a little bit easier.

“Scant few people ever bother to look for what’s beneath the surface, Shirou-kun. Someone so young having such a deep insight is a peculiar existence of its own. Is that how a Magus is supposed to be, I wonder.”

“I wouldn’t know,” he forced his dry mouth to form words. “I’m the only living Magus I know.”

“Oh?” Matsumoto said, straightening up. “A bit removed from your sort, I see. That would explain why Yoruichi thought you’d fit in with us instead.”

“Don’t you usually get along with Magi?” he asked as he fixed his hair.

“Magi don’t get along even with each other from what I understand. I suppose It is only natural considering how important to them is keeping their craft into their own family, but that habit often translate in looking down on others on a principle. Regardless, there aren’t that many this far East to begin with.”

“I see,” he replied noncommittally. He already knew that Magi were a stiff bunch from what Kiritsugu had been willing to tell him about them, but Matsumoto painted a more vivid picture. Whether it was accurate or not, it remained to be seen.

Finally, the elevator stopped and the door slid open.

Shirou felt nauseous. Mana in this place was so thick it felt like breathing water. This place had to be very close to the leyline or even inside of it.

Matsumoto stepped out and Shirou followed after her, trying to keep the discomfort from showing on his face.

They were in a cavern, dimly lit by fluorescent lights. It was relatively small, but at the end of it there was a decorated wooden door, much like one would expect from a western-style cafe. There was even a sign next to it.

– Ahnenerbe –

She pushed it open and soft ambient music came out.

It really was a cafe.

It was softly illuminated and it had a welcoming atmosphere. A few patrons were sitting at the tables, either alone or in company, but the sound of voices was naturally low.

“Come take a seat, Shirou,” Matsumoto said, gesturing him toward a table.

“What place is this?” he asked as he set down his backpack and pulled out a seat. “Why is there a cafe this far underground?”

“Beats me,” she replied cheerfully. “To the best of my knowledge, the Ahnenerbe has always been here in one form or another. You should think of it as a point of juncture. A place where those who can’t meet under ordinary circumstances can find each other. Also, it’s a passageway between our world and the Abyss.”

“Excuse me? The Abyss?”

She nodded. “I suppose someone brought up on the precepts of Magi wouldn’t know about it. Think of it as the layer underneath our reality. The plane of existence where spiritual beings hail from and where the advancement of mankind has pushed them back to.”

A chill went down Shirou’s spine and he nearly jumped from his chair. The best he could do was keep himself from shouting.

“A place like that can be accessed at will?”

“Through specific points of contact such as this, it can,” she confirmed.

“What’s keeping those creatures from coming back to this side through it, then?” he pressed on.

“We are,” she replied easily. “That’s our job. Now, I don’t want to make it sound like it’s a bigger deal than what it actually is. By far and large, human denial today makes a good enough job at keeping them out as it did in giving them life in the past. Largely we deal with newborn entities and the accumulations of human emotions given shape. Weak things but closer to the surface then the rest.”

“I see,” he replied, clearly shocked. He knew in theory that this place existed. Things like Gods and Phantasmal Beasts hadn’t just died. They had been merely pushed away from tangible reality as the world progressively decayed and human consciousness started actively denying their existence. They had left, yes, but they were not gone.

“They do get out sometimes, though,” he observed.

“It’s inevitable. These are naturally occurring phenomenons and there’s more than one point of juncture. Some are closer to the surface than this. However, those places are usually ancestral lands guarded by people who have made it their families’ purpose to put down anything that comes out.”

“Like the Busujima clan,” he observed.

“Ah, yes. Yoruichi told me that you were a practitioner of their style. Yes, that’s exactly one of such places. However, that is but a small fissure where the spirits can emerge in great numbers only when the conditions are right, whereas this place is a huge chasm. If it wasn’t guarded, anything could climb up and rampage in the real world at any time.”

“And you said it wasn’t a big deal,” he deadpanned.

“It is an important job, but it’s not complicated. Come, I’ll better show you. I’m sorry George, we’ll order something on our way back,” she said to the man behind the counter, who just nodded in confirmation as he kept wiping wine glasses.

They went for another door, completely identical to the one they came in from. They went through it and they were back in the Red Light district. At least, it would have been it if the colors hadn’t lost much of their luster and there was no crowd filling the streets. There were just a few people milling about here and there.

“What is this?” he asked, looking around.

“We call it the Mirror World,” she replied. “The first layer of the Abyss. All heavily populated areas are reflected in here almost faithfully.”

“Huh, it wouldn’t be from the shared experience of all the people that live there, would it?” he guessed.

“That’s a Magus for you,” she snorted. “Yes. Cumulative human consciousness not only gives birth to spiritual entities, it has also actively shapes this place. However, once you go somewhere where people don’t dwell much there’s no guarantee of what you’ll find. Those places are the most dangerous and it’s better to stay away from them.”

“I see, and who are these other people?” he asked, gesturing to the few humans around.

“We claimed the Mirror Red Light District as our base of operation and we keep it safe and fortified. Anything that wants to go up in the real world would have to go through all of us first.”

“All of this is incredible. Are those shops actually open?” he asked, pointing at some buildings.

“A few people have set up shop down here,” she confirmed. “Mostly they sell weapons and armors crafted from whatever our people have been able to harvest from their kills. Which incidentally brings us to the reason why you’re here. Yoruichi told us you were looking for a job.”

“I am… what do you propose?” he asked. He had an idea of where this conversation was going, but he’d rather she explained it herself.

“Simply enough, we need people willing and able to fight. We periodically send out groups to thin out the spirits that form continously. It’s a dangerous job and people can get easily wounded and killed. Strictly speaking, there’s always a shortage of manpower. Do you think you have what it takes?”

Well, he hadn’t come down here to see the sights, that was for certain. Moreover, there was just no way he could turn his back when he had been told that people were risking their lives and getting hurt without him doing anything to help.

“Of course,” he nodded firmly.

“Good. However, you can’t join our ranks just like that. Our people constantly put their lives into each other’s hands. We need to know you are capable before we can trust you with our backs.”

“I see, that makes sense,” he quickly agreed. Whether it was mundane or supernatural business, competence and reliability were paramount. “What do I have to do?”

As an answer, Matsumoto put her hand between her breasts and pulled out a gem-like object of a blue-silver color about the size of an egg.

“This is a Mana Core,” she explained handing it over to him. “It’s the heart of any creature you’ll find down here, whether they have an actual heart or not. Bigger and more powerful beings will have bigger cores as well, but there aren’t any of them within Mirror Fuyuki. Go out there and bring ten of these back to me. That way I’ll know that you can handle yourself.”

Shirou stared at the object intently with his Gamer Eyes.

[Mana Core]
[Description: A crystal made of solid Mana. Can be sold, used for Crafting or consumed]
[Restores up to 100MP]

‘Holy shit!’ he thought. Something like this was absolutely priceless. Mana in solid form that can be consumed to restore one’s reserves? In a world where Magi down their luck sold their Mana enriched blood for money, something like this was worth more than its weight in gold.

“So? Are you going to do it or what?”

[NEW QUEST: Initiation Ritual]
[Gather 10 Mana Cores and bring them to Matsumoto]
[Reward for Failure: Get kicked out of the Mirror World – Reward for Success: 5000 EXP, Relationship with MATSUMOTO RANGIKU: +1000, ?]

“You bet!” he answered, thus accepting the Quest.

Thirty minutes later.

Shirou stood in front of the barricade that separated the Red Light district from the rest of Mirror Fuyuki. Before going out he equipped himself with the things he had brought for the occasion.

The previous day he went to a sport shop and bought a set of shin guards like those used in hockey and a set of gauntlets like those used in archery for both arms. The clerk had looked at him oddly but didn’t say anything.

They offered little in the way of protection, but it was better than nothing. Besides there was nothing better a kid could buy. Even cheap armor replica didn’t come in his size. He had to make do with them.

The shin guards gave him a 50 point reduction in DMG received and the gauntlets 25. At least, they didn’t get in the way of his mobility.

He had half expected Matsumoto to laugh at his getup, but instead she commended his foresight, saying that a little protection was better than none at all.

With that, she escorted him to the castle-like gates and instructed the guards to let him through. Thus he stepped into Mirror Fuyuki, ready to face whatever lurked out there.

Matsumoto watched the gate as it closed behind Emiya Shirou. In truth she was quite worried. It was a dangerous world out there, full of creatures that defied human logic. She had lost plenty of friends in this line of work and she wasn’t sure that a kid not yet eleven would fare much better, no matter how talented he was.

Still, there was nothing she could do. It was swim or sink in this line of job and if he couldn’t accomplish a simple task as this it was only a matter of time before he lost his life.

All she could do now was wait and hope for the best.

Shirou carefully ventured forward, firmly holding his sword. He didn’t particularly fancy walking around with a blade unsheathed, but not knowing what type of creatures he would find and what they were capable of, he’d rather not have to waste precious seconds.

For a while, everything was quiet, then a message prompt appeared.

[Unnatural Presence detected]
[Direction: 3 o’clock – Distance: 50 meters]

Great, there was something nearby. Not that Shirou could see it since there were buildings in the way.

He slowly made his way in that direction, trying to make as little noise as possible. As he approached, the position and distance of this presence on the message prompt changed accordingly.

Finally, he stood at a corner, with the distance measuring just in a few meters.

With his back against the wall, he glanced behind the corner.

There was purple blob of goo in the middle of the street. It wobbled quietly without making noise and Shirou wouldn’t have known what it was if not for his Gamer Eyes.

[Lv. 15]

‘Slime? Seriously?’ he thought. ‘What’s this, a videogame?’

Even though he was a game character, that was limited to himself. Whatever this slime was, it couldn’t be the same thing as those found in games. He needed to be careful.

However, he didn’t know how to be careful to begin with. This thing had no eye that he could tell. How did it perceive its surroundings? Could he ambush it somehow? He had no clue whatsoever.

He observed it for a few minutes, but it did nothing except wobble in place. It would probably keep doing that until it was given a reason to do something different.

With no other available course of action, Shirou stepped out of cover with his sword at the ready.

Immediately, the wobbling intensified. The creature was undoubtedly aware of his presence. It started to inch toward him extremely slowly, just a few inches per second. At this rate, it would take a quarter of a hour before he got anywhere close to him.

Shirou tentatively took a step forward and then another. If this thing was this slow then he could easily use hit and run tactics.

Just as he thought that a tendril of goo shot out extremely fast. Shirou had barely time to move that it went through the space he just vacated with a whipping noise.

“Shit!” he exclaimed as he finished rolling on the ground and returned to his feet. He started circling the creature, dodging the tendrils that shot out every now and then.

The slime was fast, but not faster than him. Thank goodness he had developed good dexterity otherwise he would have been already hit several times.

Now more or less confident that he could outmaneuver it, Shirou leaned forward. When the next tendril shot out he crouched under it and used the motion to propel himself forward against the slime.

Shisui flashed and went through the slime’s body with splat. After he made contact, Shirou immediately jumped back, avoiding the tendrils that shot at his position.

He had yet to get out of the creature’s range that the cut he had made sealed itself shut.



“Are you kidding me?” he shouted. “Don’t tell me it’s immune from physical attacks?”

It made sense. It was a shapeless mass of goo, after all. Why would making a hole in it hurt it any? If that was the case, he needed to find a different type weapon. Failing that, he’d just have to run.

No… that wasn’t acceptable. There was no guarantee that anything else out there would be easier to deal with than this. Right there and then he had to figure a way to prevail, otherwise would he just keep on running?

Shirou stood his ground, resuming his stance. He had no idea what could harm this creature. All he had available was his skills and his sword. By extension, all he could do was using them to the max.

“That immunity of yours… I’ll see just how far it goes.”

A tentacle shot out at him again and Shirou dodged once more. This time, however, he slashed at it while it was extended severing it abruptly.

The slime didn’t make any sound but jerked violently as a part of it was severed away. The smaller part that Shirou cut away splattered on the ground, but immediately it started slithering around, heading towards the main body, where they rejoined seamlessly.

“Is that how it is?” he asked, rhetorically. “Fine. Let’s see how you like this!”

He stepped forward at the top of his speed, slashing the slime as he passed it by. Then without stopping he repeated the attack. Again and again and again and again.

The paradigm of the battle had changed. Shirou was giving his all in attacking and the slime did everything it could to undo the damage Shirou inflicted. Because he was so much faster, Shirou was cut it faster than the slime could fix itself. However, there was seemingly no limit to the creature’s regenerative ability. Shirou would have the upper hand only as long as he had stamina to spend.

He was about to reconsider this tactic when he caught a glimpse of something shiny inside the slime’s body. Recognizing it for what it was Shirou focused his flurry around the spot and quickly snatched it before stepping away for good.

The slime started to jerk violently in all directions for several seconds, before finally losing all its consistency and melt down into a watery substance.

[Slime defeated – Exp gained: 150]

Shirou opened his hand and saw the Mana Core that he had stolen from the slime’s body.

“So, that’s how you do it,” he exhaled in relief, a feeling of satisfaction swelled into his chest.

He looked at his status bar and noticed that he had consumed about 50 points of stamina of his 810 available. It wasn’t a huge amount, but it wasn’t small one either. Supposing that he’d face nine more slimes to get the rest of the Mana Cores he needed, that meant another 450 points he was going to consume.

However, now that he knew their weakness he could probably do it more efficiently, so it was probably going to be a little less than that. Still, that was just assuming that everything would go right and that he wouldn’t meet anything other than slimes. He’d rather prepare for the worst. Besides, it would cost him next to nothing.

He put down his backpack and pulled a small, round package out of it. Opening it, he revealed an onigiri. One of his own making.

He quickly ate it.

[45 ST restored]

Who would have thought that his cooking skill could be so useful on the battlefield? He definitely had to look into different skills later.

Putting his backpack on again, he set out to look for more monsters.

Three hours had passed since Matsumoto had seen Shirou off. She was currently sitting in the Ahnenerbe, drinking a cup of sake. It wasn’t her first that evening and her cheeks were slightly red as result.

In truth, she was about to give up on ever seeing Shirou again. Three hours wasn’t a long stretch of time to be out hunting, but every first timer that survived their baptism made at least a couple of trips back to recuperate their strength before going out again.

At this point, the poor kid had probably been killed and devoured. If he was lucky, it happened in that order.

She was thinking so, when the door opened and that same kid walked in.

“Ah. Matsumoto-san. There you are.”

“Shirou… kun?” she asked, thinking that she was hallucinating again from drinking too much. “You made it back.”

“And I’ve got your ten Mana Cores,” he added cheerfully, dropping them on her table.

“So I see,” she replied, sobering up a little. “I must say, I didn’t expect you to be this fast. So, how did you like your first hunt?”

He took a seat in front of her.

“Tough. I mean, slimes are relatively simple to kill once you get the gist of it, but they still take time to track down.”

“Eh,” she grinned. “How long did it take you to figure they are weak to fire?”

“…wait. That’s their weakness?” he asked, looking surprised.

“Of course,” she nodded, looking just as surprised as him at his response. “How did you kill them if you didn’t use fire? Magecraft?”

“I… just cut them,” he explained sheepishly.

“They are immune to physical damage,” she deadpanned.

“Yeah, I figured that much on my own. I just carved them open faster than they could repair themselves and stole their Mana Cores.”

Matsumoto looked straight at him, trying to figure whether or not she was pulling her chain. Then, not seeing any trace of dishonesty on his innocent face, she felt her stomach start to shake and laughter bubble up her throat and out of her pretty mouth.

She laughed heartily for a while as he looked at her quizzically with his big golden eye. That puppy-like expression only made her laugh harder.

Finally, she dried the tears that had pooled at the corner of her eyes and recomposed herself.

“My goodness. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. You are the first person I’ve ever heard of that killed a monster immune to physical attacks with physical attacks without doing them any actual damage. I suppose you are the stubborn type, aren’t you?”

Shirou scratched his cheek sheepishly. “I guess I can be a bit stubborn at times.”

Matsumoto shook her head in disbelief. Wasn’t this kid just a bit too much? If he could pull off things like these at this age what kind of monster would he be when got older?

Regardless of that, she couldn’t help but think that it would be a fun thing to witness.

“Well, then. I suppose you did prove yourself to be good enough for us. Congratulations, Shirou-kun,” she said as she slid him a badge with a stylized skull on it. “I officially bid you welcome to our Soul Society.”

[QUEST: Initiation Ritual COMPLETE]
[5000 EXP gained, Relationship with MATSUMOTO RANGIKU: +1000, Proof of Membership (Soul Society) acquired]


AN: aaaad CUT!

This is a good place as any to call it quits. I imagine a lot of the Nasuverse hardcore fan will have reservations about the Reverse Side (or Abyss or Mirror World) as I portrayed it, as well as the implications on the world at large.

Fear not, as the story progresses things will be explained.

For those who have no clue what I’m talking about, here’s a useful link 


Fate/Gamer Night – SE 009

[LV 25 – 1300/25000]
[HP: 2500][MP: 35][MC: 27][ST: 810 ][SP: 10]
[STR: 41][DEX: 42][INT: 22][WIS: 31][CHR: 77]

When Shirou woke up the next morning, Yoruichi was nowhere to be found.

Granted, he expected no less since she was no longer trying to tempt him to eat her while she slept, but only now he realized that he had grown accustomed to having her as a bedfellow.

Even though it was bad for Shirou’s budding hormones, there was something to be said about waking up in the arms of a stunningly beautiful naked woman.

If someone had told him just a few weeks ago that he would have missed even slightly being teased into a puddle, Shirou would have been… skeptical, to say the least.

Well, there was no use mulling over it. Besides he had more important things to think about, namely what Yoruichi had told him about Kiritsugu.

Apparently, his adoptive father had been a sort of boogeyman in the Moonlit World. Not quite a hitman, but at least someone whose appearance made you wonder who would bite it next.

If you saw him coming at all.

The Magus Killer did not discriminate. He killed who he needed to kill, regardless of things such as age and gender. Or even just if said target had it coming, for one reason or another.

Shirou had a hard time reconciling that knowledge with the man who spilled tears of joy at having saved a single life.

He didn’t think Yoruichi had lied to him and had he been any less smart, maybe he would have felt betrayed.

Instead, for the previous few days he was merely contemplative.

He already knew that Kiritsugu had wanted to become a hero, but ended up facing the reality that not everyone could be saved, that no matter how much power you had, you could only save the people you sided with. That even god could only save so many.

He knew that, because Kiritsugu had told him, but how had the man himself found out, if not by trying and failing?

If Shirou hadn’t been told, if he hadn’t known and accepted from the beginning the impossibility of it all, would disappointment and disillusionment have turned him down a similar path, given enough time?

There was no knowing it now, but he decided to believe that his father had been trying his best, even if he could never completely understand his reasoning.

[+2 WIS for accepting what you cannot understand]

“Heh,” he scoffed. Trust his dumb ability to pitch in like that.

Speaking of his ability, lately he had stopped with his morning physical routine. His training regimen no longer bore any discernible fruit. He could spend entire days doing push ups or running and he would maybe get a single point in Strength and Dexterity in the span of a week.

He considered going to a gym, where he supposed he’d have double gains in physical stats just like a library did for Intelligence, but Shirou didn’t think it would be a good thing benching several time his weight in public. Not for a lean-looking ten-years-old anyway.

He considered buying weights and make his own gym in one of the many unused rooms in the house but good equipment cost a lot of money and Shirou’s budget was tight. Kiritsugu had left him enough money to tide over until he was old enough to get himself a job and his finances were of course being watched over by Taiga. There was no way he could justify that kind of expense when joining a gym was so much cheaper.

Maybe he needed to find himself an employment? But who would hire a kid his age? Even if could convince someone to give him a job using his Charisma, it remained the fact that hiring someone that young was flat out illegal.

Of course Shirou wouldn’t want to put someone in trouble with the law for his benefit.

[Presence detected. Distance: 0.2 meters. Direction: 6 o’clock]

“Penny for your thoughts?” Yoruichi silk-like voice whispered right in his ear.

Shirou didn’t jump out of his own skin only because he had received the alert from his [Detect Presence] skill. Still, Yoruichi’s warm breath on his skin shivers down his spine.

“I was thinking about looking for a job.”

Yoruichi sighed. “You ever consider doing something fun sometimes? All I ever see you doing outside of school is cooking, training and helping people around town. Now you want to find a job too? Your hair are going to turn white like an old man’s at this rate.”

“For your information, I happen to enjoy cooking and helping out. More importantly, if my hair are going to turn white anytime soon you’ll be the one to blame.”

“How rude. I’m doing you a favor by hanging around and keeping you on your toes.”

Shirou threw her a glance that said wonders about what he thought of that. Yoruichi chuckled and ruffled his hair playfully.

It looked like that just like Shirou wasn’t getting used to Yoruichi being herself, she wasn’t getting tired of pulling his chain.

“Anyway, if it’s a job you’re looking for, I have just the thing for you.”

“Huh? What is it?”

“Shirooou~!” Taiga called out as she stepped into the living room. “Is breakfast ready?”

Shirou whirled around to stop Taiga and give Yoruichi enough time to hide, only to find that his sister had already stepped into the living room and was looking straight at him, right until she looked down at his feet.

“Ah! Neko!”

Shirou looked down just to see Yoruichi’s cat form sitting between his legs.

“Shirou, where did you find this cat?” she asked as she picked Yoruichi up from the ground.

“It’s so cute.”

The cat look at Taiga impassively.

After a moment Yoruichi jumped toward Shirou who readily caught her, if only because he had lightning fast reflexes.

“What the hell are you doing?” he hissed under his breath.

Yoruichi didn’t answer, being a cat and all. Instead she curled into his arms and started purring up a storm.

Taiga’s eyes turned serious as she looked from the cat up to Shirou and back.

“I don’t think I like this cat, after all. Throw it out, Shirou.”

“Sorry, can’t do that Taiga. I’m… keeping her for a friend that had to leave the country for a while.”

Taiga seemed like she wanted to ask who this friend was, but refrained at the last moment. At that point it time, being renown as someone who did favors to anyone who’d ask really came in handy to justify many odd circumstances without going in too much detail.

“It won’t get any share of my food,” she warned.

“Of course,” Shirou promised. That went without saying. The last thing he needed was an hungry, irritated Taiga on his hands. She was already a handful when she was fed and in a good mood. “By the way, breakfast will be ready soon. Go take a seat and watch some TV until then.”

Still looking impassively at Yoruichi, Taiga retreated and did as Shirou instructed.

At which point Shirou opened his arms and dropped Yoruichi on the ground.

“Seriously?” he asked, arching an eyebrow at her.

Yoruichi just turned her head as cats are wont to do when they don’t want to acknowledge something or someone.

Shirou sighed and resume making breakfast, while Yoruichi softly made her way to the living room, where she curled up on Shirou’s cushion.

Cat and Tiger stared at each other in utter silence.

There was no need for them to say anything, after all. The message was perfectly clear as it was.

‘You’re on!’

A battle of ownership had begun, while their prize was happily oblivious of the storm building up inside his own home.


“You mentioned a job earlier,” Shirou said after he came back from school, climbing on the rooftop where Yoruichi was sunbathing.

“Oh, yes. You’re still on the weak side, but you’ve got the potential.”

“Can you just stop beating around the bush, please?”

Yoruichi blinked. “… You get worked up about that when I called you weak in the same sentence?”

Shirou scowled. “What are you on about? If I thought my current strength was enough I wouldn’t be training so hard.”

Yoruichi shook her head. “You are the weirdest kid I ever met, I swear.”

“I don’t want to hear that from the nudist sunbathing on my roof.”

“Heh! Anyway, I thought that with a bit of training under your belt, you could easily become a sweeper.”

“I suppose you are not talking about an actual street cleaner.”

“You’re right. I’m talking about someone like me. Our job is to hunt the malicious manifestations of the supernatural that appear here and there. If you agree, I can get you into our organization.”

“I thought you had been cast out.”

“From my clan, yes, not from the larger group we’re part of.”

Shirou rubbed his chin in thought. Fighting was what he was good at, although he didn’t like hurting people. It was completely different if what had to fight were malicious supernatural entities, like the wraiths up the mountain.

“Before I agree to anything, is there some kind of dumbass rule of conduct it that I should be aware of?”

“What makes you think that?” she asked back, frowning.

Shirou rolled his shoulders. “As annoying as you can be, you aren’t a bad person and I think you are smart enough to run circles around most people. If you had to break the law, your hand was either forced by the circumstances or it was something morally debatable from the start.”

The Mage Association had rules like that as well, Kiritsugu had taught him. Murder was a preferable option to exposing Magecraft to the public.

Yoruichi sat up, crossing her legs, staring at Shirou with a bemused expression on her face. Faster than he could react, she wrapped her arms around his head and hugged his face into her bosom.

“HuMmM!” Shirou protested from the valley of her breasts, flailing his arms around wildly.

“I really can’t let my guard down around you, can I? Just when I thought I had you pegged, you do or say something downright adorable.”

Meanwhile, as he struggled with suffocation, Shirou’s brain didn’t know whether it had to send blood to his face or to his crotch. Unable to come up with a decision, it did the only reasonable thing it could and shut down to prevent overloading.

Shirou went limp in Yoruichi’s arms and the naked woman pulled him away, only to find him passed out with his eyes swirling.

“Looks like I really overdone it this time,” she chuckled.

Still, she pondered as he laid him down beside her, Shirou was really one of a kind.

At the beginning she was guarded around him. Because she thought he was Hollow at first, but also because he was abnormal.

He was way too mature for a child, even a Magus one. Perhaps being the son of the infamous Magus Killer could explain it, but the boy expressed none of the ruthless pragmatism his father was known for.

He was straightforward and honest as one would expect from a kid his age, yet he was focused and driven in a way only a few adults could be.

It was jarring how difficult it was for her to look at him and think ‘this is a kid’.

He had a presence that seemed to draw her in. Few people, much less men, managed to hold her interest for an extended period of time. Most fell into easily predictable patterns, particularly where she was involved.

Not Shirou.

Although he was as transparent as a window, she just couldn’t figure him out completely.

Under the right circumstances, she could understand why an older woman would want to be involved with him. Romantically, if not sexually.

Yoruichi had little difficulty believing that someone who already lived an existence removed for ordinary humans, like Saeko, could throw away her social mores and just ravish him, age be damned.

What surprised her, was that it had been Saeko of all people. The woman was wound up so tightly that it was only a matter of time before she exploded.

How in hell Shirou had managed to defuse that ticking time bomb, Yoruichi couldn’t begin to fathom.

Was it a wonder then, that she would find him interesting as well?

Briefly, she wondered if that was how it had started for Saeko. A budding curiosity for a mysterious existence that eventually devolved into a sordid affair.

Maybe it was only a matter of time before she too ended up having the hots the kid.

“As if something like that would ever happen to me,” she laughed to herself and resumed her sunbathing next to the unconscious Magus.

She should have known better than to needlessly tempt fate.


When Shirou woke up on the roof, Yoruichi was gone. Of course she would just disappear when he wanted something from her.

He wasted no time looking for her. She would show up when it suited her. Besides, it was time for him to head into town and do Quests.

After the commotions of the past few days, he expected the afternoon would be entirely dull and unsurprising.


That evening

[Your cooking has reached Lv. 45]

Shirou put down the knife and glanced at the message prompt.

‘Again? I leveled it up just this morning…’

Sometimes, Shirou didn’t understand how leveling worked. Progression was supposed to be relatively linear (when accounting for the law of diminishing returns). Yet sometimes some of his skills would level up way sooner than his most optimistic estimations.

Cooking was one such skills. Even though it was one he practiced little, just a few minutes three times a day, it leveled up fairly often.

Sure enough, with each higher level he tried his hand at increasingly complex recipes, so it was only natural but it fluctuated too much. Sometime he only gained a level per week and some other times two levels in the same day.

There had to be some other factor, he decided as he resumed chopping vegetables. If he could figure it out and replicate it elsewhere it would be great.

He inclined the chopping board and pushed the diced vegetables into a plate, then placed both the chopping board and the knife into sink.

‘It can’t be a random roll of some kind,’ he mused, ‘There was never any indication of such things as far as leveling is concerned. What kind of obscure parameter could be at play?’

He felt he was on the cusp of a realization of some kind. Something nudged at this mind, but he couldn’t quite put it into focus.

At that point, he caught his reflection on the knife he had just done washing.


He looked intensely at the knife, almost as if it held the solution to the mystery.

[Presence Detected. Distance: 0,2 meters – Direction: 6 o’clock ]

“Narcissist much?” Yoruichi whispered in his ear.

“Just thinking,” he replied, lowering his knife into the sink again.

“You do that an awful lot,” the dark skinned woman said amusedly.

“Someone under this roof has to,” he retorted, ” and I don’t see you volunteering.”

Yoruichi smiled. “I’ll make comedian out of you yet.”

“I’ll pass. I wouldn’t want to steal your role.”

“Ha! To think that you can switch from being an adorable little thing to a snarky midget in the same day. You are just full of talents, aren’t you?” she ruffled his hair.

“What do you need, Yoruichi-san?” he sighed, pushing away her hand and choosing to drop the antics. It’s not like he would ever win against her. Not with words, at least.

“I got in touch with my organization and I set up a meeting for you. Go to this place tomorrow for an interview.”

She gave him a slip of paper with an address in the city he didn’t recognize.

“What kind of interview are we talking about?”

“That would be telling, Shirou-chan” the cat-aspected woman purred while she stroked his cheek.

Blushing and slapping her hand away, Shirou narrowed his eyes. “I’m bringing a sword then.”

“If it makes you feel more confident, then by all means.”

He narrowed his eyes even further.

“Armor too,” he decided at which Yoruichi burst out laughing wholeheartedly.

“Let’s put it this way,” she told him between bouts of laughter. “Either way it goes, you’ll definitely need protection.”

There was some kind of joke in her words, but he couldn’t figure it out. Needless to say, it didn’t reassure him at all.

Whatever retort he was about to come up with was interrupted by the doorbell ringing.

Taiga would just let herself in and besides she wouldn’t be coming for dinner today since she had a PTA meeting.

It was almost time for dinner so who could it possibly be?

When Shirou wasn’t looking, as usual, Yoruichi changed to her cat form.

She let out a meow that seemed to ask what was he waiting for.

Shaking his head at her antics, he went to answer the door. It was the last person he would have expected to see.

“Good evening, Shirou.”

“Saeko? What are you doing here?”

“Oh? Can’t I make house visits to my only disciple? Even if it’s swordsmanship, I’m still your teacher,” she smiled coyly.

“It’s not that,” he shook his head. “You are always welcome, I just wasn’t expecting you to drop by. Please, come inside.”

“Thank you,” she said walking past him and into the entrance, where she exchanged her shoes for a pair of slippers he provided.

“What a delicious smell,” she said, tilting her head as if trying to grasp it better. “Were you already dining? If so, I can return at another time. I wouldn’t want to impose.”

“No, no. I was preparing and besides I would be happy if you joined me for dinner. No imposition at all.”

“Preparing?” she tilted her head. “Can you cook, Shirou?”

“I’d like to think I’m a fair hand at it, yes,” he replied humbly. Technically, the description of his [Cooking] skill at the current level said that he was above the average professional chef.

“Well then. I would really like to see how good my disciple is outside of the dojo. Besides what you have already shown me, of course.”

Shirou’s face turned red. “Uh, about that… there isn’t exactly only the two of us here today.”

“Your guardian is coming over? I believed that all teacher were having PTA meetings today.”

“Well yes, Fuji-nee won’t be coming by today… Wait, why do you know about my guardian being a teacher? For that matter, why do you know about the PTA meeting? They aren’t held on the same day for high-schools.”

It was Saeko’s turn to become flustered, but before she could say anything another voice answered for her.

“Because she wanted to take advantage of your guardian’s absence to ravish you in your own home, Shirou-chan. That much should be obvious.”

They both turned to look at Yoruichi, who was back in human form and of course in all of her naked glory.

“Yoruichi-san!” Shirou cried in dismay. Wasn’t she supposed to stay hidden? Granted, she knew Saeko but Shirou would have wanted to break the news of her presence a bit more gently.

“You!” Saeko hissed, stepping protectively in front of Shirou. “What are you doing here, you… you pervert?”

Yoruichi looked around, searching for said pervert

“Oh, I’m sorry. Are you talking to me?” she asked innocently. “How strange. Last I checked I wasn’t the one getting boned by a ten-years-old kid.”

“I- I don’t know what you -Shirou?”

“Yoruichi-san,” he said firmly, stepping in front of Saeko. “Saeko is my lover and there’s no point denying it. However, inside this house you are both my guests and I expect a certain level of respect and decency by everyone. Saeko, please refrain from name-calling. Yoruichi-san, if you intend to be in polite company you’ll either keep to your cat form or get dressed. These are my rules. Abide by them or get out.”

There was a moment of stunned silence, though the reasons differed for each woman.

Yoruichi was taken aback, because Shirou might have grumbled, but ultimately she let her get away with anything. At first, she thought he was standing up for his lover, but instead she reprimanded Saeko first and only then turned on her. He was being a fair host and she could respect that. More importantly, she never expect he had it in him to be this firm around others.

Saeko on the other hand had the ground swept from under her feet when Shirou boldly called her his lover and she didn’t have the presence of mind to protest when he asked -demanded her to be polite to that woman. She then lost the will to say anything at all when he doubled down on Yoruichi’s behavior and laid down his ultimatum.

She had gotten so used to be on top with him that she had almost forgotten how unrelenting he could get with the right motivation. It made her heart flutter.

As for Shirou, he didn’t like laying down the law, but he knew that asking nicely wouldn’t get him anywhere. They were both powerful and headstrong women, apparently with a bone to pick with each other. If he allowed them to build up momentum, forget about politeness, he’d have to pry them from one another with a crowbar. It was much better to put down his foot from the start.

He who seize the initiative wins.

“Never thought I’d see the day I’d when I’d get scolded by a kid,” Yoruichi grumbled. “Fine, I’m going to get something to wear.”

“Shirou, why is she here?” Saeko asked, but answered her own question before Shirou could. “No, I already know that. She was in need of help and you provided it. I should not have expected any less from you.”

He nodded in gratitude for her understanding. Their relationship was odd. They had never spoken of commitment to each other, in fact he turned her down immediately when she made him the equivalent of a proposal. However, to find a naked woman in the house of your lover was bound to be ground for jealousy.

In fact he’d rather not think about a situation when the roles would be reversed. It made him quite nauseous.

‘She’s mine,’ he thought fiercely and almost recoiled to the intensity of that feeling. He shouldn’t be thinking like that. He neither could nor would stop her if she wished to be with someone else. Still, that didn’t mean he’d like it.

“By the way, Shirou?” she called as they walked toward the living room.

“What is it, Saeko?

“Just now, you’ve made me fall for you all over again, you know?”

As his face acquired an interesting shade of red, Shirou told himself that he didn’t feel supremely satisfied about it.

The first requirement to be a Magus, after all, is being able to thoroughly believe your own delusions and when it came down to that, no one would ever surpass Emiya Shirou.


Yoruichi came back a few minutes later wearing a green strap shirt over black shorts.

“What?” she asked when Shirou looked at her strangely.

“Nothing. I just thought that those clothes suits you.”

“I swear, you are the first guy so adamant about getting me into clothes instead of wanting me out of them.”

“Because Shirou is a respectable person,” Saeko commented. “Unlike some.”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, Saeko-chan,” she said right back. “You aren’t that bad.”

The two women glared at each other. Actually, Saeko was doing all of the glaring while Yoruichi was doing all of the grinning.

“It’s not really any of my business,” Shirou cut in, “but why do you hate each other so much?”

“I don’t hate her,” Yoruichi objected. “I rather like Saeko-chan. She’s easier to rile up than you are.”

Shirou’s eyebrow twitched. “Should have figured it was something like that.”

“I don’t hate her either,” Saeko answered. “It’s just that she has been persona non-grata for the Busujima clan for over a century.”

“Excuse me?” Shirou blinked rapidly, then turned to stare at the woman that didn’t look any older than twenty-five.

“Now, now, Saeko-chan. Going around revealing a woman’s age is just rude.”

Shirou’s mind was reeling. This gorgeous woman… was over ten times his age?

“Are you some kind of vampire, Yoruichi-san?”

“Naah,” she shook her head. “I just age veeeery slowly.”

“Yeah, I can see that,” he agreed. “It’s too much hoping you would just explain your circumstances, right?”

“Not a chance in hell,” she confirmed.

“Figures. Anyway, dinner’s going to be ready in a minute. Take a seat with Saeko and don’t kill each other.”

Yoruichi did as instructed and took a seat opposite to the scowling swordswoman.

“So, Shirou eh?” she asked ironically with a voice that couldn’t be heard from the kitchen over the sounds of Shirou cooking. “How did that happen?”

“It’s none of your business, Yoruichi.”

“I mean, he’s a remarkable kid, exceptional even, but I would have thought he’d be a bit too young for your tastes.”

“Does age matter when you are standing on the edge of the abyss?” she asked, scowling. “Does it matter when he keeps me from falling into it?”

“… Holy shit, he’s really got you good,” Yoruichi said in amazement.

“Hmph!” Saeko scoffed.

Yoruichi had expected a sordid carnal affair, a mutual scratching of itches, with the age difference partially excused by Shirou’s exceptional maturity, but it wasn’t the case.

Saeko was heads over heels for Shirou.

She glanced to the kid, no, the young man who was standing on a stool to better reach the stove.

What had Saeko seen in him that she had missed? What could he have done to evoke such a devotion in the most stubborn, wound up woman she had ever met?

‘Color me impressed, Shirou.’

“Alright, it’s ready,” he announced, oblivious to the exchange that took place in the next room.

He came out of the kitchen carrying two trays covered in plates, juggling them effortlessly.

Both women’s eyes widened at the variety of plates displayed. They both thought he was whipping up an ordinary dinner, something simple that even a child could make, but this looked like an high quality buffet.

“O-oi Shirou… when did you order take-outs?”

“Huh? What are you on about, Yoruichi-san?” he asked.

“You can’t expect me to believe you made this stuff.”

“I thought I told you I like cooking. I have been doing it three times a day for over five years now. Besides, you’ve been living here for weeks. Even though you never came for meals, how did you manage to never notice?”

Embarrassed, Yoruichi scratched her cheek sheepishly. “I wasn’t exactly interested in your cuisine, you know?”

“Yeah, no kidding,” he snorted. “Dig in before it gets cold. Itadakimasu.”

“Itadakimasu!” the two women echoed before getting their own shares of food.

No words were exchange afterwards. Dinner proceeded in religious silence, although it couldn’t be said there was peace either. In fact, a silent war was going on between Saeko and Yoruichi to get the most food onto their plates without looking like they were gorging themselves. That’s how good Shirou’s cuisine turned out to be.

Shirou took the silence as a sign of approval and enjoyed his own meal without knowing exactly how impressed his guests were.

Half a hour later, two thoroughly satisfied women sat nursing their stuffed stomachs.

“It was all exceptional, Shirou. Thank you very much,” Saeko complimented.

“Yeah, I guess that all the time you spent in the kitchen wasn’t wasted”, Yoruichi agreed with a toothpick held between her lips.

Before he could acknowledge their gratitude, they heard the front door open and close, followed by loud steps approaching rapidly.

“Ohayo, Shirou!” Taiga greeted cheerfully. “I have finished early. Oh? Who are these people, Shirou?” she asked, tilting her head quizzically.

“Ah. This is Busujima-sensei and her friend, Shihōin-san. They were passing by and I invited them to stay for dinner since.”

“Pleased to meet you both,” Taiga bowed. “Thank you for taking care of Shirou, Busujima-san.”

“Not at all,” Saeko smiled politely. “It was my pleasure to have Shirou as my disciple.”

Yoruichi chortled, and nearly burst out laughing when Saeko glared at her.

“That’s a relief. Shirou is a good kid but he can be unreasonably stubborn at times.”

“You are one to talk,” he mumbled but only Yoruichi heard him. It did little to placate the laughter she was suppressing. “Since you are home early, Taiga, have a seat. I’ve saved your share.”

“Oooh? I knew I could count on you,” the ecstatic teacher praised, sitting next to Yoruichi. A moment later, she was happily eating through her dinner.

“Hm, Busujima-san,” she said between mouthfuls, “how is Shirou doing? He’s very reserved and he’s always vague when I ask.”

“Is he now?” Saeko asked, giving him an amused look. “There’s already nothing left I can teach him. For all intents and purposes, his swordsmanship has already surpassed mine.”

Taiga nearly choked on her food. “Wha-? Seriously?”

“That’s not true, sensei,” he objected. “You are still much stronger than me.”

“That’s because I have the advantage of a longer reach and greater height, but if we are talking about pure techniques I am no longer your match.”

“Whoa! Shirou, that’s incredible,” Taiga said, completely flabbergasted.

“And how is Shirou doing in school?” Saeko asked in turn. “I hope he’s not letting his grades slip because he’s too focused on his training.”

“Well, no,” Taiga blinked, “actually he’s the top student in his year.”

They were all staring at him now and he couldn’t help but blush under the combined attention.

“So,” Yoruichi drawled, somewhere between impressed and amused, “top student, genius swordsman and professional level cook. You sure don’t do things by halves, uh?”

Even Saeko who knew just how talented and drive he was looked suitably impressed.

“Can we talk about something more interesting?” he pleaded, clearly uncomfortable. His fidgeting made the gathered women grin.

His reactions were just too cute. One couldn’t help but wanting to tease him even more. An impromptu alliance was made at the expense of the hapless aspirant hero, which culminated in a hour of merciless discussion about him and his quirks.

Nothing was said that couldn’t be considered as praise by most people, but by the end of it Shirou felt like he had come down with a fever from how long he had been blushing.

“Well, it has been nice but I should really get going,” Yoruichi decided after a while. Don’t bother getting up, Shirou.”

“Thanks for dropping by, Yoruichi-san.” he nodded.

“Eh. Thank you for dinner. I’ll see you around. You too Fujimura-san.”

“I should get going as well,” Saeko agreed. “It was nice meeting you, Fujimura-sensei. Thank you for the excellent meal Shirou. I will see you again soon.”

“Have a safe trip you two,” the teacher waved cheerfully. “Man, where did those beauties come out from, huh?”

“Did you say something?” Shirou asked as he stood up to put away the last dishes.

“… no, nothing.”

Shirou shrugged and went about his business. Talking to herself was the less weird thing Taiga could do, so he didn’t pay it any mind.

However, while Shirou wasn’t looking, Taiga sized her own breasts and let out a disappointed sigh.

“A defeat on all fronts, huh?”

In the end, some battles weren’t meant to be won, no matter how hard one struggled.

The Fall 13

It had been a couple of intense weeks for Rin. After the mishap with her first client, she had been caught up in her research at the Clock Tower, so much that she couldn’t afford to do anything other than seeing Gerard the two allotted times and then Howard in the evening. The businessman had developed a taste for Rin’s new openness for sexual activities and seeing how he would soon have to leave for a month, he wanted to make the best out of their time together.

Nearly every night, he thoroughly devoured Rin’s body, leaving her a quivering mess. However, as satisfying that was for her, both physically and emotionally, Rin couldn’t help but wonder about that night in the parking lot.

Two things had transpired back then.

Her own inadequacy first and foremost. The world of sex was wide and unpredictable, and she had only just scratched the surface. That meant that she wouldn’t get bored it it anytime soon, so it wasn’t that much of a bad thing.

However, the other thing that Rin found out as the days went by, was that she couldn’t get out of her head the thought of being found out by Saber. Needless to say, she was utterly terrified at the prospect. She didn’t want to hurt Saber in any way. Even at the bottom of her own depravity, Rin cared.

Still, it was only a matter of time before her dalliances would be found out and therein lied the problem, for each time Rin’s thought strayed to the kind of face Saber would make upon seeing her whorish self, her inside melted into a puddle of horniness.

It was the ultimate forbidden fruit hanging on the tree of depravity. To shatter the bond of trust and love for pleasure. It was inevitable that she would come up to that at one point or another.

The only things she could do were either give up on her new lifestyle or resign herself to breaking Saber’s heart. Both options were extremely dreadful and appealing at the same time and for the life of her, Rin couldn’t come to a decision.

Of course this conundrum reflected on her behavior in bed and there was just no way that someone attuned to the intricacies of the female body like Gerard would not notice.

The Magus waited for his test subject to arrive. Rin’s development had gone better than he had planned initially. Once her initial reluctance had been overcome, her proactive nature would seek out answers that other would find too uncomfortable to seek. Of course, the subtle nudge from his Mystic Code every now and then helped the transition that would otherwise have required a much heavier hand or a whole lot more time.

What mattered was that Rin had it into herself to be a whore. Between logic and emotion, between morals and pleasure, she always chose the latter. Of course, with sufficient application of strength, anyone would break, but Rin’s value was in having put her own spin to her fall, remaking herself into something more than what she could have been.

Naturally, things could go smoothly only so far. Lately, Rin had shown hints of hesitation during their sessions. Nothing that he couldn’t overwhelm with sheer application of skills naturally, but still enough that he worried she would lapse back to a… more prudish behavior. That could not be allowed and therefore he needed to take it up a notch.

Now, Gerard didn’t have the power to read minds. At best, he could identify and manipulate emotions in his test subjects and it was subordinate to how much he wished to preserve their mental integrity. Fortunately, he had gathered enough data on Rin to know her weak spots and how to coax her into further depravity. All he had to do was setting up a proper environment for her to take that step.

When Rin boarded the metro, that evening, it was packed from the rush hour. Because of her busy schedule this was the only time she could meet him and that meant that she had to give up on meeting Howard. It was a pity, but it couldn’t be helped. Not that she disliked being with Gerard by any stretch of the imagination, but if at all possible she would have preferred fitting them both in the same day. As it had become custom when meeting him, she had opted for a very short skirt without underwear and a pair of killer high heels. Gerard thoroughly approved for her choice in apparel and Rin enjoyed the dangers of risking exposure by wearing dangerous short clothing.

She had felt more than a few eyes on her barely concealed butt and she expected even more of them on the train, where she was forced to remain standing.

As expected, all the men’s eyes were glued to her form, while she pretended not to notice. As she held herself to the strap overhead, her legs stretched to impossible lengths and her skirt rose high enough to expose the curve of her delectable ass.

Honestly, how it could be possible that showing just a little bit of skin on a train was more of a turn on than stripping completely at a club was beyond her, but then again, that’s how twisted she was.

A group of teenagers was filming her with their phones, trying to look inconspicuous and failing abysmally. Now, if she didn’t have other arrangements, she would consider luring them somewhere secluded and drain both their balls and wallets. They were probably minors but who cared? They wore brand clothes and used expensive looking phones. They were likely spoiled rich brats, but so what? Money was money and a whore doesn’t care where it comes from.

“Slut,” she heard one of the few women on the train murmur, and Rin sighed at the tingle that it gave her. Rin would have wanted to show her just how much of a slut she could be, but she had a rule about not working for free, and while she wasn’t above giving a preview, sadly, this wasn’t the time for that.

At the next stop the carriage emptied, leaving only Rin on board. With the thrill of exposure lost, Rin went back to think about Saber and what she should do about the matter. Lately, it was the only thing she could think about when she wasn’t otherwise preoccupied and it annoyed her.

If only there was a way to reconcile being a whore with being Saber’s girlfriend… but that wasn’t possible. Of all people, the King of Knights would not forgive duplicity or moral misconduct.

She would not understand what being a whore felt like, how liberating it was to take part in indecent behaviors. Rin had never felt so true to herself as she did now but Saber would not be able to accept that.

By the time that she stepped off the train, her mood was completely soured. Fortunately, she knew that Gerard would ignite her desire again in a matter of minutes and then he would drown her in blissful ecstasy for the rest of the night.

She stepped into his Workshop and found him with his back turned to her, looking up to some complex charts pinned to the wall.

“Oh, hey, Rin. Thanks for coming. I’ll be there in a moment.”

Rin shrugged and took a seat, enjoying the look of his broad back as he peered with a professional demeanor over the seemingly incomprehensible data. Gerard was truly the epitome of a Magus and of a man. Rin considered herself blessed for having met him and quite foolish for having scorned him for so long.

“Rin, do you remember my friend Howard?” he asked, turning around to face her.

“The jewel trader? Sure.” It was hard to forget a guy that fucks you into oblivion every other day, but Gerard didn’t know that.

“I had the most intriguing conversation with him the other day,” he continued, smiling. “He told me about this pretty Asian girl he convinced to have sex with him in exchange for some fancy jewels. He told me she had a very keen eye for them and while she was reluctant at first, she turned out to be quite the spitfire. Now, I’m quite sure there’s plenty of hot Asian girls with an eye for jewels, but this twisted brain of mine really couldn’t help but making comparisons, you know?”

Rin’s mouth had gone dry as her eyes locked onto Gerard’s amused expression.

“Are you implying something, Gerard?”

“I wouldn’t dare imply anything, dear,” he leaned over, “but I couldn’t help but wonder. You knew that the Mystic Code I gave you is meant to gather data on your body’s behaviour, right? Normally I would be interested only in what happens during our sessions together, but talking with Howard made me want to draw a more…comprehensive chart.”

He pointed at the graphs on the wall, which had the time on the vertical axis and the day of the month of the horizontal. Several lines spiked extremely high every night, in the month she had been having sex with Howard.

“You have been very, very naughty, Rin,” he whispered in her ear.

Red faced, she bit her lip while her legs trembled. She had been exposed. Gerard had found out that she had been having sex with someone else on the side.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. ‘No, I’m not,’ she thought.

“No you are not,” he told her. “Numbers don’t lie, Rin, and you know what they say?”

“What do they say, Gerard?” she asked, barely audible. She already knew the answer, of course, but she craved for him to tell her out loud. To call her out for what she had willingly become.

“They say that you are perpetually horny–that you masturbate frequently, even when I know you are at the Clock Tower.” A hand fell on her cheek and slowly slid further down. “They say that you have been going without underwear in public not only when you come to me, but every single day,” the hand continued to her collarbone and then her breast. “They say that you have been having sex with another man for his wealth,” the hand fell into her lap, where her legs spread open to grant access. “They say that you pretend to be a high-class woman when you are actually a filthy, cock-craving whore.”

“Ahnn!!” she moaned, throwing her head backward as Gerard tugged at the piercing on her clitoris.

This was what she wanted. These were the moments she lived for, when the curtain fell and she was revealed for what she had made herself into. There was no way she could give it up for anything in the world.

“How cunning of you to make me believe you were a proper young lady. Did you have fun, rebuking my propositions all the time?” he snarled, sliding two fingers into her boiling snatch. “I’m sure you were having quite a laugh at my expenses.”

It wasn’t like that, but she didn’t care about defending herself, not while she was being so deliciously tormented and humiliated.

“I’m sorry! Hnnn! I’m sorry, Gerard. I didn’t mean to be such a stuck-up bitch. Please forgive me.”

“Forgive you, Rin? Maybe I should ask for a refund. Clearly the product I bought wasn’t as advertised.”

“Ahh, I’ll do anything,” she promised. “I don’t care what it is.”

She meant it, too. Whatever degrading task Gerard could come up with, she knew she would enjoy.

“Then, I will put a sign on your body to mark you as the wanton slut that you are.”

“What…hmm…what sign?”

“What does it matter? Don’t worry, no one would be able to see it unless you expose it yourself. And of course, it won’t be just a drawing either. It’s a product of my Magecraft, after all. As for the effects of it, you’ll have to live and learn. I will tell you this much though. The kind of pleasure you have experienced until now will pale in comparison to what you’ll get.”

“Fuaah… something like that… I won’t be able to…” ‘I won’t be able to pretend anymore.’

“Rin,” he said, now more gently. “I know you have been afraid. I know that you have been fighting to protect something all on your own for a long time. You don’t have to be alone anymore. Surrender yourself to me completely and I will be with you every step of the way henceforth.”

Rin’s breath was caught in her throat. Her heart was a mess of emotions. She was indeed scared. She had been worrying about a thousand things every day for so long that she couldn’t recall a time when she hadn’t. She had been keeping so many secrets, weaving so many lies that sometimes she didn’t know who she was anymore.

She longed to be free, to be happy, to be safe.

Gerard offered her all of that, even after she had scorned and deceived him repeatedly. Even now he was reaching out to her with an helping hand without asking for anything in return other than her trust.

Rin could not describe with words the intensity of her love for him and she had already cast aside her pride, which would have demanded that she’d rely on herself and herself alone.

In her heart, the decision was made.

“Brand me, Gerard.”

Saber gasped as she woke up, bolting to a seated position and sending the cover flying off the bed.

It had happened again. For the tenth time in two weeks, she had nightmares of having sex with a man other than Shirou. Although sometimes the figure was nothing more than a black silhouette, her most recurring dream lover was none other than her employer. The overweight businessman plagued her nights to the point that she had considered no longer sleeping, once and for all. The only reason why she forced herself to endure this ordeal was to help Rin with her burden.

However, it was getting quite vexing, waking up almost every night covered in sweat and with an unbearable ache in her lower belly. It was only because of her pride and iron will that she could forcibly suppress the feeling, even though the thoughts came forth in her mind over the course of the day, particularly when she was in proximity of the object of her nightmares.

But tonight, it was different. There hadn’t been any dream whatsoever, but Saber woke with her body in flames. The sweat had made the nightgown stick to her petite body, which had become practically see-through, and because of that, her condition would have been apparent to every onlooker had there been any.

Her small nipples were erect to the point that they physically hurt and in the valley between her legs a puddle of clear liquid had formed.

She had been woken up by the intensity of a spontaneous climax.

Shame did not begin to convey her feelings as of that moment. Was this truly how her body and mind would behave once withheld from satisfying the desires that her relationship with Shirou and Rin had awoken within her? Craving for release regardless of who provided it and then eventually…?

Was this the kind of ordeal men and women faced on a daily basis? Or was it something exclusive to her, whose body had been frozen for years in its teenage state and whose needs had been suppressed just as long through sheer willpower and determination, before being further locked into shape through her summoning as a Servant?

There were too many possible causes to which she could ascribe her predicament. Worse yet, she didn’t know how to begin to solve it other than bearing the shame privately and carrying on as usual.

Needless to say, her situation wasn’t about to become any easier.

In Gerard’s Workshop, Rin sat on her heels, naked from head to toe in the middle of a runic circle. The glow of active Magecraft was slowly fading, allowing the usual soft light of the oil lamps to cast its shadow unimpeded across the face of the female Magus.

Her eyes were crossed and turned backwards while her drooling tongue was dangling limply out of her gaping mouth.

Her entire body was twitching as if she had been severely electrocuted, but the growing puddle of fluids dripping from her impossibly wet cunt revealed that it hadn’t been such an unpleasant experience, although it had obviously been just as intense if not more.

However, she was in no position to make comparisons. All traces of conscious thought had vanished from Rin’s head, relentlessly hammered out by the consecutive orgasms that Gerard’s ritual had forced through her nervous system as the spell coursed through every fiber of her body, permanently altering the way it worked.

The energy bounced back and forth in every direction underneath her skin, until it regrouped and coalesced in her mouth where it took visible form.

On the back of her tongue, where it wouldn’t be visible unless she willingly stretched it completely out, a hollow heart shaped symbol appeared and within it another one and finally a third inside of the second. Lastly, an elegant capital “G” engraved itself in the middle of it all, marking Rin once and for all as Gerard’s plaything.

The man himself stood outside of the magic circle, just as naked, admiring his exquisite handiwork. Even if she had passed out from the shock, Rin’s mind had remained intact and functional, whereas another human would have been reduced to a vegetable. This was of course because of her background as a Magus, but also because in the past few months Rin had embraced carnal pleasure and made it her own, stretching her wings enough for her to withstand the refining process he had put her through.

With this, her body would change even faster than it had previously, adapting to all circumstances. Her flexibility would be enhanced and so would her resistance to physical abuse. Similarly, her recovery ability would be out of this world, surpassed only by that granted by some ancient Mystic Code or high-level mysteries.

Of course, something like that would not come without price. The energy requirements were immense, more so than any Magus would be able to produce on their own. Fortunately, the mark on her tongue would see that it would not be a problem, for it made her able to assimilate Mana from anyone without bothering with complex tantric rituals. Naturally, such an ability had to have its own downside, although to Gerard it was just another bonus.

A perpetual, insatiable lust. A deep-rooted craving for semen that would never be truly satisfied. From here onward, regardless of what path she would follow, her body was that of a cum-addicted slut and it would change to reflect that nature and to ensnare as many men as she could.

Already, her tongue was longer than it had been earlier, easily reaching past her chin. Her breasts would keep on swelling–how much, he could not tell. It could be a little or a lot, depending on Rin’s own idea of perfect femininity. Similarly, her hips would widen and her butt would grow in accordance with her vision of beauty.

Gerard’s already rock-hard cock throbbed in excitement. He could not wait to see what depths of debauchery Rin would fall down into. He could not wait for Rin to regain her senses, so that he could show her how her new body would work.

He was fairly certain she would love it.

She threw herself into the shower and let the ice-cold water run over her body, The same body that would not stop shaking. She had tried for hours to go back to sleep out of sheer stubbornness, but that yielded no results. She then tried to exorcise that alien feeling by swinging her sword, but all she achieved was to raise her body’s temperature even higher. Now she put her hopes into the cleansing power of water, but as the minutes went by, it became apparent that the heat would not go away.

Why was she like this? This couldn’t be normal, could it? Even though she was a woman, she only came to know her body through the touch her two lovers. Before that she had sealed away her femininity and her humanity in order to become the perfect King.

Had her lovers’ touches awakened her nature, and now that Pandora’s box had been opened, she couldn’t close it again?

That was the explanation she gave herself, without having someone to go to for counsel, for she didn’t have anyone to talk about these things. Rin was overburdened enough without Saber bringing this matter to her attention.

No, she was on her own with this.

As ashamed as she was, she couldn’t keep going like that. She had a will of steel, but unless she did something to quell this… hunger it was only a matter of time before she did something she would regret.

Saber did not believe herself to be unbreakable, even though there had been a time when she thought her beliefs couldn’t be shaken. That certainty came to an end a few years ago, during the course of the Holy Grail War.

Sher had never told it to anyone, not even Shirou or Rin. It was source of one of the greatest shames of her life.

It wasn’t Shirou’s or Rin’s touch that had first woken the woman within her body,

It had been Caster. The treacherous woman had had her way with Saber while she had been stolen for Shirou. Until rescue came, she had been subjected to the Witch’s whims. For hours, days, she had been tortured. However, the only pain Saber had experienced was to her pride.

She had been adamant at first, but as time dragged on, Caster’s treatment had started to get at her. Thoughts of giving up, to surrendering herself to the other Servant had filtered through her mind. Even though she didn’t follow through with it, in her mind she had already betrayed her comrades.

Back then her body quivered like it was doing now, while the Witch humiliated her, tormenting not her womanhood, but the other hole.

Before then, Saber never even contemplated that something like that could feel good and later chalked it up to the Witch’s craft. However, even her sheltered self eventually came to find out that said hole could and was used while having sex.

She refused to acknowledge it. She refused to admit it to anyone, but the echo of those days never truly left.

Even when she was with her lovers, she felt it. The faint throbbing of her backside. The song of her own flesh calling out for sinful acts. She had drowned it in the embrace of Shirou and Rin to the point that it was almost inaudible. However now, as the circumstances had drawn them apart, even if only physically, it came back in full force. The whispers and rumors of her employer plowing her colleagues into oblivion (their words) did not help to assuage it in the least.

What was she supposed to do about it?

The answer was patently obvious. If she didn’t have Shirou’s or Rin’s touch to quell the burning she had to use her own.

She wasn’t familiar with the act, nonetheless she threw away her hesitation and let her hand wander down her body, where her legs joined her hips, reaching for the spot that burned so much, brushing gently against the folds.

“Hn,” she stifled a moan. The feedback from her touch had taken her by surprise. She expected it to pleasant (no way people would do it if it wasn’t) but the intensity had shocked her. It wasn’t to the degree of when Rin or Shirou touched her, but she still felt it.

Swallowing a knot in her throat she cleared her head and resumed the motion.

For someone who had never touched herself in such way, her own fingers felt almost alien.

Yet, in spite of the strangeness, the slick sensation of her womanhood had a magnetic quality to it.

“Haah… something like this…,” she exhaled in the confines of the shower. Her heart had picked up the pace and so did her hand. Making quick circular motions, she rubbed her folds, gently at first but with increasing intensity as time passed.

It felt good in a way, but also unsatisfying. There was a threshold she knew knew she had to surpass, but she was afraid of what she would feel if she did.

Nonetheless, even if the cries from her body weren’t enough to tell her what to do next, Saber had accumulated enough sexual experience with her lovers to know what stimulation worked better on her.

Her free hand slid across her abdomen and toward her small breasts. Her spine jolted when her palm brushed against the soft mound, but she steadied herself and continued rubbing.

Heat seemed to radiate from where her hands met her body. The slippery feeling between her legs increased, unabated by the flow of water from the shower.

“Still… not… enough…” Saber groaned. The stimulation was nice, but it only worsened her condition. She needed more drastic measures.

She pinched her nipple lightly, biting her lips to suppress a moan. However, she couldn’t keep completely silent when she pushed two fingers into the wet entrance to her womanhood.


Her folds latched around against the intruders with a greed that shocked Saber almost as much as the waves of pleasure that crawled up her spine. Before she could formulate any thought about hows and whys, her fingers twisted her nipple harder.

“…ooooh…” Saber let out breathlessly, slowly rolling her head backwards.

Slck, slck, slck. She started moving her fingers in and out of her pussy, causing obscene sounds.

It was unbecoming, undignified, but her fingers seemed to possess a will of their own, one firmly set into digging deeper inside her wet core.

Her legs trembled and finally her knees buckled. She slid against the shower wall until she was sitting on the cold floor, where she could give her entire attention to the hunger that had been tormenting her.

‘Hunger is the enemy,’ she told herself. Enemies are to be defeated, there were no two ways about it. It was a silly thing to think about her own lust, but if she thought it in those terms, this was nothing more than another battle.

One she could and would win. One she had to.


Her hand became frenzied, possessed, as she fingered herself faster and faster, until finally the build-up in her loins reached it apex and her core exploded in bliss.

“Ohhh!!” Saber groaned as her climax washed over her, toes curling and pussy clenching around her fingers. Her body tensed and shook several times until her orgasm abated and her muscles relaxed.

She was breathing raggedly and she was tingling all over. Water kept pouring onto her seated form, while she regained her bearings.

“… why?”

The question wasn’t directed to anyone, other than herself, or rather to her own traitorous body which still ached to be touched. Her desire had subsided, but only a little bit and she knew that it would not last long that way.

She considered continuing her battle. Still in the afterglow of her last climax, the thought was all too pleasant in her mind. No, she decided. She was better than that. She would not yield so easily twice in a row.

She stood up and rinsed her body, making extra sure not to brush herself in a way that would entice her into changing her mind. Finally, she stepped out of the shower and dried herself while she paced around the apartment.

She was still wearing her bathrobe when the door opened and Rin stepped in.

Their eyes met, both momentarily surprised to see each other at that moment. They were both silent for a while, until Rin broke the awkwardness with a bright smile.

“Saber. Hi! I didn’t expect to see you up at this hour.”

The Servant glanced at the clock on the wall. It read 4.30 in the morning. Good enough to seem she had woken very early instead of having been up the entire night.

“I didn’t expect you to come home this late either, Rin.”

“Eh. Is it late or is it early, I wonder. Lately I’m having a hard time telling night from day.”

“Are you well?” she asked filled with concern.

“Hm? Oh, yes. Never been better actually,” Rin replied cheerfully and Saber had no problem believing her.

In the past months, Rin had gone from looking nearly exhausted every day to being energetic and full of life. Even her body had changed some. Her body was slightly more curvaceous. Not like she had gained weight, but in the sense that she looked fuller, more womanly.

“That’s good to hear. I rarely see you at all lately.”

“Sorry about that. My schedule has been pretty hectic.”

Saber shook her head. “No, there is nothing for you to apologize for. You have been upholding your duty admirably.”

“Aw, aren’t you just the sweetest thing?” Rin smiled, sauntering to her and wrapping her arms around her Servant.

Saber was suddenly extremely aware of Rin’s breasts pressing against her own, of her body heat and more importantly of her smell.

Their lips met in a chaste kiss that Rin broke almost immediately, slipping away from Saber almost simultaneously.

“Now, if you don’t mind I’m going to hit the shower and then get some sleep.”

“… Sure. I have to get ready for my shift anyway,” Saber replied with a calm face that belied the intensity of her heartbeat and the surge of heat between her legs.

Rin slipped into the bathroom and Saber turned away frustrated. She was back at square one with an entire day of work ahead of her.

It was not going to be a good day for her.




Fate/Gamer Night – SE 008

[LV 20 – 2100/20000]
[HP: 2000][MP: 35][MC: 27][ST: 790][SP: 5]
[STR: 39][DEX: 40][INT: 21][WIS: 31][CHR: 77]



Shirou woke at dawn to the sunlight peering through the rice paper of his bedroom door.

[You have slept in a bed. HP, ST and MP completely restored]

 That’s what the usual message prompt said. Shirou, however, did not bother reading it. Or rather, he was in no condition to read it.

As soon as he opened his eyes, his field of vision was occupied by two pear-shaped mounds of tanned flesh with perky pink buds on top.

‘Breasts,’ his brain supplied helpfully. Having acknowledged that, he let out a sigh and closed his eye briefly. They shot back open immediately, nearly bursting out of their sockets.

Slowly, he dragged his gaze upward where he met a set of amber-colored eyes.

“Good morning, champ,” the breasts-owner greeted with a mischievous grin.

On that day, Emiya Shirou discovered that a human body can ricochet if propelled with enough force at the right angle.

He shot himself away from the futon, crashing against the wall behind him, bouncing toward the ceiling and from there onto another wall, only to finally crash on the tatami on the opposite side of the very naked woman, who leisurely rolled on herself looking highly amused.

“Well now, that reaction is a new one.”

“W-w-wh-,” Shirou stuttered as he scrambled backward, waving a panicked finger at his bedfellow.

“Hm? What is it, boya? Out with it.”

“Why are you naked?” a red-faced Shirou managed to get out at last.

The woman’s grin faltered. “That’s your first question? Not who are you or what are you doing in my bed? That’s odd even for a Magus.”

“I already know. You are Shihōin Yoruichi.”

“Huh, so you already saw through that,” she said as she slowly rose from the futon, covers sliding over her smooth skin and exposing what was left to expose. Her long dark hair fell down along her back and the few strands that had covered her front she casually pushed away with the back of her hand. If that wasn’t enough, she proceeded to stretch her arms above her head, letting out a silent yawn.

Shirou’s eyes really threatened to burst out of his skull.

“Would you cover yourself already?”

Yoruichi glanced at him sideways, smacking her lips as she relaxed her body, evidently woefully unconcerned with her nudity. She put a hand on her hips, while the other arm dangled at her side, looking as casual as humanly possible.

After a moment, she took a step toward him and he pushed himself further against the wall.

“O-oi! Didn’t you hear?”

She kept advancing until she stood right in front of him, where she sat down unceremoniously, legs crossed loosely. The posture did nothing to hide anything, even less so when she leaned forward with a playful smile.

“I can hear just fine, brat. I can also see fine, and for all your appeals to modesty you have made zero efforts not to stare at my tits. Perv.”

Thus, as his face became red enough to self-combust, Emiya Shirou felt like crawling into a hole and die.

It was the first time in his life, but it would not be the last.

“Mwah ha ha ha!” Yoruichi laughed, wiping tears from her eyes.

She was still comfortably naked but Shirou could not see her, as he was sitting seiza, facing the wall and repenting for his crimes.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff, brat,” she condoned, laughter subsiding. “It’s not like you’ll wear out my body just by looking. Besides you got me out of a real tight spot last night. Only this much service is not really enough to pay you back for that.”

“I don’t need to be paid back anything.”

“Oh?” she wondered, moving from her seating position and crawling on all four to where Shirou had confined himself. He didn’t see her coming until her head poked into his field of vision next to his arms. “You sure about that? I wouldn’t mind letting you do something more than just looking.”

Her low voice was mellifluous, inviting, tempting. Sweet honey on dark chocolate. He firmly refused to meet her eyes and stubbornly started at the wall in front of him.

“Y-yeah. I’m sure.”

Yoruichi smile grew even further, whether amused or pleased, he didn’t know. She pulled away and resumed a sitting position.

“No wonder Saeko-chan took a liking to you.”

Shirou’s head whipped around so fast he inflicted himself 1 HP damage and another one when he hastily forced it back toward the wall.

“Ack! You know… You know Busujima-sensei?”

“Let’s just say that we’ve met,” she said noncommittally.

“Is that so? … Wait, how did you even know that I know her?”

“Well, if using the Busujima-style last night wasn’t enough of hint, the fact that you had her smell all over you was a dead giveaway.”

The blood that had just started draining from Shirou’s face rushed right back to it.

“About time she loosened up and got herself a toy-boy, though I didn’t think she liked them this young.”

“Please, don’t jump to conclusions,” he implored.

“Hm? I don’t care much about that. Age doesn’t necessarily reflect maturity. More so for those that dabble with the supernatural. Isn’t that right, Magus boy?”

“I-I suppose,” he conceded tentatively.

“Well then. As you already know I am Shihōin Yoruichi. Do I get to know the name of the guy who saved my life or are you going to play Mister Mistery Hero with me?”

“Ah!” he exclaimed, realizing that through this entire debacle he had not yet given her his name. “I’m Emiya Shirou. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

He bowed, although he was still sitting and facing the wall.

Yoruichi rolled her eyes. She put both hands on his shoulders, spun him around and forcibly shook his hand.

“Yo! Let’s get along nicely, Shirou.”

“Let’s. Now, would mind getting dressed, please?”

Yoruichi sighed good-naturedly. “You do realize I had no clothes with me to begin with, do you?”

Shirou blinked once and then palmed his face very, very hard, its echo drowned out by the sound of Yoruichi’s laughter.

At least, Shirou told himself, things couldn’t get any weirder or embarrassing than they already were. He couldn’t have been more mistaken if he tried.

“It’s a nice place you’ve got yourself here, Shirou,” Yoruichi declared as she strolled leisurely on the patio of the Emiya household, feet bare as the rest of her body.

She disregarded all of Shirou’s plea to put on something -anything at all – and declared that she’d take a look around the place. Shirou could only follow after her as she poked her head everywhere she pleased.

He could not comprehend her behavior. He momentarily likened it to Saeko’s but they were nowhere similar. Sure enough, they were both stunningly beautiful women but they were as different as night and day and it wasn’t just a matter of skin tone.

Whenever Saeko bared her body to him, it was a purposeful, measured act to get a reaction out of him. Yoruichi on the other hand was simply supremely confident in her own nakedness and cared little for what Shirou’s thought about it.

In fact, she completely ignored anything he said and proceeded to do exactly as she pleased. She was almost exactly… like… a cat.

For the second time in the span of a few minutes, Shirou palmed his face hard.

Yoruichi looked back at the source of the noise with a half-smile.

“Something patently obvious dawned upon you again?” she asked.

“Something like that,” he grumbled.

“So, you live in this huge place all by yourself?”

“What? Oh, yeah.”

“No relatives at all? Zero parental supervision?”

“My father passed away a couple of months ago,” he said evenly.

“… that’s rough,” she replied shortly. “Well, that’s not good. Just one person living in this big mansion is a complete waste.”

“Well, you are not wrong, but that’s how it is.”

“Right. I’m moving in then.”

“I see… -WHAT?”

She grinned at his flabbergasted expression. “I’ve got to lay low for a while somewhere until that mess blows over. Plus, I was looking for a place to stay in Fuyuki anyway. It’s a win-win.”

“Wait, wait, wait. You can’t just move into my house,” he protested vehemently.

“Why not? Have you got anything better to do with all this empty space?”

“I don’t but-”

“And I’ll make sure to keep you out of my problems as as well.”

Shirou’s frantic thought process ground to an halt and was suddenly his mind was clear of confusion. He had been completely swept up her overbearing character and he had momentarily forgotten that just the previous night someone had tried to kill her.

[NEW QUEST: Can I keep it please?]
[Objective: Accept Yoruichi request for shelter and deal with the consequences]
[Reward for failure: none – Reward for success: Lots of headaches, ?,?]

Of course a Quest Prompt would show up now and of course it had to be so damn cryptic. There would be no consequences for turning down Yoruichi, or at the very least none that his Gamer Eyes could divine.

Yet he had already found her once wounded and bleeding. Were his Gamer Eyes all knowing all seeing, after all? That was one thing that always troubled Shirou. The Mystic Eyes of Game Perception knew or read things that Shirou himself didn’t know, like the names of the people in his field of vision. Where did that information come from? What about Quests objectives and rewards?

Going on with the assumption that his eyes saw everything there was to see was a risky proposition.

[+1 INT for thinking things through]

 ‘Fuck,’ he swore inwardly. Pointless musings did not mete out INT rewards. Like any other STAT increase, they came from successfully clearing a relevant challenge.

He looked up at the Quest Prompt again.

[NEW QUEST: Can I keep it please?]
[Objective: Accept Yoruichi request for shelter and deal with the consequences]
[Reward for failure: ? – Reward for success: Lots of headaches, ?, ?]

It had changed! The consequences for turning down Yoruichi were no longer none but had become an unknown instead. Just like Saeko’s quest had no option for refusal because to Shirou himself refusing wasn’t possible. Now that his perception had changed so had the Quest Prompt.

Careless. He was being way too careless with an ability that he did not fully understand yet. He was lucky to have realized his own blindness before he let something bad happen.

“Are you still with me?” she asked as he had fallen silent all of a sudden.

“Yes. Sorry, I just recalled something important. Fine, you can stay but we’re gonna have a talk first.”

“Huh?” She blinked in surprise. “Just like that? I thought you’d be harder to convince. Even though you are a little pervert, you really strike me as the uptight sort.”

“I don’t think that an exhibitionist has any right to call anyone a pervert,” he replied with a deadpan glare, even though he had yet to stop blushing at her naked form. “Anyway, I’d like to ask some questions first.”

She crossed her arms across her chest. Shirou did not acknowledge the way such gesture pushed up her breasts in any outward manner. That was no accomplishment on his part. His face just couldn’t get any more flushed that it already was.

“Questions and I don’t really get along,” she replied sounding as miffed as she suddenly looked.

“Just one, then.”

“Just one,” she agreed, glancing at him sideways. “What is it?”

“How likely is that those people would harm bystanders to get at you?”

“… that is what you want to know above all?” Yoruichi asked back, disbelief evident in her voice.

“Yes. Why?”

“No, nothing. Anyway, no more and no less than anyone affiliated with the Moonlit World would. Unless they get in the way like you did last night, they’d rather sneak past ordinary people than harm them.”

Not indiscriminate murderers then. Shirou was satisfied with that much.

“Alright. I’ll set up a room for you in the detached building over there,” he jerked his thumb at the aforementioned building.

“Hold up, are you sure it’s fine just like that? You are not going to ask what I did to have people trying to kill me?”

“If you wanted me to know, you’d have told me by now, and if I had asked you’d have just evaded the question anyway.”

“I’m not saying that you’re wrong about that, but what makes you think I wouldn’t just make up a story instead?”

“Would you even bother?”

Yoruichi sighed. “To be seen through so easily after all this time… You really got sharp eyes, Shirou.”

He shrugged. “The Moonlit World isn’t a place you can live in without paying attention to the details.”

“I thought I already gave you enough details to pay attention to.” Shirou’s eyebrow twitched. His evident annoyance was offset by the color of his face. “Anyway, I thought you’d ask about my cat form, at the very least.”

“Yeah, I’m curious about that, but it seems like a very personal thing to ask. If you want to tell me though, I’m all ears.”

“You’re putting a whole lot of trust in someone you just met,” she remarked.

Shirou frowned at her. A woman confident with being naked front of him in his own home had problem processing his hospitality?

“You are not used to the kindness of strangers, are you?” he blurted out almost randomly.

Yoruichi made a complicated expression. Amused, yet bashful.

“To think that I’d meet a guy that couldn’t be satisfied by looking at my naked body but would want to reach even deeper. How greedy of you, Shirou.”

Shirou was so taken aback by the sudden vulnerability in her voice that he completely missed her double entendre. Clearly this woman had no problems exposing her body, but the same could not be said about

her heart.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to offend.”

“It’s not…” she trailed off and then sighed. “Gee, we sure are an odd pair.”

“Seems like it,” Shirou agreed.

They lapsed into silence. Awkward, yet not uncomfortable.

If waking up to a naked beauty who the previous night was a cat wasn’t surreal enough, here they were, two almost-strangers having threaded onto sensitive topics almost by accidents.

“Looks like I have been careless, though,” she said after a while. “I simply thought that Saeko-chan liked ’em young, but you actually charmed off her panties on your own, huh?”

And just like that, the magic was gone.

Embarrassment renewed, Shirou palmed his face for the third time in a row.

“Oh? What have you figured out this time?”

“That you are the kind of woman that’s always going to have the last word no matter what, and trying to change that will only make me more miserable.”

She ruffled his hair playfully. “Keep it up and we’re going to get along just fine.”

As the first of the promised headaches started to onset, Shirou wondered whether or not going along with this woman would be a good thing at all.

It wouldn’t be the last time he’d ask himself that.


In the following days, Yoruichi moved in Shirou’s place seamlessly, though perhaps moving in was too big of a word as she did not seem to own a single thing, least of all clothing. At least he had basic toiletries to spare for her.

However, after the first tumultuous morning it was almost like she wasn’t there at all.

She didn’t show up for meals, fortunately, since Taiga would be there too and Shirou wasn’t looking forward to explaining Yoruichi’s presence to his foster sister.

She did however accept any snack he came bearing but sometimes stuff disappeared mysteriously from the fridge. Shirou didn’t bother asking if it had been her doing since she’d just admit it and keep doing it anyway.

He gave her a room in the detached building, but to the best of his knowledge she never used it. During the day she would laze around the house, napping under the sunlight on the patio in her cat form, or tanning on the roof in her human form.

At night, however, she was nowhere to be found. Shirou excluded that she would hide from him specifically at that time, so he assumed that she went about her business under the cover of the darkness.

He would see her again infallibly every morning. In his room. She would either be on top of the covers as a cat or underneath them as a human.

That made waking up a very awkward experience.

At the very least, Yoruichi didn’t call him out or tease him about his evident arousal. In any event, Shirou couldn’t decide whether waking up with her arms and legs wrapped around him was heaven or hell.

It took Shirou every bit of his Magus discipline not to act on the instincts he was becoming more and more familiar with, not in small part because of Saeko’s sweet punishments.

Between the two women, Shirou’s head was filled by lewd thoughts almost all day long. To make matter worse, he finally found the downside of having a [Gamer Body]. There was no separation between ordinary and sexual stamina, therefore as long as he had even just one ST point left in his system, his arousal would manifest full-force. Moreover, his stamina was already beyond what he consumed during the day with the exception of when he trained with Saeko. Although, to be completely honest, it wasn’t the training that drained most of his stamina.

In any event, he was extremely troubled. Anyone else would have lost themselves to hedonism, but Shirou was far too dedicated in helping others to spend hours on end to relieve himself.

Still, once everything was said and done at the end of the day, in order to manage to fall asleep, Shirou had to empty his stamina or it would take him a very long time before he managed to close his eyes for good.

However, once again the Gamer Body showed exactly how double-edged it was, considering that during one of such “stamina-draning” sessions a message prompt showed up.

[Sexual Interaction has reached LV 8]

Even though his mind was half-blank from the self-imposed climax, Shirou still grimaced. It seemed like nothing was safe from the power of the Gamer Eyes and Body.

Still, leveling up a skill, how bad could it be?

“Hnn..!” Saeko stifled a moan as yet another orgasm shook her. It was her third that day. The second since they moved from foreplay to full intercourse.

It had been already three weeks since the two of them had started this immoral relationship. Three weeks since she had been saved. Three weeks since she had been liberated.

Almost a month. More than enough time to get used to something. At the very least, more than enough for the novelty to wear off, to lose its luster.

It wasn’t the case. Rather than diminishing, it had become more intense. Both of them had come accustomed with the act, losing the initial awkwardness and thus becoming able to enjoy themselves more.

However, a disparity was starting to form between them.

Shirou was lasting longer and getting better at it each time. It took Saeko a great deal of willpower to maintain her composure while Shirou kept thrusting inside her even though she had already climaxed twice while he still hadn’t.

It didn’t help her that his troubled face as he lost the battle against instinct was so adorable. It made her want to torment him more and more with her body, even though she was the one whose consciousness was being eroded faster.

If he kept improving like that before long she wouldn’t be able to resist him, much less punish him.

‘Fuh uh uh,’ she chuckled in her head. ‘It looks like that even this will turn into a battle between us, after all.’

To think that he would end up rousing her fighting spirit and her lust at the same time…

She had already admitted it, but she was being forced to acknowledge it yet again. Emiya Shirou was truly something else. Even if she’d end up losing to him, she probably wouldn’t mind. However, she wasn’t willing to give up the upper hand just yet.

Little did she know that the greater the difficulty level, the faster Shirou would progress. Still, it wasn’t like she’d regret it either if it would end up backfiring on her.

[LV 25 – 1300/20000]
[HP: 2500][MP: 35][MC: 27][ST: 810 ][SP: 10]
[STR: 41][DEX: 42][INT: 22][WIS: 31][CHR: 77]


Time passed, without anything worthy of notice happening. Shirou kept grinding his STATS, doing simple Quests around town and fighting undeads on top of the mountains during the full moon.

Destroying those manifestations of malice net him more experience points in a single night than several weeks of doing quests in town. On that night his level had reached 25 and he finally maxed out the Busujima style of swordplay.

At dawn, after he and Saeko returned to her place, she gave him his graduation present.

“Here, you can have this, Shirou,” she said as she offered him a long-shaped object wrapped in white cloth.

Shirou received it with both hands and unfurled the satchel, exposing the hilt of an elegant-looking katana.

[Description: A blade passed down the Busujima family since time immemorial. The one wielding it is recognized as the next head of the clan. After being used for generations to cleanse the souls of the damned, it has achieved an affinity against the supernatural]
[DMG against supernatural entities x1.5]

“Sensei, this is…”

“That sword is called Shisui. It was my father’s blade and his father’s before him. It belonged the Busujima family since the foundation of our clan.”

Shirou knew that. His Sword affinity had already told him as much. He also understood what receiving the sword meant.

– Become my family –

 “I cannot accept it,” he said, returning it back to her.

“I knew you would have said that, but may I ask you why all the same?”

“I have made a promise to my late father. To become an ally of justice. A hero that can save everyone.”

He said it completely seriously. It might have sounded like a childish dream, particularly coming from a kid his age.

Saeko did not laugh, though. Had anyone else said it, she would have thought it silly, but a woman who had already been saved by him didn’t have that right.

She would not belittle his dream, but she would not lie about it either.

“Such a thing is unattainable, Shirou.”

“Yeah, I know that already,” he replied without missing a beat.

“Then, why?”

“Because I think it’s beautiful. Even if it’s something that cannot be reached, it’s still something that’s worth pursuing.”

“To live for an ideal.”

“Yes,” he nodded solemnly.

“You never cease to amaze me, you know that?” Saeko smiled.

“I’d hate to become a man you would consider mediocre, Saeko.”

Saeko’s face blushed prettily. “Now, now, Shirou. Saying something like that after rejecting me it’s just mean.”

“Sorry,” he scratched his cheek, looking away. Sometimes words escaped his mouth before he could think them through as result of his high charisma and wisdom. Still, he did not regret it. Saeko’s blushing face was very charming.

“It’s fine,” she shook her head. “And it’s also fine for you to keep that sword.”


“Father wouldn’t have wanted for it to be left to rust, and I believe he wouldn’t have found fault in the man I chose to wield it either.”

“I’m honored.”

“I ask only one favor in return for it.”

“What is it?” he asked eagerly. If he could, he’d repay her in any way.

Saeko smiled mischievously and leaned forward to whisper in his ear.

Shirou’s jaw slackened as he processed her words, face paling at first, then reddening rapidly and lastly settling in a resolute frown.

“I definitely will!”

Saeko smiled and kissed his lips sweetly.

Emiya Shirou had long since chosen to live for the sake of helping others, regardless of the hurdles that would come his way. Nonetheless…

– When you’ve become a hero, help me rebuild my clan. –

 … some promises he was looking forward to fulfill more than others.

[You have slept in a bed. HP, ST and MP completely restored]

 “You’ve gotten stronger. Much stronger than yesterday.”

That’s what Yoruichi said when he opened his eyes in his bed the next morning. She was on all four, limbs tense, like a cat in human form would. Her butt was sticking up in the air and her breasts dangled in his vision.

It would have been a powerfully erotic image, except it was anything but.

The intensity of her gaze was unsettling to the point that Shirou forgot all about her nakedness and their position.

He was being scrutinized, measured, judged.

“Cliche as it may sound, I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he admitted.

Her eyes narrowed. “Don’t play coy with me. I’m very good at telling people’s strength and you’ve gotten much more powerful than yesterday. I would say About 25% stronger.”

‘Whoa. Accurate,’ he thought as he recalled going from level 20 to 25 in the course of fighting undeads the previous night.

“Your point being?” he asked.

“No one can improve that much overnight. Even Magecraft cannot provide permanent increments in power like that.”

“True, but I still don’t see your point. You are accusing me of something, but I don’t know what. If you’d stop speaking in riddles maybe I could understand what I might have done to upset you.”

“No need for words.”

Yoruichi threw off the covers of the futon. Shirou had no time to move that she pinned him down by the neck. Yoruichi other hand went for his chest and ripped open the shirt of his pajama, only to stop at the sight of his unblemished chest.

“… no hole. Why?”

“I think… I’d have noticed if there had been a hole somewhere on my chest, Yoruichi-san.”

Her eyes returned to his, still scrutinizing yet uncertain.

“How have you become so much stronger all of a sudden?” she demanded to know.

“I have my own secrets, you know? You don’t see me prodding at yours, so kindly return the favor.”

She tightened the hold around his neck. “Have you killed Saeko-chan?”

“… Hah? What? No! What are you talking about?”

“There is no way for power to be created from nothing,” Yoruichi explained while searching his eyes for something. “But it is possible to take somebody else’s strength for oneselves.”

“What? That’s ridiculous. How would anyone go about doing something like that?”

“By killing them and devouring their soul.”

Shirou’s eyes narrowed and his face morphed into a snarl.

“Are you saying that there’s people who would do something like that?”

“Obviously. Which leaves me with quite the conundrum seeing a kid, who on top of being stronger than he has any right to be, suddenly got even stronger in the span of a few hours.”

“I’d never do something like that.”

“Yes, I think so too,” she nodded, finally releasing the grip on his neck. “If you were the type of person who would do something of the sort, you would have tried to devour me already.”

“… That’s why you were clinging to me every night,” he realized. “You were baiting me.”

She nodded. “No Hollow would miss the chance to consume someone who is several times stronger than themselves. Not if they stumble upon them while defenseless.”


“The name given to those who consume other people’s souls to steal their abilities and lifespan.”

Shirou squirmed as she wiggled away from underneath Yoruichi. “I’ve never heard about them before.”

“Unsurprisingly. Unlike beings such as Dead Apostles, they aren’t territorials and don’t kill just anyone. They only pick those with enough strength that they would benefit from it.” she explained. “They also don’t act as an organized group. In fact, I doubt most of them know who the others are.”

“So, you thought I was one of them,” he concluded.

“Indeed. You are far too strong for how young you look, but that would only be normal if you had slowed down your aging process by consuming human souls.”

“You’ve suspected me from the start?” he asked.

“I was almost sure you were Hollow the moment we met, but instead of eating me right there and then, you protected me and that threw me for a loop. Hollows can be some very twisted individuals though so I figured you were the type who’d play with his food first. Yet you rejected all of my advances and never took advantage of any opening I’ve left on purpose. That worked in your favor, I admit, but you had no background prior to the fire from five years ago. Pretty convenient for someone who’s not aging, isn’t it? In addition your foster father, the famed Magus Killer died from an undiagnosed illness and you, who are not related by blood and thus shouldn’t have been able to inherit his Magecraft are a Magus yourself.”

“You thought I ate Kiritsugu’s soul?” he asked in shock. Then he registered what else she had said. “Hold up, Magus Killer?”

“You didn’t know?” she tilted her head. “Your dad was pretty infamous in our circles.”

“Dad was… he didn’t want to teach me Magecraft at first and he didn’t talk much about his past either.”

She shrugged, uninterested about his personal drama. “I was really confused about you. Everything pointed at you being Hollow, but your behavior was completely wrong for one. Attending school diligently every day, putting up with that nutjob of your guardian, spending days helping out people around town with no evident benefit -”

“You have been following me?” He hadn’t noticed it, even with his [Detect Presence] and [Sense the Unnatural]. How good was she?

“- so I was about to consider you a mere abnormality,” she continued, “but then your returned home with a power boost that only being Hollow could explain.”

“So, why do you think I’m not?”

She tapped his bare chest with a slender finger. “After they consume a human soul, a hole appears on the Hollow’s chest. It’s why they are called such in the first place. After a few weeks, it disappears, but it’s impossible to conceal right away. I thought I had you, but there’s no hole.”

“I’d say. I would never do something like that.”

“Hm. That’s what I would have liked to think too,” she nodded. “But then, how are you like this?”

“I have a special constitution,” he explained trying to remain vague. “Unlike ordinary humans who need time for their physical strength to grow, I’m only bound by the amount of effort I put in regardless of time.”

That was what sold his particular brand of Mystic Eyes. Humans couldn’t get stronger just by investing effort. They needed proper nourishment and proper rest. The Gamer Body bypassed it entirely and made getting stronger just a matter of grinding or leveling up. If a normal human tried it, forget about getting stronger, they would hurt themselves instead. It was only in shounen manga and videogames that one could get stronger by training like a madman day and night. No wonder Yoruichi who could tell people strength apart had suspected him of being one of those people who cannibalized human souls.

“Huh-uh. Sounds like bullshit.”

“Also, my Element and Origin are both Sword,” he admitted begrudgingly, hoping that it would be enough an explanation for her. He’d rather not speak of the Gamer Eyes.

Yoruichi blinked. “Well, that would go a long way to explain things. You are a little sword prodigy, ain’tcha?”

“Something like that. Those people the other night, were they Hollows?”

“Who, those chumps?” she laughed. “As if. Their grudges had nothing to do with my job as a Shinigami.”

“Shinigami? Death God?”

“Lofty title, huh?” she shrugged. “That’s what Hollows call us. Those who bring them the death they have cheated. We’re just glorified sweepers, though.”

“So, who were they?”

“Let’s just say that my people aren’t above squabbling among themselves. I got a friend out of a spot of trouble with the law, so to speak, and got myself exiled from my clan in return. Some people decided that lacking the protection of my family gave them the opportunity to settle some old grudges without reprisal and they found me right after I got out of a fight against a very tough Hollow. That’s as much as I’m willing to share about the matter.”

“Well, alright. As long as you’re sure you can handle it yourself, I won’t pry. That being said, would you mind telling me what you know about my father?”

“Sure, it’s not like I knew him personally anyway.”

“Also, get some damn clothes on now that you’re done trying to tempt me.”

“Who said anything about being done?” she snorted. “I still enjoy messing with you.”

“Yeah. I had figured that part on my own, thanks,” he sighed. Of course, why did he expect any different from her at this point? This was a woman who did precisely everything she wanted. Shirou had no doubt in his mind that helping a fugitive from the law had been just an excuse for her clan to finally throw her out. Knowing her, they had been probably as vexed with her as he was right then.

Unaware of his thoughts, Yoruichi kept smiling at his obvious discomfort.

At least, he’d get to know more about Kiritsugu. He supposed it was a small price to pay for that.

Fate/Gamer Night – SE 007

[LV 20- 100/20000]
[HP: 2000][MP: 35][MC: 27][ST: 760 ][SP: 5]
[STR: 37][DEX: 39][INT: 21][WIS: 31][CHR: 77]

Taiga made her way to the Emiya household as she did just about every morning. Shirou had been away all weekend so she didn’t get to eat over at his place. In her book, that was unforgivable. Granted, he might have been a budding sword-prodigy but if there was one thing that Taiga respected more than that was his skill at the stove. The boy could cook better than the average housewife and certainly better than Taiga or anyone at her place could.

It was perfectly fine if he wanted to polish his ability with the sword, but that didn’t mean she had to go hungry. Today she would have him prepare all of her favorite dishes as apology.

She let herself in without bothering to knock. As his legal guardian it was her duty to come over unannounced and watch that he wouldn’t be up to mischief. Not that she worried about something like that. Shirou was more responsible than she had ever been and for all her faults, Taiga did take her responsibilities very seriously despite of her lackadaisical attitude.

But still, as his de-facto big sister, it was her duty to swoop in when he’d least expected her, hoping to catch him in an embarrassing situation that she could use exploit to blackmail even more food out of him.

A responsible adult, ladies and gentlemen.

Of course, being early in the morning, he was probably working out in the dojo, so she made her way there with light footsteps.

However once there, she found a person she didn’t know instead of her charge. A redhead stranger was holding one of Shirou’s wooden swords and was going through some elaborate motions with exceptional fluidity.

There was an intensity about the way he performed the kata that was almost hypnotic. Taiga could not stop staring in sheer admiration. This could no longer be called swordsmanship. It was an art form.

Who was this guy? There was something striking familiar about it but she couldn’t quite place him. Then it suddenly clicked in her mind and she called out.


He stopped in his tracks. As he turned around, her heart was caught in her throat. Eyes of a stunning gold pierced through her and she stood rooted on the spot.

“Taiga? You’re early. Sorry, but breakfast isn’t going to be ready for a while. … Taiga, are you alright?”

“Wha-? Oh, yes. Yes, I’m perfectly fine. Ah-hahaha,” she laughed awkwardly. How could she have mistaken Shirou of all people for someone else? “Anyway, Shirou, did you do something with your hair?”

“What? No.”

“Hmm. There is something different about you. Have you grown taller maybe?”

“I don’t think I could have grown any noticeable amount in a couple of days,” he deadpanned. “What brought this up?”

“Nothing. You just look different somehow. Must be my imagination.”

“Probably. God knows you do have wild one.”

“I didn’t raise you to be this cheeky, Shirou,” she stomped her feet.

“I could argue that you didn’t raise me at all, but we have already agreed on your imagination being out of control, so why bother?”

“Mooou! Shirou! Is that how you treat your big sis after you went off gallivanting for two whole days? This is a penalty! Penalty!”

“I get it. I get it,” he sighed in obvious resignation. “Double serving of your favorite dishes today.”

“Yes!” Taiga cheered. “My master plan was a success.”

“Congratulations,” Shirou replied with evident sarcasm. “Now go sit in the living room while I take a bath. Then we’ll see about feeding the tiger before it goes feral.”

“DON’T CALL ME A TIGER!” she roared, but of course that did not help her case at all.

Shirou just laughed and went about getting himself clean.

While Shirou was in the bathroom, Taiga sat in the living room as instructed, pondering about the recent developments.

Something had to have happened with Shirou, but she didn’t know what. He was different somehow, although there was nothing different about him on the outside.

She had known him for years now and she had watched him grow. From the beginning he was outstanding among his age group, but after Kiritsugu’s death it was like he had started running at full speed toward adulthood and she wasn’t referring to his physical growth, although he seemed to fare quite well in that department as well.

She was thinking of his demeanor. Everything about him was not as a boy of ten year should be, from the way he moved and how he carried himself to the way he talked.

He oozed some kind of quiet confidence and when he spoke his voice was smooth and velvet-soft in spite of still being obviously childish. She had watched him closely and even when he did something as mundane as walking it was like he was gliding.

Taiga had some old friends who did ballet, and none of them had as much grace after years of training as Shirou exhibited with every single action.

It was like someone had taken some warrior-king from an old legend and squeezed him into the body of a ten years old boy.

In any event, something had to have happened to him, because if it hadn’t, if it was just another of her flight of fancy, then it would mean that this growing attraction she harbored for him was because she was some kind of deviant.

No… whether or not Shirou was different didn’t change the fact that she had these kind of twisted feelings for him in the first place. Of course she would never act upon them, but they were still present.

Now, what was she supposed to do with them?

Shirou sat into the bathtub, soaking in the pleasantly hot water, while his mind wandered.

He had only barely grown used to his Gamer ability and already he had experienced something that he never even thought of before.

He was thinking, of course, about his first sexual experience. To be honest, until that night Shirou hadn’t even entertained the thought of being intimate with a woman, simply because he had yet to reach that age at which such thoughts would come forth spontaneously.

However, now that he had a taste of the forbidden fruit, every time that he wasn’t engaged in a mentally challenging activity he would inevitably return to those moments with his mind.

It was annoying because he no longer needed focusing to perform any complex task. Anything that was within within his already established [Skills] required only to consume the necessary attribute (if there were any) to be performed successfully, unless they came with a probability of failure in which case focus increased his chances to be successful. As of that moment only the act of making [Never Circuits] in combat fell into that category.

In short, he had been thinking about sex ever since, with obvious effects on his anatomy.

How was he supposed to deal with something like this?

Unfortunately, Shirou had yet to be introduced to one of the most basic survival skills for any healthy young male: masturbation. Having skipped straight to third base, he had completely missed the progressive exploration of his own sexuality and he was therefore lost as to how to behave in regard.

He didn’t dare look it up in a book somewhere, least he caused eyebrows to be raised and consequently drawing attention to his unorthodox lifestyle. He didn’t even have any adult figure to ask for information and Taiga most certainly did not qualify as one. It didn’t cross his mind to check the web for informations either. Shirou wasn’t as bad with modern technology as other Magi were, but he never developed much interest in that specific branch of it either.

In short, he was stuck suffering with a near-permanent hard on. Fortunately his preference for slightly baggy clothes helped conceal his predicament and his mental fortitude helped him ignore the discomfort as well, but it was still a pain in the ass.

After trying to figure out the problem with Saeko, Shirou thought that going back to school would be a simple and straightforward endeavor. He was so very painful mistaken.

Everywhere he went, throngs of girls followed. Shirou harbored little illusion that it wasn’t because of his high [CHR], but what was he supposed to do about it? As far as he knew, it was mandatory to have high charisma in order to unlock the most complex [Quests], since he suffered a penalty because of his young age. Charisma was willpower mixed with the outward projection of a positive self-image, which made him appear reliable and attractive.

How people decided to react to that was entirely up to them. In the case of girls his age, that meant stolen glances and relentless whispering. He was also fairly sure that the only reason why no one tried to make a move on him yet was that they would be ostracized by the rest of them.

Girls were scary, no doubt about that. Ultimately, it was something he could put up with, so he didn’t bother doing anything about it.

Eventually, it came again the day for Shirou to go over at the dojo for his usual training. He still had to break through the Master level in the Busujima-style, after which he could just come over once a month during the full moon to fight undead and make experience faster than with repeatable [Quests]. Not that he had stopped doing those. Helping people was his life mission after all. Rewards weren’t necessary.

He found her already waiting in her dojo, wearing her usual school uniform.

“Hello, Shirou,” she greeted with a smile. Her voice was warm and her face devoid of the tension he had come to associate with her as of late.

“Thank you for having me again, sensei.”

Saeko snorted softly. “Still polite as ever, aren’t you? Nevermind, I like that side of you.”

“Uhm… thank you?” he fidgeted, blushing lightly and she chuckled in response.

“Honestly, Shirou, if you don’t stop being this cute I’ll have to skip training and eat you up right away.”

“Err… what?”

“Hm?” she tilted her head to the side. “What? Did you perhaps think it was a one-time thing? Tch, tch, tch, Shirou. After you said that it was fine for me to be the way I am, I told you I would have you take responsibility for it. You better take good care of me from now on.”

Shirou looked taken aback, but then his face morphed into one of utter resolve.

“Yeah. You can count on me.”

Saeko sighed. “What did I just say about being too cute, Shirou?”

“Huuuh… I’m sorry?”

She shook her head.

“Honestly, it seems like words just won’t cut it with you. Lesson number one, Shirou. With me, things such as apologies are useless. Now, it seems that you owe me a good fight and after we are done with that, I’ll see to your proper punishment.”

Shirou swallowed loudly, but nodded all the same. He wasn’t quite sure what he dreaded more, the fight or the punishment. He knew, however, which one he was looking forward to the most.

After he was done with his training session (read: fending off against a Saeko no-hold-barred), they moved to her home, where she proceeded to take a bath first.

Shirou was torn between elation and disappointment when she didn’t invite him to join her. The latter was further reinforced when she stepped out wearing with her white yukata which clung to her gorgeous wet body like a second skin. She seemed very smug about the way he ate her with his eyes, but only motioned for him to have a turn in the bath himself and moved right along.

Shirou bathed expecting her to come in at any minute, like the last time, but there was no trace of her.

A bit sour and a bit guilty over his misplaced expectations, he dried himself and left the bathroom.

“Sensei?” There was no answer. “… Saeko?” the tried.

“Over here, Shirou,” her voice called from the end of the corridor. That where her room was. He made his way over there and knocked before letting himself in.

Still wearing the white yukata, Saeko was sitting seiza in the middle of the room, with a small book in her lap. She motioned for him to come closer and he did so by sitting in a similar fashion in front of her. This close flowery scent of her skin was highly intoxication.

“So…,” he started.

“So, for your punishment, Shirou,” she said closing the book with a soft thump, “I was thinking of making you give me a massage.”

“… a massage?” he asked after a second, not sure of having heard right. Was something like a massage even a punishment? “I don’t have any experience with that.”

“It’s okay. I’m sure you will learn fast.”

“Well, if you are okay with that, sure,” he agreed.

“Great!” she smiled and promptly unfastened the belt of her yukata, smoothly sliding it off her shoulders and thus baring her bountiful breasts in the process. She barely gave the flabbergasted boy a chance to look at them that she turned her body around to lay on her stomach with purposeful slowness so to give him a perfect view of her ass and legs, as well as the core of her womanhood.

Shirou was utterly dumbstruck but his young member had stood up at attention right away, twitching expectantly.

“Well?” she purred. “We don’t have much time.”

“A-alright,” he managed to stutter. “Where do I start?”

“Hmm. Start with the shoulders and work your way down… slowly.”

He nodded and took a seat at her side, kneading her shoulder with his small hands. The last time they had been naked together, Shirou hadn’t had the chance to have a good look at her whole body, but now he had a perfect view of her entire rear.

Her back was slender as expected, with a hint of toned muscles underneath porcelain skin. It narrowed down as it approached her waist, only for it to broaden once again as her curves gave shape to her feminine hips and her glorious bottom.

The desire to touch her there was overwhelming and only through sheer mental fortitude he managed to keep up with the task. Of course, his dick was rock hard and twitched as if to express disapproval with his lack of appropriate action. He tried to kept it hidden but the tent in his lap was unmistakable.

As he rubbed her skin, Saeko hummed in approval and she continued doing so until Shirou stopped at her waist.

“What is it?” she asked.

“I’ve -uh- finished?”

“Hmm. I don’t think so. Keep going further down.”


“Now, Shirou.”

He gulped and nodded, moving his hands to knead the flesh of her toned ass. His finger squeezed the flesh of her buttocks, softly at first and then progressively harder as his desire grew.

Unseen by him as he was entirely focused on that part of her anatomy, Saeko bit her lip and suppressed a moan. Shirou was moving his hands in a circle, spreading her lower cheeks open and close, over and over again. She could feel herself getting wet between the legs but she wanted to torment him a bit further.

“How about you change position? Straddle my legs and keep going as you were.”

“I’m not sure I can…”

“Shirou, Shirou, Shirou,” she chided. “This is your punishment, remember? Do as you are told. Do remove your clothes as well. It’s not fair that I’m the only one unclothed here.”

He nodded and removed his yukata as well. His face was completely red as his erection was now completely exposed, but Saeko didn’t comment. She just smiled and licked her lips.

Shirou sat on her thighs, straddling her legs and returning to his previous activity. His mouth was dry like the desert. From this angle he could see every inch of her most private places and they were absolutely lovely.

Her pussy was moist with arousal, although Shirou didn’t know whether it was because of his massage, from ordering him around or both.

“Alright, that will be enough of that,” she said after a moment. “Work your way up again.”

A bit disappointed, Shirou dutifully obeyed, shifting his ministration upward. Eventually, as his body was shorter than hers, he had to move forward with his entire body. “Alright, focus on that spot,” she said at one point. Again, Shirou obeyed and only a moment later he realized that the tip of his cock was now pushing against her butt.

“What is it? Why did you stop?”

“N-nothing,” he stuttered as he resumed rubbing her shoulders. Now, every time he pushed his hands against her back his dick would also rub against the smooth skin of her ass creating a delicious friction.

Despite having a self-control that belied his age, it didn’t take long before instinct prevailed and his hips gave a sharp thrust forward.

He and Saeko held back a moan, both pretending nothing had happened. The former out of shame and embarrassment, the latter because she wanted to lure him further. Shirou kept massaging her back, but now his dick was laying perfectly on the crack of her butt and every motion of his upper body caused him to rub his length against her smooth skin.

Eventually, almost without noticing, the movement of his hands slowed down and that of his hips picked up.

Saeko bit her lip, clutching the futon with her hands. She hadn’t planned the entire event. She only decided to embarrass and dominate him a little, knowing that in spite of what had already transpired between them, he would not go an inch further that she allowed him. This was the power her beauty had on him. Enough to make him lose control to the point that he would use her ass to please himself.

She would have punished him for this transgression if she hadn’t been so busy contemplating how he made her feel. Dirty and beautiful all at once. Indeed this was why she loved him, because he could let her relish in her own depravity without ever being anything less than splendid in his eyes.

Or perhaps she was simply mad for laying with a child-man as he was, but if that was how madness felt she could understand why some people were so happy to embrace it.

These contemplations were interrupted by Shirou’s soft gasp. Both of them had failed to predict the obvious results of letting the situation run its course to its natural conclusion, but Shirou could see them clearly now, white on pink across his teacher’s back, just as she could feel them, wet and searing hot against her skin.

She turned to look at him, eyes fluttering and cheeks red in drunken lust.

“I’m sorry Sensei. I didn’t mean to-”

“Shirou,” she said with voice that was both firm and sultry. “I see that you have a hunger for punishment, haven’t you?”

“I… yes, Sensei.”

There was no eagerness in his voice, no matter what anyone would say.

Shirou nearly missed the last bus home as they lost the track of time, busy as they were doling out and receiving punishment. Shirou felt a little bit ashamed of himself. He usually stood up for himself but when it came to Saeko, he was basically putty in her hands.

Through the course of their love-making, his [Sexual Interaction] skill had reached level 4, which made him last somewhat longer and led to Saeko taking more time to punish him to her heart’s content, which caused him to nearly missing his ride back home.

Shirou was mildly sure that he wouldn’t have survived spending the night at Saeko’s place and not because of the restless ghosts that haunted the mountain.

Still, he thought that if he’d have to die one day, he wouldn’t mind if it was because of something like that.

On the trip back to Fuyuki, he did his best not to indulge in thoughts of Saeko’s luscious form, but it took an intense effort on his part.

Eventually, when the bus dropped him at the outskirt of the city, it was too late for any other ride to commute to the residential district where he lived, on the other side of town. He decided to walk, seeing as how he needed little to sleep with his Gamer Body.

The night over Fuyuki was cool and pleasant and as he made his way home, fewer people and cars could be seen passing by.

Eventually, he reached the riverside park and from there the stairs that climbed the bridge over the river.

The walkway was almost completely empty even during the day and it was a pretty desolate place all around. Hanging a dozen meters below the street level, the infrequent cars failed to cast any light over it. Only the waxing moon provided any amount of light and even with that Shirou almost didn’t see the figure ahead of him.

That is, if he couldn’t see the name floating above its form clear as a day.

[Shihōin Yoruichi]
[Lv. ?]

Someone whose level was much higher than his own had appeared. That alone wouldn’t trouble Shirou overly much, if not for the fact that it wasn’t a human, but rather a cat.

A black cat, to be more precise. It was lying on on the ground, blood dripping from a gash on its side.

Putting away any reservation about this creature disproportionate power, Shrou stepped forward and kneeled by its side.

“What happened to you?” he murmured. He wasn’t a forensic expert by any stretch of the imagination, but the wound was clearly a cut, done by a blade of some kind.

A wounded animal wouldn’t be so nonchalant about being approached no matter how used to humans they were. If that wasn’t enough, Shirou knew that this creature was something close to a human level of intelligence when their eyes met.

It had a calm, inquisitive gaze. It was screening him as if to judge his worth, while Shirou took out a spare shirt from his backpack and ripped it to create a makeshift bandage.

“I’m going to stop the bleeding,” he explained. “Please bear with the pain.”

The cat kept staring at him without fussing, while Shirou delicately wrapped the newly made bandages around its body. He had only about finished when he heard a muffled thump behind him.

A huge man stood some dozen meters away, face hidden under a hood, seemingly having appeared out of nowhere. His arms were exposed though, and they were each about the size of Shirou’s torso.

[Wei Kang]
[Lv. 30]


Somehow, Shirou knew, this guy was trouble. He got further confirmation when he heard more thumps and looked the other way. From the bridge above, several figures jumped onto the walkway, landing gracefully, whereas an ordinary human would have broken several bones, if they were lucky.

Each and every one of them was at least level 20, all bearing the Wei family name.

So, here he was, on a narrow walkway suspended several dozen meter above a river, in the dead of night, with some wounded super-powered cat in his arms and surrounded by shady figures.

“Yoruichi Shihōin,” the first man, Kang, said with obvious glee in his voice. “It is my fortune that I was the one to find you in this conditions. Bringing back your head will make me a very rich man.”

“Brother, what about the kid?” another one asked. Shirou felt Kang’s eyes shift from the cat in his arms to his face.

“Collateral damage,” he said shortly. “Now bring her to me.”

Shirou didn’t like getting into a fight without knowing the circumstances, but since that guy said that a random kid on the street was just collateral damage without even being contrived about it, Shirou at least knew who the bad guy were.

He reached that conclusion in a split second, just as two of the Wei people dashed at him.

“Apologies,” he said to the cat. “It’s gonna get a bit bumpy.”

He kicked the ground, where he had dropped his bokuto, next to his backpack. The wooden sword came flying up and he caught it in mid air. There was a brief flicker of surprise in the eyes of his assailant, but they did not slow down. That was a mistake.

Before they were on him, Shirou moved. He threw himself in the direction of one of them so that he could face them one at a time. His opponent wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction, or that kind of speed, and he was caught entirely off-guard.

Shirou’s bokuto came up from below in a sharp arc. Wood met chin with a loud crack and the man’s head snapped backward.

[Wei Enforcer 1 (low tier) defeated – EXP gained: 500]

 He did not have time to contemplate his victory or the EXP gain. Instead he jumped on the railing, narrowly avoiding a downward punch from the other Wei Enforcer while he counteracted in the same fashion and hit the man right on the head.

[Wei Enforcer 2 (low tier) defeated – EXP gained: 500]

 Dumbfounded silence descended over the bridge. Even Shirou was at loss for words. His opponents were all at his nominal level, at the very least, but they went down way too easily.

I see. This is because I trained my physical STATS and sword skills separately from my actual level.’

Indeed, most of Shirou’s STATS were higher than normal for someone at level 20. He had relentlessly trained his body while his EXP stagnated for a long time. Moreover, he was using a sword, a weapon for which he had a great talent, while they came at him barehanded. Furthermore, he had learned the Busujima-style, which emphasized facing several opponents at the same time, even though he was using only one hand as the other still cradled the wounded cat.

“Careful, he’s no ordinary kid,” that Kang fellow bellowed.

“Yeah,” Shirou agreed. “So what about you go back where you came from before more of you get hurt?”

“Kill him,” he growled in response and the remaining Wei Enforcers jumped him.

“Worth a shot,” Shirou grimaced. “No choice but doing this then.”

He didn’t have the upper hand. Not really. Unlike the vengeful spirits on top of the mountain, these people had coordination as a team. They were used to working as a group and they would no longer underestimate him, leaving themselves open for a counter.

Still, he wasn’t just a swordsman.

Trace On,” he declared and pain surged through his body in response. “Reinforcement!”

[Nerve Circuit creation: Success]

[Reinforcement: failure. HP: -200]

He gritted his teeth, and persevered.

[Reinforcement: failure. HP: -200]

[Reinforcement: Success!]

[STR x 1.5 , DEX x 1.5]

And then, he moved. Following the already ingrained precepts of the Busujima-style, Shirou blurred into motion. Rather than counteracting, he opted to land one-kill shots before they could actually get on the offensive.


[Wei Enforcer 3 (low tier) defeated – EXP gained: 500]


[Wei Enforcer 4 (low tier) defeated – EXP gained: 500]


[Wei Enforcer 5 (low tier) defeated – EXP gained: 500]


[Wei Enforcer 6 (low tier) defeated – EXP gained: 500]

So many critical hits… is this the bonus from the [Hero Complex] title? It has to be.’


In a flash, they were all lying on the floor, unconscious. Shirou had purposefully avoided hitting vital points. Still, they would probably be sore when they woke up.

All that was left now was…

Shirou’s eyes widened. He felt the tremor on the floor just in time to rotate himself and put his bokuto between his body and the huge fist that was coming at him.

Even though he technically parried it, the difference in sheer mass sent Shirou flying backward several meters, where he skidded to a halt with his sword broken.

“Well, crap,” he muttered, looking at his broken weapon. ‘I should have reinforced the bokuto as well.’


“Now, you die,” Kang promised with a vicious smile.

Shirou threw away the hilt of the bokuto as he wracked his brain for a solution. He didn’t have any escape-related skill. He could jump into the river beneath but he didn’t know his odds of survival against the currents.

I need a weapon,’ he thought as he looked around the bridge for anything that he could use in guise of a sword, but there wasn’t anything at all and Kang was approaching fast.

Well, no choice but to risk it. “See ya,” he saluted as he jumped over the railing.

“Wait! You little shiiiit!”

Kang’s shout was drowned out as Shirou plunged toward the Fuyuki river. His reinforced body hit the water hard and disappeared under the surface.

Up above, Kang scanned the river but didn’t seem them emerge. He let out an enraged shout in the empty night. Dead or alive, his prize had gotten away.

“Bwah!” Shirou gasped as he broke out of the water on the river bank. The current had been stronger than he had anticipated and the water was freezing cold, even though it was already springtime. Thank goodness his Gamer Body was tough and he wasn’t really affected.

More importantly, he had learned the new skill [Swimming] simply by putting himself in the conditions for it to be necessary and leveled it through sheer stubbornness up to level 6 just by refusing to drown.

In any case, it had been a very close call but he still thought his odds had been better than facing that Kang fellow on the bridge without a weapon. He might have been able to cross the level gap because of his stacked bonuses and STATS, but not without a sword.

Furthermore, Shirou himself wasn’t one to fight for the sake of fighting. Between two equally dangerous choices, he’d pick the one where less people would be hurt. That was just the way he was.

Sighing at the way the night had turned, Shirou looked at the shivering form in his arms. The cat, Yoruichi, was now completely unconscious. He needed to run home and put it somewhere warm. Then, maybe, he’d try to figure out what this whole mess was all about.

It took him nearly half an hour running at full speed to reach the gate of his home. There, he immediately grabbed a towel and gently wrapped the cat in it. Once the creature was settled he disrobed and dried his own drenched body.

Well, he hadn’t managed to get a bath after his… intercourse with Saeko so he made up for that. Still, an unexpected dip in the river mid-spring wasn’t exactly high on his to-do list.

After he was properly dry, he slipped inside a set of pajama and went to check on the cat. It was sleeping peacefully, breathing regularly. Shirou decided to redress the wound with proper bandages but when he removed the old ones, he found that it had already closed.

“Definitely not an ordinary cat,” he decided. He delicately put it on a cushion and retired to his bedroom, where he deposited it on his futon before he slipped under the cover himself.

Before he fell asleep, he recalled having left his backpack on the bridge. Fortunately, there wasn’t anything in there that could be used to identify him and track his living place, so they should be safe.

Feeling more at ease, he promptly fell asleep. A few minutes later, the sleeping cat’s wound was completely healed and with that, its body started undergoing a dramatic, although silent, transformation.

Come dawn, Emiya Shirou would wake up to a very unexpected bedfellow.

Fate/Gamer Night – SE 006

There are moments in life when one has to admit to have made a mistake, or at the very least to have grossly miscalculated.

Such were the considerations that Emiya Shirou was forced to make, as he laid on the forest floor at dawn, with Busujima Saeko straddling his body and with her sword mere inches from his face.

Yep, nothing had gone as planned. Not at all.

[LV 15 – 8100/15000]
[HP: 1500][MP: 35][MC: 27][ST: 740 ][SP: 15]
[STR: 37][DEX: 37][INT: 21][WIS: 31][CHR: 52]

As time went by, Shirou grew increasingly concerned with Busujima-sensei’s health. Each time they met, she looked more tired and more haunted than the time before. Of course, she was adamant that everything was fine and casually dismissed Shirou’s concerns.

Needless to say, his concerns were not assuaged in the least. Coincidentally, it was time for him to stay over at the dojo for the entire weekend as they had agreed after he had been accepted as a student.

Perhaps it was bold and improper, but Shirou resolved to take a look around while he was there and see if he could figure what troubled his teacher so.

Having packed his bag, Shirou left for the dojo, ready to solve this problem once and for all.

Busijima Saeko’s body was covered in sweat. Her naked form was writhing on the covers of her futon, while her fingers danced madly across the sensitive spots.

“Hmm,” she moaned, bucking her hips as umpteenth, self-imposed orgasm of the night washed across her.

The sun was dawning over the mountain, casting its damning light over the sins of a young woman. She laid there, body trembling in the afterglow, with an arm resting over her face to shield her eyes and hide her shame equally.

She was going mad. No, she had always been mad and now she was going crazy. Something had broken within her.

After the first time she had pleasured herself with the twisted fantasies of abusing her disciple, things had started to go downhill and she had been powerless to do anything about it other than let this ruinous fall carry her further and further down.

Not a day went gone by that she wouldn’t indulge in her madness at least once and on the days she trained him, she would spend the entire night masturbating furiously until dawn.

She had tried not to. She had forced herself to sleep, ignoring her body’s demands but she winded up dreaming of him, waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat, feeling in equal parts horrified and aroused.

In the end, she had to give in. Sleep would elude her until she yielded to her rotten heart, after which she fell into a brief slumber filled with shame and self-loathing.

It only got worse when he had asked about her wellbeing.

Emiya Shirou was far from unobservant, she knew, but the fact that he brought up her condition while completely unware that he was the catalyst of her plight served only to magnify her condition. She felt disgusted with herself, while the twisted part of her mind suggested her to show him exactly what was wrong with her and make those delirious, delicious fantasies into reality.

She would reign herself in every time, of course, and pretended that everything was fine. If she ever did listen to the whispers of her wicked heart, she would have to commit seppuku.

Death was becoming an increasingly appealing solution to her. She wondered whether or not she should just take the blade and free herself from her misery before she forced it on Shirou.

However, she still had a duty to perform, something that the samurai in her could not just abandon. Perhaps, after Shirou had learned all the secrets of the Busujima family, she could leave the task to him and see herself out in a permanent fashion, before he could also figure out the secrets of her heart.

However, that was neither here or there. He was still too young for that, even if his skills would soon catch up with hers. What she had to worry about now was the fact that he was going to stay over for two days, and she had no clue how to bear with it.

With a resigned sigh, she pulled herself up. He would be arriving soon, and the least she could do was looking presentable instead of a sticky mess of dried sweat and arousal.

Shirou arrived at the dojo shortly after dawn. Having walked the path up the mountain several times in the previous weeks, his [Sense the Unnatural] had reached level 10, which meant that he could detect supernatural forces in a hundred-meters radius.

He was a bit earlier than expected, on account of the buses finding less traffic in the early morning hours. He had considered waiting around until the agreed upon hour, but ultimately decided not to, mostly because the forest creeped him out, and also because he had already made up his mind to look around the place. Being discourteous by arriving early was the least of his worries.

“Busujima-sensei?” he called out as he knocked on the door.

“Emiya-kun? Come on in.”

He did so, removing his shoes, putting on a pair of slippers and making his way to the living room where he guessed her voice was coming from.

She was indeed there, as expected. What he did not expect was finding with her still damp hair draped across her shoulder, wearing a simple white yukata, slightly loose across the chest, but otherwise clinging to every curve of her body.

“Huh,” he stuttered. “I’m sorry, I’m a bit early. I’ll come back later.”

He was feeling strangely warm around the face and didn’t exactly know why. Her figure was making his heart beat faster.

“There is no need for that Emiya-kun. I’ll be ready in a moment. Have a seat and I’ll be right there,” she said, standing up to her feet and leaving the room.

The scent of flowery shampoo made him feel strangely dizzy and his heart skipped a beat when she brushed past him. Shirou didn’t know what this feeling was, but it wasn’t unpleasant. However, he had the strong impression that it was not polite to stare at the retreating form of his teacher, the white cloth hugging her strong back and firm bottom almost like a second skin, following the slight sway of her hips.

He shook his head to clear up his mind. This wasn’t the time to get strange thoughts. He had to focus on the task at hand.

Saeko closed the door to her room with her heart hammering in her chest.

Even though he was early, she hadn’t been worried about him seeing her like that. He was still ten years old, after all-far too young to be entertaining certain thoughts about women. She didn’t take into account that his exceptional mental maturity could well also manifest precociousness in other areas.

Seeing his gaze flicker from her face and down to her chest surprised her, but not in an unpleasant manner.

She was not a stranger to lustful stares. She might have been socially awkward due to her upbringing, but she was not outright naive. Both her male schoolmates and some of the prospective disciples had cast more than one glance at her form in the past. She had been entirely unperturbed at the time, feeling neither pleased nor displeased about it.

However, when saw Shirou losing his composure for the first time in over a month, her heart skipped a beat. Without thinking and with more mischief than she ever felt like in her life, she purposefully walked past him, putting an extra sway to her hips, shivering as she felt his gaze caressing her back.

What the hell was she doing?

Not one minute into what promised to be the longest two days of her life and she was already stirring trouble for herself and the one person she wanted to spare from her ugliness.

She thought she knew how rotten she was, but this was a new low. Teasing a ten-year-old with her body? There was really no hope left for her.

While his teacher was getting ready, Shirou looked around the place. He felt like a burglar, snooping while keeping an ear out for owner of the place.

He didn’t even know what he was looking for, he just wanted to find something that would give him a hint on how to help Busujima-sensei.

His search produced nothing and he was forced to abort the mission when he heard the a door sliding open and close, followed by approaching footsteps.

“I’m ready,” she said, sounding frostier than ever. She didn’t look relaxed in the first place, but it was like her mood had soured in the span of five minutes. “Let’s get started with the training.”

Shirou couldn’t help but think it was his fault somehow. He knew that he shouldn’t have looked at her like that.

Wrong. It was all wrong.

Just a few hours earlier, she had been reprimanding herself over her behavior, but within a morning of furious sparring she was right back to square one.

The Beast in her chest roared while they exchanged blows. He had already gotten to the point where he could hold his ground against her well enough for a while and she didn’t have to hold back much anymore.

She still had the advantage over him, but it was a close thing. He had yet to score a single hit on her, but that was only because she did not let her guard down in the slightest. He had gotten good enough that she could not afford a single distraction.

‘I want to break him.’

Wooden swords clashed repeatedly against one another, echoing loudly in the otherwise empty dojo.

‘I want to break him.’

Sweat flew as the two danced around one another, seeking the fatal opening.

‘I want to break him.’

Strike, dodge, parry. The two combatants were at a stalemate. Neither one of them would get the upper hand at that rate.

‘I want to break him!’

Her focus wavered, mind caught in thoughts that didn’t belong on the battlefield. Her opponent saw it happen and struck without hesitation. Her honed instincts took over and she reacted with more strength that she should have, hitting him squarely across the face. She watched with growing horror as he flew across the dojo, rolling on the floor until he stopped with a sick thud against the wall.

She had killed him. There was no way he could have survived that. It was a blow meant to kill things more resilient that humans and she had used it against a kid simply because she could not control herself.

In that moment the Beast was utterly silent. For all the sins of her heart, Busujima Saeko did not truly desire to harm anyone. To prevail and dominate yes, but not to harm.

And all it took for her figure it out was killing the person she respected the most and-

“Whoa!” he said standing back to his feet, looking no worse for wear. “That was one hell of a counter, sensei.”

The ice that had taken ahold of her heart shattered and she was left staring at an impossibility.

“I… let’s take a break,” she managed to stutter.

“Already? I’m still good to go.”

“I said, let’s take a break,” she all but snarled and then recoiled at the viciousness in her own voice. She did not wait for him to acknowledge her decision as she walked out of the dojo. She needed space. She needed time to figure him and herself out.

Shirou didn’t know what the hell had just happened. First, Busujima-sensei had struck him with enough power to score a critical hit worth 500HP-a third of his total life-force, that also made him gain 25 levels in the Busujima style at once-and then she stomped away after lashing out at him verbally.

Yeah, say what you want but she did have a problem with him. It was maddening, because he didn’t know what he could have done and because their relationship meter was at 4999 out of 5000 which meant that they should have gotten along better.

Something was afoot there and he didn’t know what. He opened his STATUS menu and stared at his STATS intensely.

He had 15 SPs to allocate as he wished. Fifteen hard-earned points. He kept them in reserve in case he ever came across a situation he could not solve with his current strength, if he used them now, he’d lose a trump card that could get him out of a pinch.

Of course, Emiya Shirou did not even falter in front of such a decision. Without hesitation, he poured all of his points into CHR and confirmed his decision.

Nothing seemed to happen. No new skill or title had been unlocked but that didn’t mean anything yet. Rolling his shoulders, he followed after Saeko, fully intending to wriggle the truth out of her once and for all.

She sat on a bench under a tree behind her house.

She didn’t know what was going on with herself and the world anymore. Her heart was a jumble of opposing emotions and her mind was lost amidst an ocean of confusion.

Just a few moments before, she had believed to have accidentally killed her pupil, only for him to get back on his feet like nothing had happened.

That just wasn’t possible. She had hit him with enough strength to send him flying several meters and he wasn’t even bruised. Emiya Shirou was even less normal than she first thought he was.

However, that was the least of her concerns. In that moment, when she thought she had killed him she felt as if something immeasurable had been lost. It wasn’t only the extreme guilt that had gripped her heart.

For the past month, she had grown increasingly obsessed with him. He had started as a small curiosity, which soon changed into frustration because she could not make him yield. She was so taken by this that she had not noticed that another part of her had come to greatly respect the young, relentless man.

He was everything she wished she could be. Skilled, yes, but also perceptive, determined, and pure-hearted. Under the guise of teaching him, she lashed out at him every time in an attempt to break him for her own pleasure, and at the end of the day, when satisfaction escaped her, he worried about her.

He worried about the person who tried to break his spirit every time she had the chance. How could she live with that? How could she live with herself?

“Sensei?” his voice called a few meters behind her and she stiffened. She did not want to face him right now.

“Please, leave me alone, Emiya-kun.”

“Sensei, please, tell me what’s wrong,” he insisted, getting closer and closer until he stood right in front of her. She couldn’t bring herself to look up.

“Go away,” she told him in a whisper. Her soft, quiet tone belied her inner turmoil.

“I can’t,” he replied equally softly. “Not until you tell me how I can help you.”

This time she did look up. She wanted to tell him that he could not help her, that he could not save her. But she could not.

The sunlight piercing across the leaves above them had cast dancing shadows across his face, but even then she found herself trapped in a mesmerizing shade of gold. His eyes appeared to be shining with a light of their own, as if a shard of the sun itself had found its way in there. His gaze seemed to pierce right through her like the swords both of them were so attuned to, exposing her soul.

“You can’t help me, Emiya-kun. No one can help me.”

[Objective: Solve the mystery of Saeko’s troubled heart.]
[Reward for success: 12.000 EXP, Upgraded relationship with BUSUJIMA SAEKO, ?]
[Consequences for failure: 5.000 EXP, BUSUJIMA SAEKO’S DEATH!]

The Quest prompt did not have an option for refusal, but it was not mandatory. It was not being forced upon him.

And yet he was not surprised in the least. This was a product of his own ability, of his own eyes.

And the world reflected in those eyes did not include the possibility of refusing to save the person in front of him.

It was that simple.

“So you say,” he replied, “and perhaps you also believe that for real. Even so, Sensei, I will save you.”

He turned around and walked away. He had intended to pry an answer from her lips, but he could see that would not work. Whatever plagued her was something that could kill her and there was no way she would share that with him.

He just had to watch over her and strike down this threat the moment it presented itself. He promised to himself that he would not fail.

Saeko sat there, stunned, with a flush spreading across her face and a hand over her chest.

Her heart beat steadily in her chest, making her feel in a way she never experienced before. It wasn’t arousal or excitement, but something quieter, yet more profound.

I will save you, he had promised, and for a moment, as she stared at his retreating back, she almost believed that he could.

But he couldn’t. After all, how is one saved from themselves in the first place?

And yet, she thought that if someone could truly save her, that person could be no other than him.

That much she could believe in.

Night came over Fuyuki and the surrounding mountains, eventually. Shirou did not receive any further training that day and Saeko insisted for him to return home for the day.

He looked reluctant, but ultimately he agreed and Saeko was finally on her own again.

The afternoon passed as a crawling trickle, the sun going through its arc without caring for the plights of men and women, until it settled beyond the horizon and clothed the world in darkness, save for the full moon.

Saeko cursed herself, seeing the pale disk hung in the sky. So taken was she with her own plight that she had completely forgotten about it.

They would come tonight, more so than any other time of the month. She didn’t have the spirit to face them, and a sword without spirit would not serve against them.

Yet, she had no other choice but to go. It was her duty, after all.

Shirou had returned home that afternoon, packed food, water, a sleeping bag and immediately jumped on the next bus back to the mountain.

Like he was just going to give up and go back home quietly. The only reason why he came back for any stretch of time was to let Busujima-sensei think he wasn’t around so that she wouldn’t hide her problems, as well as to pack what he needed for an extensive stake-out.

It took him a few hours to make the round trip and by the time he had gotten back it was already dark.

The forest at night was an entirely different beast that during the day. His [Sense the Unnatural] skill advanced a couple of levels just in the time it took him to go from the entrance to the dojo, where he hid in the bushes close to the clearing.

There was only one light on, which Shirou assumed was Busujima-sensei’s.

He sat there and waited, and waited and waited. The evening transitioned smoothly into the night. The single light still on in the house told him that she was still awake. Sometimes, he saw her silhouette move through the curtains.

In fact, he could see her right now, standing in front of the windows. She was… changing he guessed. Preparing to go to sleep, most likely.

Wait, not unless her sword was part of the sleepwear.

The light went off and a moment later, she walked out of her house.

Shirou couldn’t quite believe his eyes.

Her hair was gathered in a high ponytail that reached about halfway her back. However, while the practical look suited her, it was just about the only thing that Shirou deemed in any way appropriate.

She had on a pair of armored heeled boots that reached all the way up to her mid-thigh. He knew for certain, because that’s about where her black skirt started to cover her legs; however, that was true only for the front and the back, because both sides featured a slit that stopped only at the waist and that hinted at a very small piece of underwear, if the string he could see was any indication. On her torso she wore the shirt of her school uniform with the added protection of a set of armored gauntlets not too dissimilar from her boots.


What kind of outfit was that? It sure looked practical to move in. Shirou was quite sure it wouldn’t restrict her movement in the least, although he couldn’t vouch for the heels. Regardless, it was quite indecent.

Where was she going dressed like that at that hour of the night, with a sword at her side?

There was no other choice but to follow her.

That was easier said than done, though. She was perceptive, after all. He couldn’t follow her from too close, otherwise she’d detect him.

For that reason, it wasn’t long before he lost sight of her in the maze of twisted pathways amongst the trees.

“Damn it,” he swore under his breath. “Which way did she go?”

He tried to use [Detect Presence]; however, that skill was only level one. Skills developed with use and if he guessed correctly, it was considered such only when there was somebody hidden from sight within its existing range. At this point in time, it was completely useless.

He could only pick a path randomly, hoping that it would lead to her.

Saeko walked at a steady pace, using the time it took to reach that place to put her breathing and her mind under control. In this condition, she could not win. The best she could hope for was to contain them until dawn. If she was lucky, she would survive.

It wasn’t long before the trees parted and Saeko stood on the old, familiar battleground.

The clearing was a few hundred meters in diameter, but unlike the other clearings in the forest, this one was completely barren. Nothing could grow here.

Indeed, this was a place where death gathered. Nothing could thrive in this place.

The air was heavy with a malignant presence and the light of the full moon did nothing to ease this feeling. In fact, it made it worse. Saeko’s arrival was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

A strong wind started to blow, tearing the ground apart. Malice gathered and when the dust settled, they stood there.

Shambling corpses, both male and female, dressed in differing kinds of attire. From samurai of old, to soldiers from World War II-people who died violently and left an impression of their grudges in the world of the living. It gathered here, where the primal energies of the world were strong and took the shape of those who had died to visit their grudges onto the living.

The duty of the Busujima family was to see them returned to their rest, however temporarily.

With a hiss of steel, she unsheathed her blade. As if was a mutually agreed upon signal they charged at her by the dozens.

Gritting her teeth, she threw herself at them.

Emiya Shirou was facing a huge crisis.

He had come across several forks in the road, and he was, by now, completely lost. However, he couldn’t just stop. He kept running through the trees, searching for any clues and every hint.

He had been running for half an hour when he heard it. Somewhere, in the distance, the sound of steel echoed all the way to him.

She was fighting against an unknown enemy and he wasn’t with her. Biting his lip, he resumed running in the direction he thought the sounds came from, completely forgoing paths and trails.

“Hold on, sensei. I’ll be right there,” he promised, hoping that he would not fail to fulfill it.

Saeko lost herself in the familiar rhythm of battle.

Her heart might have been in disarray, but her body still knew what it had to do. The undead kept coming without relent; hundreds of them now filled the clearing, and she was unable to lessen their numbers.

A simple blade was not sufficient to disperse the malice that gave them form. It also required for the wielder to channel their own spirit into the steel and untangle the knot that held them together.

However, Saeko was in no condition to do something like that. Over the previous month, her mental fortitute had been slowly eroded by uncertainty and self-loathing and she was unable to bring herself together.

Every time she struck one of them, they reformed in mere moments, all the while more and more rose from thin air and swarmed her.

It was a hopeless battle, yet one from which she could not retreat. Were it a different night, even if they got loose and spread through the forest, they wouldn’t get far before dawn forced them away, and she could hunt the strays effortlessly in the course of the successive nights.

A night of full moon was an entirely different matter. They were born by the dozens and they kept spawning until morning. They were also unnaturally faster and stronger than normal. If one of them got away, chances were that it would get too far out before she could track it, and if an unlucky soul stumbled upon it, well, the fate of those slain by them was to join their ranks.

As long as she was there, alive and breathing, they would focus their grudges on her, but the moment she fell, they would swarm down the mountain and toward the city.

That could not be allowed. Even if Fuyuki had its own protectors, many innocent bystanders would fall before the threat could be contained.

Therefore, Saeko would keep fighting a battle that could not be won.

Even with her superior body and skills, she was hard pressed to keep up. They came from every direction, unafraid of injury and uncaring of self-preservation.

Her sword blurred, severing head after head, but they just kept coming. She didn’t know how long she had been going at it. It felt like hours, but it was likely only just a few minutes.

She had underestimated the threat. Never before she had been pressed by such overwhelming numbers. The Busujima style emphasized on killing with a single strike, for the express purpose of facing an enemy with superior numbers.

Right now her blows could only incapacitate them and for a few moments at best. Even then there was no respite to be found, as for each one she struck down, two others were ready to take its place.

Only her superior speed and flawless technique gave her a semblance of even footing, but they had another advantage on her as they would never tire.

How long could she hope to hold up? How long before she started to slow down? How long before she started to falter?

The light of dawn seemed hopelessly distant.

Shirou kept running through the trees, completely ignoring the branches that scraped at his face, tearing at his clothes. He had abandoned his backpack sometime earlier in favor of a higher mobility, keeping only his bokuto.

The sounds of battle were getting closer and closer. It felt like an army was waging war on the mountain and his sensei had to be right in the middle of it-there was no other possibility.

He pushed his body even further, briefly thanking the heavens for his high stamina and for having had the foresight to pack his own home-made food, which had restored the energy he had spent during the day.

He charged ahead. He had to make it in time.

Time had lost all meaning for Saeko. The only things that mattered was the endless waves of malice, the sword that stood between it and her, and the aching of her body.

They had finally started to get past her defenses. Glancing blows had struck her, nibbling at her clothes.

Her shirt had ripped open; the bra underneath holding together by a single thread. Her skirt was almost entirely gone as well. Only a small portion of cloth remained to cover her backside, doing a very poor job at it. Even her ponytail had gotten loose and her hair was whipping wildly in the air as it followed her high speed moment, like a dark comet trail.

She wasn’t going to make it.

Her lungs burned and her heart screamed in pain. Every single fibre of her body was demanding that she stop-a need held at bay only by survival instinct. Even her body knew that if she stopped of a single moment, she’d die.

She was getting pushed back, completely forced on the defensive. Desperation was abandoning her in favour of resignation, her sword getting so much heavier with every passing moment.

She would die here, in this place. They would tear away at her flesh and rip her soul out, forcing her into their ranks.

Perhaps it was for the best. Someone like her should be on the side of the monsters, after all.

And yet, even though she acknowledged this, even though she had come to accept it as her fate, when her sword was finally wrenched away from her hands, she felt sorry.

Sorry that she had not been able to be honest with him, sorry that she had not been able to tell him how much she had come to mean for her, sorry that he had to disappoint him and lastly, sorry that he would not get to keep his promise.

She would have really, really wanted to be saved by him.

She closed her eyes, and she let them claim her.


[You have entered in a special Area]
[While in this area the use of arcane techniques does not break the Masquerade]

Shirou did not even glance at the message. His eyes were focused on the form of Saeko, fighting for dear life, surrounded by hundreds of moving corpses.

He did not care for their origins-spared no thought for the circumstances other than getting there where she stood, alone and overwhelmed.

He saw in ever growing horror as she was disarmed and his heart screamed as she was swallowed by the sea of rotten flesh.

“SENSEIIII!” he shouted, leaping over the mass of corpses with his bokuto posed to strike. He swung the blade with all the power he had and simultaneously crushed several skulls, landing besides her and immediately engaging the enemies to keep them away from her.

Saeko blinked. On the verge of dying she must have been granted one last dream. She thought he had heard his voice and then a moment later, the hands that had been pulling at her in an attempt to tear her apart vanished and he stood above, sword poised to protect her.

“Shirou…?” she asked, almost expecting to wake up right in that moment and that the figure of his back would be replaced by the rotting faces of the undead.

“Sensei, please get back on your feet,” he said as he fended off the sea of corpses. She was so stunned by this apparition that she got back up without even noticing the pain from the cuts that she had suffered.

He was striking them and they disappeared completely, unable to reform.

How? She had yet to teach him how to infuse his spirit into the sword. There was no way he could have learned on his own.

Or could he? To infuse spirit, the heart must be void of any and every doubt. No fear must be felt even in the face of death.

He hadn’t learned on his own at all. In the first place, Emiya Shirou did not doubt his actions and did not fear for his own life. She could see it now.

She found herself picking up her sword again, marveling at how light it felt.

Why? Just moments before it felt like it weighted like a mountain and now it was like a feather.

‘He came for me.’

Was that enough? Even though she was a such a wicked woman, the fact that he came for her was enough to patch her heart back together? When, exactly did he became so important that his mere presence was enough to give her strength?

She did not know. She did not understand. All she knew for certain was that he had come and that her blade was singing in her hands once more.

She stepped forward and joined the fray once again.

[Normal Undead slain: 100XP gained]

[Normal Undead slain: 100XP gained]

[Normal Undead slain: 100XP gained]

[Normal Undead slain: 100XP gained]

[You have gained a level]

[Normal Undead slain: 100XP gained]

[Normal Undead slain: 100XP gained]

[Normal Undead slain: 100XP gained]

It went on and on and on. Shirou kept striking down at the seemingly endless army of corpses, but he did not care about it in the least. All he was focusing on was keeping these creatures away from Saeko.

Their horrid appearance did not faze him in the slightest. Even if he hadn’t been so focused in protecting her, the sight of human corpses did not bother him in the least.

He just struck and struck and struck again.

[You have gained a level]

[You have gained a level]

[You have gained a level]

He kept going for so long that he completely lost every notion of time. Only when dawn finally came and the last remaining corpses faded into nothing did Shirou become once again aware of himself.

Immediately his eyes sought for her and he found her standing a few meters away, sword in hand, staring right back at him.

She looked fine, save for a few minor cuts on her legs and torso.

Then he blinked and finally took notice of the condition of her clothes. Little was left of her shirt, other than a scrap of cloth that fell on her generous breast to barely hide her nipples. Her skirt was completely gone and her lower half only had her boots and a small thong to cover her private parts.

Shirou went red in the face and he averted his gaze immediately.

That’s was when Saeko unexpectedly tackled him to the ground, pinning him down with her weigth and promptly stabbing her sword on the ground beside his face.

“You,” she nearly growled. “Why did you come?”

Shirou was surprised by her question, but replied without missing a beat.

“I told you I would save you.”

She stared at him for a very long moment, seemingly looking for words that escaped her.

“I am not the good person you believe I am, Shirou. I cannot live without doing others harm. I am a wicked woman that this world could do without. A monster that only looks like a human.”

Shirou was perplexed. Sure enough, his sensei wasn’t a simple person and by her own admission, she had sent several kendoka running, but so what? Did she ever harm someone who didn’t wield a sword against her?

Shirou didn’t like violence and he’d rather that people didn’t fight, but… he never wished for something like a world without conflict. The only thing he wanted was for the people in front of him not to cry.

“Even if you truly couldn’t live without causing harm, sensei, you still wouldn’t be a monster. A monster would never feel sorry about the pain it brings; certainly it would never believe it reason enough to die. This desperation you’re feeling it’s proof that you are human like everybody else.”

He wasn’t quite sure were those words came from. They rolled off his tongue almost naturally. A combination of INT, WIS and CHR, perhaps? He didn’t know, but it seemed like it had an effect.

Something in Saeko’s chest loosened. With each of his words a tight knot in her heart begun to unravel and with it, the burden that weighed on her soul finally fell in the form of watery drops from her eyes.

Her tears fell on his face, but he did not seem to mind. He just looked at her with those gold eyes that saw right into her soul and told him the words she needed to hear.

She was a human being, after all. A deeply flawed creature, more so than others, but not a monster. As long as he believed that, she could do the same.

“I’ll have you take responsibility for those words, you know?”

He nodded. Of course, he wasn’t the kind of man to run from the consequences of his actions.

She stood up and reached out to him, pulling him up with her. He promptly blushed and looked away. Why was he suddenly acting so shy around her?

he looked down and finally realized that there wasn’t much left of her clothing.

She felt her own face flare up in embarrassment, but an amused smile found its way on her face all the same.

“Well then, Shirou. Let’s go back to my place and get ourselves cleaned up,” she said nonchalantly, turning around and walking in the direction of her house, pretending not to care that her bottom was nearly completely exposed.

Perhaps she was not a monster, but she was still a very, very wicked woman.

Shirou followed after Saeko doing his utmost best to look anywhere but at her and failing several times. He wasn’t quite sure what this feeling swelling up in his lower abdomen was and it wasn’t altogether unpleasant, but he felt the urge to do something and he didn’t know what. However, removing his gaze from Saeko’s butt was the most difficult thing he had ever done in his life and he had been mauling his own nerves for years.

At some point, he just gave up trying and kept looking, feeling his mouth begin to salivate.

‘Am I turning into a Dead Apostle?’ he wondered.

No, Dead Apostles craved only for blood as far as he knew. Human flesh didn’t attract their attention and he had this strange need to squeeze the curves of her ass between his fingers. It looked so soft and firm at the same time that he had to restrain himself from doing something that would certainly be inappropriate.

He just followed the hypnotic sway of her hips, savoring how her heels seemed to extend her already long legs even further.

Fortunately, before he could do something he would probably regret, they arrived at her home and he finally managed to steer his eyes elsewhere.

“Come on, Shirou. Take a bath first,” she urged him.

“Are you sure, sensei? This is your home and you have been fighting longer than I did.”

“It’s okay. I would be a very poor host if I let my guests wait.”

“Alright then,” he agreed. There was no point in arguing about something so trivial.

In the bathroom antechamber, he quickly disrobed and started clearing his body from the accumulated sweat and dirt from the battle, in preparation of stepping into the bathtub.

He was just starting to relax, when he realized that he hadn’t seen the message for having completed Saeko’s Quest. He was wondering what he could have forgotten, when the door suddenly slid open and a towel-clad Saeko stepped inside.

Shirou had gone inside the bathroom a few minutes earlier and Saeko was still standing in front of the door, weighing her options.

There was something she wanted to do, a desire born of both her body and her heart. It was wrong, she knew, no matter how she looked at it. Society would not approve of it and yet she could not find it in herself to care.

She was a wicked woman and she had come to accept it.

He had told her that it was fine, that he accepted her for it. He had told her to live when she had wanted to die.

In return, she had told him she’d have him take responsibility for it.

The decision was already made.

She stepped into the antechamber and removed the tattered remains of her clothes. She had clearly felt his eyes on her back all the way there and judging from his reactions he was interested in what he saw, whether he understood it or not.

She stood naked and examined herself. She had never given much importance to how her body looked, although she was aware that many found her attractive. Until today, she didn’t care about it.

Now, she felt very self-conscious. She was relatively sure that Shirou liked her, but how much of it was actually being attracted to her and how much of it was a lack of experience?

She almost laughed at herself. Here she was, a proud warrior who had been facing horrors every night of her life, worrying that the ten-year old she was in love with did not find her truly attractive.

He had accepted her already, there was nothing left to fear.

Putting on a towel, more out of habit than anything else, she stepped inside.

“S-s-sensei?” he yelped, scampering to cover himself. “I’m not done yet.”

“I know,” she said with a tone laced with an emotion he could not discern. “I thought I could help you wash your back.”

“T-there’s really no need. I can take care of it just fine. if you’d just wait outside a couple of minutes I’ll finish up.”

She just kept smiling. “There is no need to be shy, Shirou. Let me take care of it.”

Her voice held a tone of finality that told him she would not relent. He was so embarrassed that he considered, briefly, to run the hell out when he recalled that the Quest was still ongoing and that the price for failure was her death.

He forced himself to remain seated on the stool and turned his back to her.

“Well… if you really insist,” he conceded. It is to be noted that Shirou wasn’t afraid of her; rather, he was afraid of the emotions he was feeling. He was afraid to hurt her in any way.

“Good,” she acknowledged and promptly kneeled behind him, grabbing soap and sponge and immediately starting to wash his back.

His heart was beating so fast that he could actually hear it and his face was so red that he could probably light up a room at night.

Saeko kept scrubbing his back delicately, and Shirou would admit that embarrassment aside it was a fairly pleasant feeling. He was finally starting to relax again, when he felt the sponge leave his back and two other softness were pressed against him.


“Hmm? What’s wrong, Shirou?”

“I- You- Yours-!” he stuttered.

“My what?” she asked softly exhaling in his ear.

“Yyyy-your b-b-breasts…”

“What about them? Aren’t they soft enough?”

“T-that’s not the point!” he squeaked, feeling blood flowing down his body followed by a swelling sensation between his legs.

“Then what is the point? You don’t like them?”

“N-no! Yes! I don’t… this isn’t about me liking them.”

“Then, please, tell me what this is about, because I quite like where they are right now. Unless you’d rather hold them, Shirou. I wouldn’t mind that either.”

By now, steam was threatening to come out of Shirou’s ears. He didn’t know what was going on anymore, or rather the thing he thought was going on didn’t quite make sense.

“Do you hate me, Shirou?” she asked, and he could feel the barely concealed fear in her voice.

“No, never,” he replied, voice free from uncertainty. “I could never hate you, sensei.”

“Saeko,” she whispered, “please, call me Saeko.”

He nodded and gulped heavily. “Alright, Saeko.”

“Good. Now, don’t worry about a thing and let me take care of you.”

With her breasts still pressed on his back, she started to wash the front as well. Shirou didn’t stop her, afraid of the consequences of pushing her away, but also fearing that she’d find the thing he was desperately trying to conceal between his legs.

It wasn’t that he didn’t understand the situation or his own body’s reaction. He had studied and read enough about human biology to know what was happening down there. It was only that his knowledge theretofore was purely academic, and he didn’t know how he was supposed to behave.

More importantly, he didn’t understand why Saeko was behaving like that with him. Was that because of his charisma? Yes, of course, but he already knew that it didn’t force people to do things they didn’t want.

Which meant that Saeko was doing this with him because she wanted to. He didn’t know what to think about it. Frankly she was so very beautiful and he didn’t care that she was way older than him. Also, he wasn’t in any condition to ponder about society’s norms too much.

Even though Shirou was a sticker for propriety, his issue wasn’t with age difference or social acceptance. What he worried about was treating her right, and he had no clue how to do that.

He was troubled with the same doubt that had gripped the hearts of many young men for centuries. He was afraid of not being good enough.

Slowly, Saeko’s hand descended further down his body. Shirou dreaded and anticipated in equal measure the moment it reached its intended destination. Slowly, entirely out of instinct he opened his legs just enough for her hand to find its way through and yelped when it wrapped itself around his young shaft.

“Hmm,” he moaned at the intense sensation, pushing his back further against her.

“Shirou,” she called out, voice once again laced with fear. “Do you understand what’s going on?”

He nodded, not trusting his own voice.

“Do you want me to stop?”

He shook his head after only a moment of hesitation.

“W-why me?” he asked with some difficulty. Of all the things he could have said, it didn’t seem like she had expected that.

“Because I like you,” she admitted and Shirou found himself relaxing. He was afraid that it was some twisted form of gratitude for helping her. He could not have accepted that.

Taking his relaxing as her cue to continue, Saeko started to stroke him.

“Ah! Hm!” Shirou squirmed. He didn’t know what to do with himself. With her being behind him he was in no position to return the favor in any shape or form. In the meantime, she kept stroking him, slowly and delicately at first but soon increasing the speed of her ministration.

Shirou found himself pushing his hips forward, sitting on the very edge of the stool, giving Saeko full access to his manhood. In an attempt to steady himself he wrapped his arms behind her neck, the only place he could reasonably reach.

The pleasure kept getting more and more intense, so much that Shirou had unwittingly started bucking his hips forward.

“Ah! AH! Sensei! Sensei!” he called out, accidentally reverting to her title. “Something… something’s coming, Sensei.”

“Yes,” she purred, “Yes, come for your sensei.”

“Aaah!” Shirou shouted, bucking his hips forward one last time. A thin spray of white semen erupted from his cock, splattering on the floor and onto Saeko’s fingers. Then he finally slumped back on the stool, breathing heavily.

[As a result of a special action, you have learned Sexual Interaction]

[SEXUAL INTERACTION- Lv.1] The ability to pleasure yourself and others sexually. You are new at this and not good at all. It will take a lot of time to make your partner(s) reach their climax. Each orgasm you reach costs you 50 ST.

‘Well,’ Shirou thought numbly, ‘I should have seen that coming.’

Saeko was absolutely ecstatic. It had taken a whole lot of courage to initiate the contact, but she had grown bolder and bolder with each passing minute. Shirou’s awareness and acceptance of the act had made it much simpler, but even then Saeko had not expected the absolute thrill of it.

Shirou’s embarrassment, his reluctance and finally his pleasure-struck expression were absolutely delicious and it had only taken her hand to achieve it.

The power she wielded over him just from a simple touch had ignited a fire without precedents between her legs. She wanted more of it, more of him.

“Shirou,” she purred. “That was very naughty of you, having fun all on your own.”

Shirou nearly jumped turning his head so that he could look at her. “I- I’m sorry?”

“Hmm,” she said, putting a finger to her lips. “Sorry won’t do, I’m afraid. I’ll have to punish you thoroughly.”

She grabbed his still erect dick once again and resumed stroking it. Shirou was more relaxed this time and soon, she could tell, he was about to reach yet another orgasm. That was when Saeko decided she would be having her own fun.

When she thought he was right on the edge, she stopped. Shirou bucked his hips but found no friction to please himself with.

“Ah? Sensei?”

“What is it, Shirou? Do you need something?”

“N-no,” he shook his head. Saeko immediately grabbed his dick and resumed stroking. When he was about to come she once again let of him.

“Hhhm!” he moaned pitifully.

“What’s wrong, Shirou?”

“I.. almost…”

“Almost what? Almost came on your own again, you naughty boy?” she smiled predatorily, stroking his cock ever so slowly. “Didn’t I just say that’s not a very nice thing to do? If you want me to make you come, you have to ask politely.”


“Please what, my naughty little pupil?” she teased.

“Please. Please, let me come. Please, Sensei, let me come,” he said almost desperately.

She jerked his cock one last time and Shirou gasped, throwing his head backward and furiously bucking his hips forward. Even more semen shot out this time, splattering against the opposite wall.

Saeko shivered. Her pussy was a wet, sloppy mess and her nipples were hard as rock without so much as touching herself.

She was a wicked, filthy-hearted woman and for the first time in her entire life she was perfectly fine with it. So long as Shirou accepted her for it, she could live with herself.

There was no describing how intense her feelings for him were. How grateful she was that he had come in her life.

“Did you have fun, Shirou?” she asked coyly.

“Y-yeah,” he admitted shyly, not looking at her. He was absolutely adorable.

“Good, because I think it’s my turn now.”

“What should I do?” he quickly asked, all hesitation gone.

“Will you do anything I ask?”

He nodded quickly.

“Well then,” she said, pulling away from him. She was so embarrassed for what she was about to do that her head was spinning, but she really, really wanted for him to do that.

Shirou turned, just as she laid down on her elbows on the bathroom floor. She saw him swallow heavily at the sight of her naked fullness and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when she slowly spread her legs, exposing her most precious place. She always kept clean shaven down there, a peeves of her about cleanliness, therefore her pink womanhood was perfectly visible.



“Put your mouth there, Shirou.”

He nodded, unable to move his eyes away from it. Slowly he inched forward, joining her on the floor. He did not hesitate in the slightest in putting his mouth of her nether lips.

Saeko gasped loudly at the unexpected shot of pleasure, even more so when Shirou licked her moist womanhood without needing any instruction. He wasn’t particularly good at it, she thought in her own inexperience, but seeing him lapping her so obediently in addition to being extremely worked up from their previous interactions, it didn’t take long for her to reach her own climax.

She grabbed his head with both hands, pushing him further down. Shirou took it as a signal and pushed his small tongue into her snatch.

“Ah! AAAAAHHH!” she shouted, wrapping her legs around his shoulders and bucking her hips out of instinct. Her nectar dripped out in copious rivulets and Shirou lapped them dutifully and then kept on licking.

She was still so very sensitive and he was so passionate, that she immediately felt another orgasm approaching. She did not have time to tell him to stop that her body convulsed again, drenching Shirou’s face with more of her juices.

“That,” she breathed out as she tugged gently at his hair to make him pull back, “was quite well done.”

“T-thanks,” he replied bashfully.

“Two for two. That should make us even, right?”

“I guess,” he nodded.

“I think something is missing, though.”

“Like what?”

“Hmm,” she pondered for a moment and the pulled him toward her until their lips met. Of all the things she could have thought, Saeko never imagined that her first kiss would be with a ten-year-old and would taste of her own arousal.

As she slipped her tongue between his lips and felt his manhood throb against her abdomen, Saeko couldn’t bring herself to mind.

Their tongues wrestled together for a while. She enjoyed the way he moaned cutely, while the tried his best to stop himself from thrusting his hips against her abdomen and getting off just from that.

Finally, when breathing had become an issue, they broke apart. She stared into his gold eyes for a moment and then she rolled both of them until their position on the floor were reversed and she was straddling him.

His young cock was pinned right against her labia and she could feel his heartbeat through it. Shirou wore an expression of expectation mixed to surprise. Saeko grinned and grinded her hips against him, relishing in his cute gasps as well at the friction with his member.

Oh, she could torment him like this forever. He was completely under her control.

“Ah! Sensei! I’m almost…”

“Oh, that won’t do,” she said, immediately stopping her movements. “You know what you have to do, right?”


“Say it properly,” she told him flatly, jerking her hips ever so slightly.

“Please, let me cum, Sensei. Please let me cum!”

“That’s a good boy,” she smiled and pushed her weight onto him, grinding back and forth, until he ejaculated, splattering semen on both her legs and his abdomen.

Shirou laid there, breathing raggedly while Saeko’s cheeks were red from excitement and exertion. Then she noticed his dick, still throbbing against her womanhood and her grin returned.

“Still like this?” she asked. Shirou looked at her and then immediately turned his gaze in shame. “Whatever shall I do with you, my naughty pupil? Should I just keep on punishing you?”

He squirmed, but said nothing in either case. Of course Saeko would have nothing of it. She resumed grinding her hips against him, stopping whenever she thought he was about to reach an orgasm.

“Well Shirou? Should your sensei keep punishing you for being so naughty all the time?”

“Please. Just let me come.”

“No, no. You have to answer properly,” she insisted, pulling her hair up with her hands and looking down at him with a smoldering gaze. “Do you want me to punish you?”

“Yes! Yes! Punish me! Punish me more!”

Saeko couldn’t take it anymore. Right, wrong, she did not care. She lifted her weight, knowing that Shirou’s freed cock would stand right up, and then lowered herself again. With just the tiniest bit of guidance he slid inside her quivering womanhood effortlessly.

There was a tearing pain inside her and she knew that her virginity was gone. She did not care. There was no one else she would have rather given it to, and even in spite of the pain, she felt happier than she had been in many years.

She lifted her hips and then pushed them down again and again and again and again, breasts bouncing in rhythm, until she felt his release shooting inside her, painting both her womb and mind with a searing hot whiteness. The last remnants of her fears and desperation melted completely.

For a brief, flickering moment she worried about pregnancy, but decided that if it happened, she would wouldn’t mind being the mother to his children. She also had a duty to her clan to see their bloodline continued, after all.

Finally exhausted, both physically and emotionally, she slumped down on him.

[Quest: A Maiden’s heart COMPLETED]
[Reward: 12.000 EXP, Relationship Upgraded to: Lovers, +10 CHR for completing a Romance]

[You gained a level]

[Warning! Your Stamina has dropped below 0]

[Altered Status: EXHAUSTED. STR and DEX are halved for 24hrs]


Shirou had just come down from his latest climax and he had other things in mind other than worrying about Quest Prompts, although he was relieved that Saeko was finally safe.

He hadn’t expected things to escalate so quickly between them and in fact he wasn’t quite sure what to think of it. Saeko had alternated between being shy and almost fearful to being bold and domineering.

Well, he didn’t really mind as long as she was fine. He could see now why people were so interested in sex.

“Sensei. Saeko. We really should finish what we came here for.”

Saeko snorted and chuckled. “I thought we already had.”

“I mean cleaning up.”

“Oh,” she blinked. “Right.”

This time, it was Shirou’s turn to laugh.

They eventually finished cleaning themselves, sharing the bathtub without awkwardness. He got to wash Saeko’s hair, marveling at its silk-like smoothness, and she returned the favor eagerly.

It was almost like they were brother and sister. Almost.

Then Saeko finally asked him what Shirou had expected for a while now.

“Who are you, really? Your improbable constitution aside, you were not surprised by any stretch of the imagination about what you saw tonight. You are familiar with the supernatural, are you not?”

“My foster father was a Magus,” he told her simply.

“I see,” she replied. “Is that why you are so adept with the sword? Magecraft?”

“No,” he laughed. The very notion. “I’m not really good at that. It’s because my Origin and Element are both Sword,” as well as the Gamer Eyes and Body, but there was no need to talk about it.

“… a living blade,” she eventually said, a undertone of amazement in her voice.

“Yeah, I suppose I could be called that,” he agreed.

Having said that, the topic was abandoned and eventually they left bathroom. Shirou had no change of clothes, having ditched his backpack in the forest the previous night, so Saeko lent him one of her white yukata, which looked comically large on his small frame.

It was late morning when they stepped into the living room and shared a meal in silent companionship.

Eventually, Saeko yawned.

“Tired?” he asked, “You haven’t slept at all yesterday. Maybe you should go to bed.”

“And how do you know that I didn’t sleep yesterday evening before leaving the house?” she asked with a quirked eyebrow. They hadn’t discussed the details of his arrival yet.

“I… uuh… have been keeping an eye on you almost the entire time?” he reluctantly admitted.

“You were here all along, even though I had forced you to leave, watching over me?”

“I kind of lost you in the forest for a while, but yeah,” he scratched his head.

Saeko expression was inscrutable as she stared at him. After a moment she stood from her side of the table, walked all the way around it where he sat and took a seat beside him.

Then she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a searing kiss.

Shirou squirmed in her embrace for a while, but when he felt her tongue slip past his lips once more, he just thought ‘Ah, what the hell,’ and threw his arms around her neck, returning the kiss.

There were worse things in the world than being the object of the twisted affection of a beautiful woman.

Eventually they both went to sleep together but they did nothing else, being far too tired for any amounts of fooling around. They woke up in the early evening. Shirou washed clothes had already dried up in afternoon sun but they were ripped in many places due to his mad run among the trees. Saeko took it upon herself to mend them for him, despite Shirou insistence that he could take care of it himself.

Finally, it came time for him to return home for good.

“Are you going to be alright, Saeko?” he asked one last time before leaving.

“If I said I won’t, would you stay here and watch over me again?” she asked good-naturedly.

“Yes,” was his succinct reply and she sighed.

“You are making it very difficult for me to let you go, Shirou,” she grabbed his face and bent over to give him one last, chaste kiss. “I’ll be fine, don’t worry. They don’t stand a chance against me when I’m at my best. Trust me, I’ve been dealing with them since I was twelve.”

“If you say so,” he nodded. “But next I’m going to join you during the full moon.”

“Well, I suppose that’s fine, considering that’s the whole point of passing on the Busujima style.”

He nodded and bade her goodbye.

On his way back to civilization, he pondered how things had turned out to be. He certainly hadn’t expected things between him and Saeko to escalate sexually, but, well, he didn’t mind much being punished by her.

In addition, he had also found a place where he could fight and earn XP quickly. Finally, his path toward becoming a true hero was starting to become clear.

Clenching his fist, he smiled broadly. Things were looking up for him.