Fate/Gamer Night – SE 010

[LV 25 – 1300/25000]
[HP: 2500][MP: 35][MC: 27][ST: 810 ][SP: 10]
[STR: 41][DEX: 42][INT: 22][WIS: 33][CHR: 77]

Shirou followed Yoruichi’s indications to reach the place where her organization had a base of operations.

Because of the Japanese streets-naming conventions, going anywhere was fairly complicated, even if one had a GPS. It was why Shirou had done so many Quests related to giving people directions.

It was the reason why he had to ask directions himself this time. However, now that the positions were inverted he was having a very difficult time. For some reason, people just weren’t willing to help him.

It wasn’t that they didn’t know the way, simply they didn’t want to tell him. Because he had such a high Wisdom, he could pick the cues in body language and wording to figure out as much.

What was the meaning of this? Some kind of compulsion cast on unassuming citizens to keep the location a secret?

That’s what he suspected at first, though it made little sense. What kind of arbitrary security would make ordinary people unable to speak rather than just wiping their memories?

It became even more confusing, as the afternoon turned into the evening. As the type of crowd changed, so did their reactions at his inquiry. Some looked amused and some other simply shook their head and left.

Eventually, he managed to ferret out enough information to find the block where it was situated and then he understood why he had a hard time telling him, a kid, how to get in this place.

Fuyuki’s small albeit lively red light district.

To be completely honest, Shirou knew little about such areas, other than they catered to the baser desires of men and women alike. He didn’t fully grasp how far that went, though.

Even with high INT and WIS, relative to his age, Shirou didn’t know what he didn’t know. He only had vague impressions about what certain establishments did for a living. The only thing the he knew for certain was that someone his age shouldn’t be anywhere near them.

No wonder then that upstanding citizens wouldn’t want to help him get there.

No wonder then that Yoruichi was so damn amused at the prospect of sending him there. He was ready to bet anything that she was following him, having a giggle at how flustered he was as he firmly stared at his feet in order not to look around too much.

It didn’t help when a few gorgeous girls approached to ask him if he was lost and needed help to find his way. Even his charisma got in the way as they find him just too cute to let him go. Their words, not his.

Eventually, one of those women decided to accompany him to his destination, apparently believing that he was looking for his mother who worked in the red light district.

Since that made everything much simpler he did not bother denying her assumption.

Finally they stood before a building with bright neon lights. The name on the signboard was the same as on the card that Yoruichi had given him. It read “Velvet Room.”

“Here we are,” the woman told him. “Do you need me to go in and look for your mom?”

“Ah, no. That won’t be necessary. You have been plenty helpful already. I’m in your debt, Mizuki-san,” he said bowing deeply, which made the woman giggle pleasantly.

“You’re such a dear, Shirou-chan,” she replied lightheartedly. “If you ever need help again around these parts, make sure to look for this oneesan again, okay?”

“I will do that. Thank you,” he said still bowing. She waved him goodbye and he waved back until she disappeared through the ever growing crowd. Then, he took a steadying breath and pushed open the doors, stepping into the Velvet Room.

“I’m sorry, we’re not open yet,” the male receptionist said. He blinked in surprise as he didn’t see anyone standing in front of the desk, then he lowered his gaze and saw the strangest sight to date.

A kid was standing right there, carrying a backpack on his shoulders with a long stick wrapped in white cloth strapped to its side.

“Huh. You got lost or something kid?” he asked. “You shouldn’t be here.”

“Probably not,” he agreed with aplomb, “but this is the place I’m supposed to be. I was told to ask for a Matsumoto Rangiku-san? Is she here?”

“Hm, she’s here alright,” the receptionist nodded, still somewhat taken aback. “She’s your relative or something?”

“I don’t believe we are related, no.”

“Huh. Well, she’s not receiving clients yet and you wouldn’t qualify as one either way. I’m sorry, but I must ask you to leave.”

“I’m here on behalf of Yoruichi-san.”

The receptionist, who was about to come out from behind the desk stopped in his tracks.

“Yoruichi-san?” he asked warily. “About this tall? Dark skinned? A body to die for?”

“If I say yes to all three, promise you won’t ever tell her that I did. She doesn’t need any more ego boosts.”

The receptionist smiled wryly. “Yeah, that’s Yoruichi-san, alright. You’re in the right place then. Wait a minute, I’ll call Matsumoto right away.”

He promptly picked up the phone and punched in a three digits number.

“Yo, Rangiku,” he spoke casually, “I’ve got Yoruichi-san’s latest acquisition right here. Come get him and don’t be surprised by his size.”

“She’ll be down in a minute. Step inside and wait for her shorty,” he jerked his thumb toward the door to the next room.

“Thank you, mister,” the boy nodded in gratitude and moved right past him. He watched him go and shook his head in resignation. Yoruichi sure was cruel to send someone so young to die.

What a shame.

When he stepped into the main hall of the Velvet Room, a single area with several stages with poles on them (the purpose of which Shirou ignored) everything looked perfectly normal. He could see where the establishment took its name. Other than the hardwood floor and furniture, everything was covered by garish, purple velvet.

There were people moving about, setting things up for the proper opening later. Beautiful girls in succinct clothing where chatting with each other, sparing him only a curious glance when they passed him by. It was a weird experience for him, but everything was still normal.

Then she came.

[Matsumoto Rangiku]
[Lv. ??]

She wore a black dress with cuts on both sides so deep that when she took a step he could see her leg from the tip of her high-heels shoes all the way up to her wide hips. Only a thin line of cloth suggested that she wore something under it, but if the size of it was any indication, that too probably covered the bare minimum. The dress continued further up to her shoulders, but it could have not bothered from how much of her cleavage it left exposed.

And what cleavage it was.

Saeko and Yoruichi were both endowed in a way that put the average Japanese girl out of the competition altogether, but Matsumoto Rangiku put them downright to shame.

Then, as if her impossible curves weren’t already enough to make the mind of most men pack up and leave for shores unknown, she had to have the most piercing blue eyes encased on a refined face, framed by long blonde hair. A white scarf around her neck gave just enough color contrast to make it impossible for anyone not to notice her.

Fortunately, Shirou had yet to hit the brunt of his hormonal stage or he would have ended up making a fool out of himself. Thankfully, being aware that this was yet again a woman whose level dwarfed his own made him divert his thoughts from the way she looked to the reason why he was there in the first place.

Her pretty face crinkled into a frown when her eyes settled on him. An expression that quickly melted into a small smile.

“And you are?” she asked.

“I’m Emiya Shirou,” he replied bowing lightly. “Would you happen Matsumoto-san, perhaps?”

“The one and only,” she confirmed. “So, you are Yoruichi’s latest victim. I must say, I would have expected someone a bit more… fearsome from someone she recommended.”

“Things are often not as they look,” Shirou replied, smiling amusedly. This was a woman whose beauty belied her power. She should know all about it. “Isn’t it?”

She put a hand on her hip, cocking it to the side. The gesture made the length of her leg show from the cut in her dress. Through superhuman willpower, Shirou did not look.

“That’s certainly the case,” she promptly agreed. “Well, no point in talking about it. She sent you here for a reason. Follow me, Shirou-kun. Can I call you that, by the way?”

“Of course, Matsumoto-san,” he nodded.

“So polite. You might even become my favorite,” she said. “If you survive long enough.”

Well, wasn’t that ominous?

She turned around and started walking. Shirou followed after her, once again looking down at his feet. Some people could feel when they were being started at and Shirou didn’t want to ogle her. Not if she knew, at least.

She led him in the back of the building, where a big elevator was located. They stepped inside and Matsumoto pushed the only two buttons in a certain combination. The door shut close and the elevator started going down, even though according to the panel there was no floor beneath this.

They descended for a long time and by the feeling of acceleration he got, they were going relatively fast as well. Wherever it was that this elevator went, it was very deep down.

“So, how did you and Yoruichi met exactly?” she asked jovially. In spite of her stunning beauty, Matsumoto seemed to be fairly laid-back as a person.

“I’m not sure I’m at liberty to discuss the circumstances,” he replied as politely as he could.

“You must be a very nice young man,” Matsumoto said, shaking her head. “Very patient too.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Anyone who has known Yoruichi for longer than a few hours and survived to tell the tale would be sufficiently annoyed with her to not bother with keeping her privacy.”

Shirou made a complicated expression. It wasn’t like he could refute Matsumoto’s words, after all.

“She’s peculiar, I can agree with that. Still, she’s not a bad person.”

Matsumoto snorted amusedly.

“How old are you exactly, Shirou-kun?”

“I’m going to turn eleven in a few months,” he tilted his head. “Why?”

“Nothing. I can see why she thought you were interesting, though,” she replied looking down at him.

“I’m not sure what you mean by that,” he told her sincerely.

Matsumoto smiled warmly and leaned forward to ruffle his hair, nearly touching her forehead to his from how close their faces were. It took him a lot of effort not to look down her dress. Her mesmerizing eyes made it a little bit easier.

“Scant few people ever bother to look for what’s beneath the surface, Shirou-kun. Someone so young having such a deep insight is a peculiar existence of its own. Is that how a Magus is supposed to be, I wonder.”

“I wouldn’t know,” he forced his dry mouth to form words. “I’m the only living Magus I know.”

“Oh?” Matsumoto said, straightening up. “A bit removed from your sort, I see. That would explain why Yoruichi thought you’d fit in with us instead.”

“Don’t you usually get along with Magi?” he asked as he fixed his hair.

“Magi don’t get along even with each other from what I understand. I suppose It is only natural considering how important to them is keeping their craft into their own family, but that habit often translate in looking down on others on a principle. Regardless, there aren’t that many this far East to begin with.”

“I see,” he replied noncommittally. He already knew that Magi were a stiff bunch from what Kiritsugu had been willing to tell him about them, but Matsumoto painted a more vivid picture. Whether it was accurate or not, it remained to be seen.

Finally, the elevator stopped and the door slid open.

Shirou felt nauseous. Mana in this place was so thick it felt like breathing water. This place had to be very close to the leyline or even inside of it.

Matsumoto stepped out and Shirou followed after her, trying to keep the discomfort from showing on his face.

They were in a cavern, dimly lit by fluorescent lights. It was relatively small, but at the end of it there was a decorated wooden door, much like one would expect from a western-style cafe. There was even a sign next to it.

– Ahnenerbe –

She pushed it open and soft ambient music came out.

It really was a cafe.

It was softly illuminated and it had a welcoming atmosphere. A few patrons were sitting at the tables, either alone or in company, but the sound of voices was naturally low.

“Come take a seat, Shirou,” Matsumoto said, gesturing him toward a table.

“What place is this?” he asked as he set down his backpack and pulled out a seat. “Why is there a cafe this far underground?”

“Beats me,” she replied cheerfully. “To the best of my knowledge, the Ahnenerbe has always been here in one form or another. You should think of it as a point of juncture. A place where those who can’t meet under ordinary circumstances can find each other. Also, it’s a passageway between our world and the Abyss.”

“Excuse me? The Abyss?”

She nodded. “I suppose someone brought up on the precepts of Magi wouldn’t know about it. Think of it as the layer underneath our reality. The plane of existence where spiritual beings hail from and where the advancement of mankind has pushed them back to.”

A chill went down Shirou’s spine and he nearly jumped from his chair. The best he could do was keep himself from shouting.

“A place like that can be accessed at will?”

“Through specific points of contact such as this, it can,” she confirmed.

“What’s keeping those creatures from coming back to this side through it, then?” he pressed on.

“We are,” she replied easily. “That’s our job. Now, I don’t want to make it sound like it’s a bigger deal than what it actually is. By far and large, human denial today makes a good enough job at keeping them out as it did in giving them life in the past. Largely we deal with newborn entities and the accumulations of human emotions given shape. Weak things but closer to the surface then the rest.”

“I see,” he replied, clearly shocked. He knew in theory that this place existed. Things like Gods and Phantasmal Beasts hadn’t just died. They had been merely pushed away from tangible reality as the world progressively decayed and human consciousness started actively denying their existence. They had left, yes, but they were not gone.

“They do get out sometimes, though,” he observed.

“It’s inevitable. These are naturally occurring phenomenons and there’s more than one point of juncture. Some are closer to the surface than this. However, those places are usually ancestral lands guarded by people who have made it their families’ purpose to put down anything that comes out.”

“Like the Busujima clan,” he observed.

“Ah, yes. Yoruichi told me that you were a practitioner of their style. Yes, that’s exactly one of such places. However, that is but a small fissure where the spirits can emerge in great numbers only when the conditions are right, whereas this place is a huge chasm. If it wasn’t guarded, anything could climb up and rampage in the real world at any time.”

“And you said it wasn’t a big deal,” he deadpanned.

“It is an important job, but it’s not complicated. Come, I’ll better show you. I’m sorry George, we’ll order something on our way back,” she said to the man behind the counter, who just nodded in confirmation as he kept wiping wine glasses.

They went for another door, completely identical to the one they came in from. They went through it and they were back in the Red Light district. At least, it would have been it if the colors hadn’t lost much of their luster and there was no crowd filling the streets. There were just a few people milling about here and there.

“What is this?” he asked, looking around.

“We call it the Mirror World,” she replied. “The first layer of the Abyss. All heavily populated areas are reflected in here almost faithfully.”

“Huh, it wouldn’t be from the shared experience of all the people that live there, would it?” he guessed.

“That’s a Magus for you,” she snorted. “Yes. Cumulative human consciousness not only gives birth to spiritual entities, it has also actively shapes this place. However, once you go somewhere where people don’t dwell much there’s no guarantee of what you’ll find. Those places are the most dangerous and it’s better to stay away from them.”

“I see, and who are these other people?” he asked, gesturing to the few humans around.

“We claimed the Mirror Red Light District as our base of operation and we keep it safe and fortified. Anything that wants to go up in the real world would have to go through all of us first.”

“All of this is incredible. Are those shops actually open?” he asked, pointing at some buildings.

“A few people have set up shop down here,” she confirmed. “Mostly they sell weapons and armors crafted from whatever our people have been able to harvest from their kills. Which incidentally brings us to the reason why you’re here. Yoruichi told us you were looking for a job.”

“I am… what do you propose?” he asked. He had an idea of where this conversation was going, but he’d rather she explained it herself.

“Simply enough, we need people willing and able to fight. We periodically send out groups to thin out the spirits that form continously. It’s a dangerous job and people can get easily wounded and killed. Strictly speaking, there’s always a shortage of manpower. Do you think you have what it takes?”

Well, he hadn’t come down here to see the sights, that was for certain. Moreover, there was just no way he could turn his back when he had been told that people were risking their lives and getting hurt without him doing anything to help.

“Of course,” he nodded firmly.

“Good. However, you can’t join our ranks just like that. Our people constantly put their lives into each other’s hands. We need to know you are capable before we can trust you with our backs.”

“I see, that makes sense,” he quickly agreed. Whether it was mundane or supernatural business, competence and reliability were paramount. “What do I have to do?”

As an answer, Matsumoto put her hand between her breasts and pulled out a gem-like object of a blue-silver color about the size of an egg.

“This is a Mana Core,” she explained handing it over to him. “It’s the heart of any creature you’ll find down here, whether they have an actual heart or not. Bigger and more powerful beings will have bigger cores as well, but there aren’t any of them within Mirror Fuyuki. Go out there and bring ten of these back to me. That way I’ll know that you can handle yourself.”

Shirou stared at the object intently with his Gamer Eyes.

[Mana Core]
[Description: A crystal made of solid Mana. Can be sold, used for Crafting or consumed]
[Restores up to 100MP]

‘Holy shit!’ he thought. Something like this was absolutely priceless. Mana in solid form that can be consumed to restore one’s reserves? In a world where Magi down their luck sold their Mana enriched blood for money, something like this was worth more than its weight in gold.

“So? Are you going to do it or what?”

[NEW QUEST: Initiation Ritual]
[Gather 10 Mana Cores and bring them to Matsumoto]
[Reward for Failure: Get kicked out of the Mirror World – Reward for Success: 5000 EXP, Relationship with MATSUMOTO RANGIKU: +1000, ?]

“You bet!” he answered, thus accepting the Quest.

Thirty minutes later.

Shirou stood in front of the barricade that separated the Red Light district from the rest of Mirror Fuyuki. Before going out he equipped himself with the things he had brought for the occasion.

The previous day he went to a sport shop and bought a set of shin guards like those used in hockey and a set of gauntlets like those used in archery for both arms. The clerk had looked at him oddly but didn’t say anything.

They offered little in the way of protection, but it was better than nothing. Besides there was nothing better a kid could buy. Even cheap armor replica didn’t come in his size. He had to make do with them.

The shin guards gave him a 50 point reduction in DMG received and the gauntlets 25. At least, they didn’t get in the way of his mobility.

He had half expected Matsumoto to laugh at his getup, but instead she commended his foresight, saying that a little protection was better than none at all.

With that, she escorted him to the castle-like gates and instructed the guards to let him through. Thus he stepped into Mirror Fuyuki, ready to face whatever lurked out there.

Matsumoto watched the gate as it closed behind Emiya Shirou. In truth she was quite worried. It was a dangerous world out there, full of creatures that defied human logic. She had lost plenty of friends in this line of work and she wasn’t sure that a kid not yet eleven would fare much better, no matter how talented he was.

Still, there was nothing she could do. It was swim or sink in this line of job and if he couldn’t accomplish a simple task as this it was only a matter of time before he lost his life.

All she could do now was wait and hope for the best.

Shirou carefully ventured forward, firmly holding his sword. He didn’t particularly fancy walking around with a blade unsheathed, but not knowing what type of creatures he would find and what they were capable of, he’d rather not have to waste precious seconds.

For a while, everything was quiet, then a message prompt appeared.

[Unnatural Presence detected]
[Direction: 3 o’clock – Distance: 50 meters]

Great, there was something nearby. Not that Shirou could see it since there were buildings in the way.

He slowly made his way in that direction, trying to make as little noise as possible. As he approached, the position and distance of this presence on the message prompt changed accordingly.

Finally, he stood at a corner, with the distance measuring just in a few meters.

With his back against the wall, he glanced behind the corner.

There was purple blob of goo in the middle of the street. It wobbled quietly without making noise and Shirou wouldn’t have known what it was if not for his Gamer Eyes.

[Lv. 15]

‘Slime? Seriously?’ he thought. ‘What’s this, a videogame?’

Even though he was a game character, that was limited to himself. Whatever this slime was, it couldn’t be the same thing as those found in games. He needed to be careful.

However, he didn’t know how to be careful to begin with. This thing had no eye that he could tell. How did it perceive its surroundings? Could he ambush it somehow? He had no clue whatsoever.

He observed it for a few minutes, but it did nothing except wobble in place. It would probably keep doing that until it was given a reason to do something different.

With no other available course of action, Shirou stepped out of cover with his sword at the ready.

Immediately, the wobbling intensified. The creature was undoubtedly aware of his presence. It started to inch toward him extremely slowly, just a few inches per second. At this rate, it would take a quarter of a hour before he got anywhere close to him.

Shirou tentatively took a step forward and then another. If this thing was this slow then he could easily use hit and run tactics.

Just as he thought that a tendril of goo shot out extremely fast. Shirou had barely time to move that it went through the space he just vacated with a whipping noise.

“Shit!” he exclaimed as he finished rolling on the ground and returned to his feet. He started circling the creature, dodging the tendrils that shot out every now and then.

The slime was fast, but not faster than him. Thank goodness he had developed good dexterity otherwise he would have been already hit several times.

Now more or less confident that he could outmaneuver it, Shirou leaned forward. When the next tendril shot out he crouched under it and used the motion to propel himself forward against the slime.

Shisui flashed and went through the slime’s body with splat. After he made contact, Shirou immediately jumped back, avoiding the tendrils that shot at his position.

He had yet to get out of the creature’s range that the cut he had made sealed itself shut.



“Are you kidding me?” he shouted. “Don’t tell me it’s immune from physical attacks?”

It made sense. It was a shapeless mass of goo, after all. Why would making a hole in it hurt it any? If that was the case, he needed to find a different type weapon. Failing that, he’d just have to run.

No… that wasn’t acceptable. There was no guarantee that anything else out there would be easier to deal with than this. Right there and then he had to figure a way to prevail, otherwise would he just keep on running?

Shirou stood his ground, resuming his stance. He had no idea what could harm this creature. All he had available was his skills and his sword. By extension, all he could do was using them to the max.

“That immunity of yours… I’ll see just how far it goes.”

A tentacle shot out at him again and Shirou dodged once more. This time, however, he slashed at it while it was extended severing it abruptly.

The slime didn’t make any sound but jerked violently as a part of it was severed away. The smaller part that Shirou cut away splattered on the ground, but immediately it started slithering around, heading towards the main body, where they rejoined seamlessly.

“Is that how it is?” he asked, rhetorically. “Fine. Let’s see how you like this!”

He stepped forward at the top of his speed, slashing the slime as he passed it by. Then without stopping he repeated the attack. Again and again and again and again.

The paradigm of the battle had changed. Shirou was giving his all in attacking and the slime did everything it could to undo the damage Shirou inflicted. Because he was so much faster, Shirou was cut it faster than the slime could fix itself. However, there was seemingly no limit to the creature’s regenerative ability. Shirou would have the upper hand only as long as he had stamina to spend.

He was about to reconsider this tactic when he caught a glimpse of something shiny inside the slime’s body. Recognizing it for what it was Shirou focused his flurry around the spot and quickly snatched it before stepping away for good.

The slime started to jerk violently in all directions for several seconds, before finally losing all its consistency and melt down into a watery substance.

[Slime defeated – Exp gained: 150]

Shirou opened his hand and saw the Mana Core that he had stolen from the slime’s body.

“So, that’s how you do it,” he exhaled in relief, a feeling of satisfaction swelled into his chest.

He looked at his status bar and noticed that he had consumed about 50 points of stamina of his 810 available. It wasn’t a huge amount, but it wasn’t small one either. Supposing that he’d face nine more slimes to get the rest of the Mana Cores he needed, that meant another 450 points he was going to consume.

However, now that he knew their weakness he could probably do it more efficiently, so it was probably going to be a little less than that. Still, that was just assuming that everything would go right and that he wouldn’t meet anything other than slimes. He’d rather prepare for the worst. Besides, it would cost him next to nothing.

He put down his backpack and pulled a small, round package out of it. Opening it, he revealed an onigiri. One of his own making.

He quickly ate it.

[45 ST restored]

Who would have thought that his cooking skill could be so useful on the battlefield? He definitely had to look into different skills later.

Putting his backpack on again, he set out to look for more monsters.

Three hours had passed since Matsumoto had seen Shirou off. She was currently sitting in the Ahnenerbe, drinking a cup of sake. It wasn’t her first that evening and her cheeks were slightly red as result.

In truth, she was about to give up on ever seeing Shirou again. Three hours wasn’t a long stretch of time to be out hunting, but every first timer that survived their baptism made at least a couple of trips back to recuperate their strength before going out again.

At this point, the poor kid had probably been killed and devoured. If he was lucky, it happened in that order.

She was thinking so, when the door opened and that same kid walked in.

“Ah. Matsumoto-san. There you are.”

“Shirou… kun?” she asked, thinking that she was hallucinating again from drinking too much. “You made it back.”

“And I’ve got your ten Mana Cores,” he added cheerfully, dropping them on her table.

“So I see,” she replied, sobering up a little. “I must say, I didn’t expect you to be this fast. So, how did you like your first hunt?”

He took a seat in front of her.

“Tough. I mean, slimes are relatively simple to kill once you get the gist of it, but they still take time to track down.”

“Eh,” she grinned. “How long did it take you to figure they are weak to fire?”

“…wait. That’s their weakness?” he asked, looking surprised.

“Of course,” she nodded, looking just as surprised as him at his response. “How did you kill them if you didn’t use fire? Magecraft?”

“I… just cut them,” he explained sheepishly.

“They are immune to physical damage,” she deadpanned.

“Yeah, I figured that much on my own. I just carved them open faster than they could repair themselves and stole their Mana Cores.”

Matsumoto looked straight at him, trying to figure whether or not she was pulling her chain. Then, not seeing any trace of dishonesty on his innocent face, she felt her stomach start to shake and laughter bubble up her throat and out of her pretty mouth.

She laughed heartily for a while as he looked at her quizzically with his big golden eye. That puppy-like expression only made her laugh harder.

Finally, she dried the tears that had pooled at the corner of her eyes and recomposed herself.

“My goodness. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. You are the first person I’ve ever heard of that killed a monster immune to physical attacks with physical attacks without doing them any actual damage. I suppose you are the stubborn type, aren’t you?”

Shirou scratched his cheek sheepishly. “I guess I can be a bit stubborn at times.”

Matsumoto shook her head in disbelief. Wasn’t this kid just a bit too much? If he could pull off things like these at this age what kind of monster would he be when got older?

Regardless of that, she couldn’t help but think that it would be a fun thing to witness.

“Well, then. I suppose you did prove yourself to be good enough for us. Congratulations, Shirou-kun,” she said as she slid him a badge with a stylized skull on it. “I officially bid you welcome to our Soul Society.”

[QUEST: Initiation Ritual COMPLETE]
[5000 EXP gained, Relationship with MATSUMOTO RANGIKU: +1000, Proof of Membership (Soul Society) acquired]


AN: aaaad CUT!

This is a good place as any to call it quits. I imagine a lot of the Nasuverse hardcore fan will have reservations about the Reverse Side (or Abyss or Mirror World) as I portrayed it, as well as the implications on the world at large.

Fear not, as the story progresses things will be explained.

For those who have no clue what I’m talking about, here’s a useful link 



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      2. dude what happen for your next chapter, it’s already October the wait is gonna kill me .


  5. Awesome Gamer story. Please do try something like it in the Marvel verse (preferably without shota) when you are done with your other projects.
    Also a rant.
    It’s October now. I can understand not posting an expected date for next release but if you do it and can’t reach it then please try to post about that(i.e. a note regarding hiatus/writerblock/ next release date)


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