The Fall 13

It had been a couple of intense weeks for Rin. After the mishap with her first client, she had been caught up in her research at the Clock Tower, so much that she couldn’t afford to do anything other than seeing Gerard the two allotted times and then Howard in the evening. The businessman had developed a taste for Rin’s new openness for sexual activities and seeing how he would soon have to leave for a month, he wanted to make the best out of their time together.

Nearly every night, he thoroughly devoured Rin’s body, leaving her a quivering mess. However, as satisfying that was for her, both physically and emotionally, Rin couldn’t help but wonder about that night in the parking lot.

Two things had transpired back then.

Her own inadequacy first and foremost. The world of sex was wide and unpredictable, and she had only just scratched the surface. That meant that she wouldn’t get bored it it anytime soon, so it wasn’t that much of a bad thing.

However, the other thing that Rin found out as the days went by, was that she couldn’t get out of her head the thought of being found out by Saber. Needless to say, she was utterly terrified at the prospect. She didn’t want to hurt Saber in any way. Even at the bottom of her own depravity, Rin cared.

Still, it was only a matter of time before her dalliances would be found out and therein lied the problem, for each time Rin’s thought strayed to the kind of face Saber would make upon seeing her whorish self, her inside melted into a puddle of horniness.

It was the ultimate forbidden fruit hanging on the tree of depravity. To shatter the bond of trust and love for pleasure. It was inevitable that she would come up to that at one point or another.

The only things she could do were either give up on her new lifestyle or resign herself to breaking Saber’s heart. Both options were extremely dreadful and appealing at the same time and for the life of her, Rin couldn’t come to a decision.

Of course this conundrum reflected on her behavior in bed and there was just no way that someone attuned to the intricacies of the female body like Gerard would not notice.

The Magus waited for his test subject to arrive. Rin’s development had gone better than he had planned initially. Once her initial reluctance had been overcome, her proactive nature would seek out answers that other would find too uncomfortable to seek. Of course, the subtle nudge from his Mystic Code every now and then helped the transition that would otherwise have required a much heavier hand or a whole lot more time.

What mattered was that Rin had it into herself to be a whore. Between logic and emotion, between morals and pleasure, she always chose the latter. Of course, with sufficient application of strength, anyone would break, but Rin’s value was in having put her own spin to her fall, remaking herself into something more than what she could have been.

Naturally, things could go smoothly only so far. Lately, Rin had shown hints of hesitation during their sessions. Nothing that he couldn’t overwhelm with sheer application of skills naturally, but still enough that he worried she would lapse back to a… more prudish behavior. That could not be allowed and therefore he needed to take it up a notch.

Now, Gerard didn’t have the power to read minds. At best, he could identify and manipulate emotions in his test subjects and it was subordinate to how much he wished to preserve their mental integrity. Fortunately, he had gathered enough data on Rin to know her weak spots and how to coax her into further depravity. All he had to do was setting up a proper environment for her to take that step.

When Rin boarded the metro, that evening, it was packed from the rush hour. Because of her busy schedule this was the only time she could meet him and that meant that she had to give up on meeting Howard. It was a pity, but it couldn’t be helped. Not that she disliked being with Gerard by any stretch of the imagination, but if at all possible she would have preferred fitting them both in the same day. As it had become custom when meeting him, she had opted for a very short skirt without underwear and a pair of killer high heels. Gerard thoroughly approved for her choice in apparel and Rin enjoyed the dangers of risking exposure by wearing dangerous short clothing.

She had felt more than a few eyes on her barely concealed butt and she expected even more of them on the train, where she was forced to remain standing.

As expected, all the men’s eyes were glued to her form, while she pretended not to notice. As she held herself to the strap overhead, her legs stretched to impossible lengths and her skirt rose high enough to expose the curve of her delectable ass.

Honestly, how it could be possible that showing just a little bit of skin on a train was more of a turn on than stripping completely at a club was beyond her, but then again, that’s how twisted she was.

A group of teenagers was filming her with their phones, trying to look inconspicuous and failing abysmally. Now, if she didn’t have other arrangements, she would consider luring them somewhere secluded and drain both their balls and wallets. They were probably minors but who cared? They wore brand clothes and used expensive looking phones. They were likely spoiled rich brats, but so what? Money was money and a whore doesn’t care where it comes from.

“Slut,” she heard one of the few women on the train murmur, and Rin sighed at the tingle that it gave her. Rin would have wanted to show her just how much of a slut she could be, but she had a rule about not working for free, and while she wasn’t above giving a preview, sadly, this wasn’t the time for that.

At the next stop the carriage emptied, leaving only Rin on board. With the thrill of exposure lost, Rin went back to think about Saber and what she should do about the matter. Lately, it was the only thing she could think about when she wasn’t otherwise preoccupied and it annoyed her.

If only there was a way to reconcile being a whore with being Saber’s girlfriend… but that wasn’t possible. Of all people, the King of Knights would not forgive duplicity or moral misconduct.

She would not understand what being a whore felt like, how liberating it was to take part in indecent behaviors. Rin had never felt so true to herself as she did now but Saber would not be able to accept that.

By the time that she stepped off the train, her mood was completely soured. Fortunately, she knew that Gerard would ignite her desire again in a matter of minutes and then he would drown her in blissful ecstasy for the rest of the night.

She stepped into his Workshop and found him with his back turned to her, looking up to some complex charts pinned to the wall.

“Oh, hey, Rin. Thanks for coming. I’ll be there in a moment.”

Rin shrugged and took a seat, enjoying the look of his broad back as he peered with a professional demeanor over the seemingly incomprehensible data. Gerard was truly the epitome of a Magus and of a man. Rin considered herself blessed for having met him and quite foolish for having scorned him for so long.

“Rin, do you remember my friend Howard?” he asked, turning around to face her.

“The jewel trader? Sure.” It was hard to forget a guy that fucks you into oblivion every other day, but Gerard didn’t know that.

“I had the most intriguing conversation with him the other day,” he continued, smiling. “He told me about this pretty Asian girl he convinced to have sex with him in exchange for some fancy jewels. He told me she had a very keen eye for them and while she was reluctant at first, she turned out to be quite the spitfire. Now, I’m quite sure there’s plenty of hot Asian girls with an eye for jewels, but this twisted brain of mine really couldn’t help but making comparisons, you know?”

Rin’s mouth had gone dry as her eyes locked onto Gerard’s amused expression.

“Are you implying something, Gerard?”

“I wouldn’t dare imply anything, dear,” he leaned over, “but I couldn’t help but wonder. You knew that the Mystic Code I gave you is meant to gather data on your body’s behaviour, right? Normally I would be interested only in what happens during our sessions together, but talking with Howard made me want to draw a more…comprehensive chart.”

He pointed at the graphs on the wall, which had the time on the vertical axis and the day of the month of the horizontal. Several lines spiked extremely high every night, in the month she had been having sex with Howard.

“You have been very, very naughty, Rin,” he whispered in her ear.

Red faced, she bit her lip while her legs trembled. She had been exposed. Gerard had found out that she had been having sex with someone else on the side.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. ‘No, I’m not,’ she thought.

“No you are not,” he told her. “Numbers don’t lie, Rin, and you know what they say?”

“What do they say, Gerard?” she asked, barely audible. She already knew the answer, of course, but she craved for him to tell her out loud. To call her out for what she had willingly become.

“They say that you are perpetually horny–that you masturbate frequently, even when I know you are at the Clock Tower.” A hand fell on her cheek and slowly slid further down. “They say that you have been going without underwear in public not only when you come to me, but every single day,” the hand continued to her collarbone and then her breast. “They say that you have been having sex with another man for his wealth,” the hand fell into her lap, where her legs spread open to grant access. “They say that you pretend to be a high-class woman when you are actually a filthy, cock-craving whore.”

“Ahnn!!” she moaned, throwing her head backward as Gerard tugged at the piercing on her clitoris.

This was what she wanted. These were the moments she lived for, when the curtain fell and she was revealed for what she had made herself into. There was no way she could give it up for anything in the world.

“How cunning of you to make me believe you were a proper young lady. Did you have fun, rebuking my propositions all the time?” he snarled, sliding two fingers into her boiling snatch. “I’m sure you were having quite a laugh at my expenses.”

It wasn’t like that, but she didn’t care about defending herself, not while she was being so deliciously tormented and humiliated.

“I’m sorry! Hnnn! I’m sorry, Gerard. I didn’t mean to be such a stuck-up bitch. Please forgive me.”

“Forgive you, Rin? Maybe I should ask for a refund. Clearly the product I bought wasn’t as advertised.”

“Ahh, I’ll do anything,” she promised. “I don’t care what it is.”

She meant it, too. Whatever degrading task Gerard could come up with, she knew she would enjoy.

“Then, I will put a sign on your body to mark you as the wanton slut that you are.”

“What…hmm…what sign?”

“What does it matter? Don’t worry, no one would be able to see it unless you expose it yourself. And of course, it won’t be just a drawing either. It’s a product of my Magecraft, after all. As for the effects of it, you’ll have to live and learn. I will tell you this much though. The kind of pleasure you have experienced until now will pale in comparison to what you’ll get.”

“Fuaah… something like that… I won’t be able to…” ‘I won’t be able to pretend anymore.’

“Rin,” he said, now more gently. “I know you have been afraid. I know that you have been fighting to protect something all on your own for a long time. You don’t have to be alone anymore. Surrender yourself to me completely and I will be with you every step of the way henceforth.”

Rin’s breath was caught in her throat. Her heart was a mess of emotions. She was indeed scared. She had been worrying about a thousand things every day for so long that she couldn’t recall a time when she hadn’t. She had been keeping so many secrets, weaving so many lies that sometimes she didn’t know who she was anymore.

She longed to be free, to be happy, to be safe.

Gerard offered her all of that, even after she had scorned and deceived him repeatedly. Even now he was reaching out to her with an helping hand without asking for anything in return other than her trust.

Rin could not describe with words the intensity of her love for him and she had already cast aside her pride, which would have demanded that she’d rely on herself and herself alone.

In her heart, the decision was made.

“Brand me, Gerard.”

Saber gasped as she woke up, bolting to a seated position and sending the cover flying off the bed.

It had happened again. For the tenth time in two weeks, she had nightmares of having sex with a man other than Shirou. Although sometimes the figure was nothing more than a black silhouette, her most recurring dream lover was none other than her employer. The overweight businessman plagued her nights to the point that she had considered no longer sleeping, once and for all. The only reason why she forced herself to endure this ordeal was to help Rin with her burden.

However, it was getting quite vexing, waking up almost every night covered in sweat and with an unbearable ache in her lower belly. It was only because of her pride and iron will that she could forcibly suppress the feeling, even though the thoughts came forth in her mind over the course of the day, particularly when she was in proximity of the object of her nightmares.

But tonight, it was different. There hadn’t been any dream whatsoever, but Saber woke with her body in flames. The sweat had made the nightgown stick to her petite body, which had become practically see-through, and because of that, her condition would have been apparent to every onlooker had there been any.

Her small nipples were erect to the point that they physically hurt and in the valley between her legs a puddle of clear liquid had formed.

She had been woken up by the intensity of a spontaneous climax.

Shame did not begin to convey her feelings as of that moment. Was this truly how her body and mind would behave once withheld from satisfying the desires that her relationship with Shirou and Rin had awoken within her? Craving for release regardless of who provided it and then eventually…?

Was this the kind of ordeal men and women faced on a daily basis? Or was it something exclusive to her, whose body had been frozen for years in its teenage state and whose needs had been suppressed just as long through sheer willpower and determination, before being further locked into shape through her summoning as a Servant?

There were too many possible causes to which she could ascribe her predicament. Worse yet, she didn’t know how to begin to solve it other than bearing the shame privately and carrying on as usual.

Needless to say, her situation wasn’t about to become any easier.

In Gerard’s Workshop, Rin sat on her heels, naked from head to toe in the middle of a runic circle. The glow of active Magecraft was slowly fading, allowing the usual soft light of the oil lamps to cast its shadow unimpeded across the face of the female Magus.

Her eyes were crossed and turned backwards while her drooling tongue was dangling limply out of her gaping mouth.

Her entire body was twitching as if she had been severely electrocuted, but the growing puddle of fluids dripping from her impossibly wet cunt revealed that it hadn’t been such an unpleasant experience, although it had obviously been just as intense if not more.

However, she was in no position to make comparisons. All traces of conscious thought had vanished from Rin’s head, relentlessly hammered out by the consecutive orgasms that Gerard’s ritual had forced through her nervous system as the spell coursed through every fiber of her body, permanently altering the way it worked.

The energy bounced back and forth in every direction underneath her skin, until it regrouped and coalesced in her mouth where it took visible form.

On the back of her tongue, where it wouldn’t be visible unless she willingly stretched it completely out, a hollow heart shaped symbol appeared and within it another one and finally a third inside of the second. Lastly, an elegant capital “G” engraved itself in the middle of it all, marking Rin once and for all as Gerard’s plaything.

The man himself stood outside of the magic circle, just as naked, admiring his exquisite handiwork. Even if she had passed out from the shock, Rin’s mind had remained intact and functional, whereas another human would have been reduced to a vegetable. This was of course because of her background as a Magus, but also because in the past few months Rin had embraced carnal pleasure and made it her own, stretching her wings enough for her to withstand the refining process he had put her through.

With this, her body would change even faster than it had previously, adapting to all circumstances. Her flexibility would be enhanced and so would her resistance to physical abuse. Similarly, her recovery ability would be out of this world, surpassed only by that granted by some ancient Mystic Code or high-level mysteries.

Of course, something like that would not come without price. The energy requirements were immense, more so than any Magus would be able to produce on their own. Fortunately, the mark on her tongue would see that it would not be a problem, for it made her able to assimilate Mana from anyone without bothering with complex tantric rituals. Naturally, such an ability had to have its own downside, although to Gerard it was just another bonus.

A perpetual, insatiable lust. A deep-rooted craving for semen that would never be truly satisfied. From here onward, regardless of what path she would follow, her body was that of a cum-addicted slut and it would change to reflect that nature and to ensnare as many men as she could.

Already, her tongue was longer than it had been earlier, easily reaching past her chin. Her breasts would keep on swelling–how much, he could not tell. It could be a little or a lot, depending on Rin’s own idea of perfect femininity. Similarly, her hips would widen and her butt would grow in accordance with her vision of beauty.

Gerard’s already rock-hard cock throbbed in excitement. He could not wait to see what depths of debauchery Rin would fall down into. He could not wait for Rin to regain her senses, so that he could show her how her new body would work.

He was fairly certain she would love it.

She threw herself into the shower and let the ice-cold water run over her body, The same body that would not stop shaking. She had tried for hours to go back to sleep out of sheer stubbornness, but that yielded no results. She then tried to exorcise that alien feeling by swinging her sword, but all she achieved was to raise her body’s temperature even higher. Now she put her hopes into the cleansing power of water, but as the minutes went by, it became apparent that the heat would not go away.

Why was she like this? This couldn’t be normal, could it? Even though she was a woman, she only came to know her body through the touch her two lovers. Before that she had sealed away her femininity and her humanity in order to become the perfect King.

Had her lovers’ touches awakened her nature, and now that Pandora’s box had been opened, she couldn’t close it again?

That was the explanation she gave herself, without having someone to go to for counsel, for she didn’t have anyone to talk about these things. Rin was overburdened enough without Saber bringing this matter to her attention.

No, she was on her own with this.

As ashamed as she was, she couldn’t keep going like that. She had a will of steel, but unless she did something to quell this… hunger it was only a matter of time before she did something she would regret.

Saber did not believe herself to be unbreakable, even though there had been a time when she thought her beliefs couldn’t be shaken. That certainty came to an end a few years ago, during the course of the Holy Grail War.

Sher had never told it to anyone, not even Shirou or Rin. It was source of one of the greatest shames of her life.

It wasn’t Shirou’s or Rin’s touch that had first woken the woman within her body,

It had been Caster. The treacherous woman had had her way with Saber while she had been stolen for Shirou. Until rescue came, she had been subjected to the Witch’s whims. For hours, days, she had been tortured. However, the only pain Saber had experienced was to her pride.

She had been adamant at first, but as time dragged on, Caster’s treatment had started to get at her. Thoughts of giving up, to surrendering herself to the other Servant had filtered through her mind. Even though she didn’t follow through with it, in her mind she had already betrayed her comrades.

Back then her body quivered like it was doing now, while the Witch humiliated her, tormenting not her womanhood, but the other hole.

Before then, Saber never even contemplated that something like that could feel good and later chalked it up to the Witch’s craft. However, even her sheltered self eventually came to find out that said hole could and was used while having sex.

She refused to acknowledge it. She refused to admit it to anyone, but the echo of those days never truly left.

Even when she was with her lovers, she felt it. The faint throbbing of her backside. The song of her own flesh calling out for sinful acts. She had drowned it in the embrace of Shirou and Rin to the point that it was almost inaudible. However now, as the circumstances had drawn them apart, even if only physically, it came back in full force. The whispers and rumors of her employer plowing her colleagues into oblivion (their words) did not help to assuage it in the least.

What was she supposed to do about it?

The answer was patently obvious. If she didn’t have Shirou’s or Rin’s touch to quell the burning she had to use her own.

She wasn’t familiar with the act, nonetheless she threw away her hesitation and let her hand wander down her body, where her legs joined her hips, reaching for the spot that burned so much, brushing gently against the folds.

“Hn,” she stifled a moan. The feedback from her touch had taken her by surprise. She expected it to pleasant (no way people would do it if it wasn’t) but the intensity had shocked her. It wasn’t to the degree of when Rin or Shirou touched her, but she still felt it.

Swallowing a knot in her throat she cleared her head and resumed the motion.

For someone who had never touched herself in such way, her own fingers felt almost alien.

Yet, in spite of the strangeness, the slick sensation of her womanhood had a magnetic quality to it.

“Haah… something like this…,” she exhaled in the confines of the shower. Her heart had picked up the pace and so did her hand. Making quick circular motions, she rubbed her folds, gently at first but with increasing intensity as time passed.

It felt good in a way, but also unsatisfying. There was a threshold she knew knew she had to surpass, but she was afraid of what she would feel if she did.

Nonetheless, even if the cries from her body weren’t enough to tell her what to do next, Saber had accumulated enough sexual experience with her lovers to know what stimulation worked better on her.

Her free hand slid across her abdomen and toward her small breasts. Her spine jolted when her palm brushed against the soft mound, but she steadied herself and continued rubbing.

Heat seemed to radiate from where her hands met her body. The slippery feeling between her legs increased, unabated by the flow of water from the shower.

“Still… not… enough…” Saber groaned. The stimulation was nice, but it only worsened her condition. She needed more drastic measures.

She pinched her nipple lightly, biting her lips to suppress a moan. However, she couldn’t keep completely silent when she pushed two fingers into the wet entrance to her womanhood.


Her folds latched around against the intruders with a greed that shocked Saber almost as much as the waves of pleasure that crawled up her spine. Before she could formulate any thought about hows and whys, her fingers twisted her nipple harder.

“…ooooh…” Saber let out breathlessly, slowly rolling her head backwards.

Slck, slck, slck. She started moving her fingers in and out of her pussy, causing obscene sounds.

It was unbecoming, undignified, but her fingers seemed to possess a will of their own, one firmly set into digging deeper inside her wet core.

Her legs trembled and finally her knees buckled. She slid against the shower wall until she was sitting on the cold floor, where she could give her entire attention to the hunger that had been tormenting her.

‘Hunger is the enemy,’ she told herself. Enemies are to be defeated, there were no two ways about it. It was a silly thing to think about her own lust, but if she thought it in those terms, this was nothing more than another battle.

One she could and would win. One she had to.


Her hand became frenzied, possessed, as she fingered herself faster and faster, until finally the build-up in her loins reached it apex and her core exploded in bliss.

“Ohhh!!” Saber groaned as her climax washed over her, toes curling and pussy clenching around her fingers. Her body tensed and shook several times until her orgasm abated and her muscles relaxed.

She was breathing raggedly and she was tingling all over. Water kept pouring onto her seated form, while she regained her bearings.

“… why?”

The question wasn’t directed to anyone, other than herself, or rather to her own traitorous body which still ached to be touched. Her desire had subsided, but only a little bit and she knew that it would not last long that way.

She considered continuing her battle. Still in the afterglow of her last climax, the thought was all too pleasant in her mind. No, she decided. She was better than that. She would not yield so easily twice in a row.

She stood up and rinsed her body, making extra sure not to brush herself in a way that would entice her into changing her mind. Finally, she stepped out of the shower and dried herself while she paced around the apartment.

She was still wearing her bathrobe when the door opened and Rin stepped in.

Their eyes met, both momentarily surprised to see each other at that moment. They were both silent for a while, until Rin broke the awkwardness with a bright smile.

“Saber. Hi! I didn’t expect to see you up at this hour.”

The Servant glanced at the clock on the wall. It read 4.30 in the morning. Good enough to seem she had woken very early instead of having been up the entire night.

“I didn’t expect you to come home this late either, Rin.”

“Eh. Is it late or is it early, I wonder. Lately I’m having a hard time telling night from day.”

“Are you well?” she asked filled with concern.

“Hm? Oh, yes. Never been better actually,” Rin replied cheerfully and Saber had no problem believing her.

In the past months, Rin had gone from looking nearly exhausted every day to being energetic and full of life. Even her body had changed some. Her body was slightly more curvaceous. Not like she had gained weight, but in the sense that she looked fuller, more womanly.

“That’s good to hear. I rarely see you at all lately.”

“Sorry about that. My schedule has been pretty hectic.”

Saber shook her head. “No, there is nothing for you to apologize for. You have been upholding your duty admirably.”

“Aw, aren’t you just the sweetest thing?” Rin smiled, sauntering to her and wrapping her arms around her Servant.

Saber was suddenly extremely aware of Rin’s breasts pressing against her own, of her body heat and more importantly of her smell.

Their lips met in a chaste kiss that Rin broke almost immediately, slipping away from Saber almost simultaneously.

“Now, if you don’t mind I’m going to hit the shower and then get some sleep.”

“… Sure. I have to get ready for my shift anyway,” Saber replied with a calm face that belied the intensity of her heartbeat and the surge of heat between her legs.

Rin slipped into the bathroom and Saber turned away frustrated. She was back at square one with an entire day of work ahead of her.

It was not going to be a good day for her.





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  1. Jeez, and I thought Rin’s fall was bad enough now, but this new development is just delicious, I can’t wait to see where this leads for her.

    Any word on a new chapter soon?


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